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Autumn.. one more time.. with feeling!


Hey blogsters..  Well, I couldn’t resist taking and posting a few more pictures of the beautiful colors of the leaves this year.  Going on my walk, I just couldn’t pass these by and I wanted to share…

Just look at the red colors in this Japanese Maple Tree…


This orange leaf tree (don’t know the name of it), was far away in someone’s yard, but it just stood out.


This shot was taken while I was painting our bathroom on the second floor looking out the window in back yard. Can you see all the colors of the tops of the trees in the distance??


The final shot I also found on my walk.  I love to see the berries go from red to orange/yellow.


Ok… that’s the tour of our foliage.  Please exit left and come back soon.

Next up:  Handmade journal from online workshop.. lots of mistakes, but we made it.