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A Big Fat Weekend with Jane Davies and Great Friends


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I’m still feeling the art high from this long weekend’s “Big Fat Art” workshop with Jane Davies in Rupert, VT.  Seriously, it was, as I told Jane a few times.. “Jane’s Boot Camp”.  As I say, “chop chop”.  This was my 3rd workshop with Jane. I just love her energy and sense of humor and not to mention her art.. oh my… her art.

First, Thursday started with my good friend, Jessica Sporn’s, visit to my home. She drove from New Jersey to stay with me and that evening, we had dinner with two more wonderful friends, Corrine Gilman and Kay Wallace.  I love being with like-minded women that just “get” you.  No drama. Just respect for each other at where we are in our lives. Life is short.. surround yourself with loving people that care about you. Heres’ what I think… if you don’t “get” me.. you don’t GET me. Makes sense? Think about it.


Friday morning we drove to VT for our workshop that started in the afternoon.  Now, if you’ve never been to Vermont before, you must visit.  Its beautiful drive, mountains and quaint little towns will have you stopping at each little country store and shops browsing.  However, this weekend, weather wise, was horrible. Rain, wind, fog, cold.  A good weekend to stay indoors making art.

Rupert is a very small town (population of 700’ish). Everyone knows everyone… and get this.. Jane is also the post master of the post office in the town.. or would you call her the “post mistress”. That sounds like a romance novel. You can see the post office HERE and Jane’s post about it. It’s as small as a postage stamp. I kid I kid.

Here is a picture of a barn that I passed in Rupert. I just loved it.  See the face?


Jane rented houses for us and we split up. 4 in our house. Jessica and I were so fortunate to end up with two fun women, Linda and Adele. Great conversations and many laughs.. especially about my “f***ing” phone.  NO cell service all weekend.  It really goes to show how much we depend on our phones and internet. It was a nice break from all the pings and dings.

Housemates.. from left, Jessica, Judy, Linda and Adele. (ok, so where are friends that are supposed to tell you your hair look bad.. I mean, really.. hullo?)


There were about 11 women in the workshop. All I can say is nice nice ladies. Really.. every single one of them were just wonderful and kind… and the talent.. well, just amazing talent.  I have to admit, cuz you know I have to.. it was a challenge for me. Totally out of my comfort zone. Working on large surfaces. Lines, paints, stencils, markers, scratch, stamp, textures, little spritz here and a little spritz there. Make your marks, don’t think, cross over to other side. Now do another and start over.  Geez, sounds like line dancing doesn’t it..or playing the game “Twister”.   Jane liked the feeling that I was pushing myself and when it was right before quitting time and my back was killing me.. I just stayed with it and pushed a little harder.  It worked. Here are some pictures of my work:

20140329_130847 20140329_141416 20140329_141426 20140329_172436


Let’s take a look at what the other artists did:

20140329_172444 20140329_172500 20140329_172534 20140329_172553 20140329_172641 20140329_172659

IMG_4397 IMG_4398 IMG_4399 IMG_4400 IMG_4402 IMG_4403

Check out the fire trucks.  Yes, the workshop was in a fire hall. No fire alarms went off, thank goodness. Such a cool place to make art.



Jessica – happy art lady. We were at the same table, moaning and groaning while we pushed past our comfort zones.



Now, let’s talk about food. My favorite subject, besides art.  Two lunches and one dinner were prepared by a caterer. Her name is Ali West from HN Williams Store Deli (check it out).  All the meals were vegetarian. I’m in love. If someone could cook for me like this everyday, I’m sold on skipping the meat.  Lunches were brought into the fire hall’s kitchen and the dinner was hosted at our rental house.  Here’s a shot of Jane, Jessica and myself after dinner.


Well, what can I say about this weekend in summary? A sense of community, a challenge and lots of fun.  But.. it’s all what our minds need once in a while.. a challenge,  to get out of your comfort zone and push through it.  Jane welcomed that and now I know why.  If you don’t have the “breakdown”, then you’re not pushing hard enough. Did I want to go sit in a corner and suck my thumb?  Ah… ya. But, I ate the goodies in the kitchen instead.

Jessica did a great post about our weekend on her blog HERE.

Jane has a quick recap of BFA on YouTube HERE.

Jane, thank you. I’ll see you again soon.

Again and again, I thank you for stopping by to visit and/or comment. I read each and every reply and I can’t thank you enough for your support.

Judy ♥ ♥ ♥ 

Win Online Workshops FOR LIFE


That’s what it says.  No kidding.  You know you want to try to win.. so go for it.

I can say first hand that Julie Prichard and Chris Cozen workshops at The Land of Lost Luggage are WONDERFUL.  Some of the best I’ve taken.  You can’t go wrong with any of their classes.  Smart, bright, vibrant, beautiful, classy, professional and non-intimidating.

Nuff said…..See you there.


Join the “Jane Train”


Of course, I’m speaking of Jane Davies (collage artist, designer, writer, and teacher)……

Hey Blogsters..

Since I am still working on my next tutorial, as I promised, I am interrupting my blog to announce Jane’s workshops coming to Massachusetts.

I met Jane at a recent workshop I took from her.  We’ve been keeping in touch and I told her I would mention her upcoming classes.  If you are local to any of the workshop locations, don’t miss out.

Jane has published 3 books and one is on the way.  You can check them all out HERE. I have two of them and they are just great.

Take a look at Jane’s teaching schedule HERE.

You can visit her blog HERE.

Won’t you jump on the “Jane Train”, sign up and have some fun?

It’s Spring….. after all.


Thanks for stopping by.

Next up…. Honestly, it’s coming.. the Polymer Clay ATC tutorial.