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New Online Class at Joggles – “Button n’bellishments”


I wanted to share with you some exciting news.

I will be teaching my first online glass in February at Joggles.  Joggles has many online classes along with many art supplies you can order. Seriously cool place to shop.

This will also be first ALL video based class to be held on Joggles.  Usually, all the classes are PDF driven, which are really nice too, but I thought that videos would be more fun and easier to follow, not to mention to get to see me in action or mess up.. kidding.

The class I’m teaching is called “Button n’bellishments“.  I’ve taught this class live before and  I had such a great time with all the students; they made some really cool B&Bs.  Now, I bring it to you online.  You can read the details below.

I’ve been working on this class since October and hope that everyone who signs up enjoys the many videos I have prepared.

This class is scheduled to begin on February 7, 2013.


14 mini-video lessons plus bonus video on how I decorate journal covers and my mixed media collages.

How would you like to make your own embellishments for your journals or any of your mixed media work? In this class, I will show you how to make beautiful, one of a kind, all your own, buttons and embellishments made from polymer clay – I call them “Button n’bellishments”.

This workshop is all video based with several mini-videos per lesson.

Lesson 1: 9 mini-videos.

You’ll begin my learning how to create your pieces by hand with polymer clay and baking them. Hearts, wings, buttons, flowers and faces.

Lesson 2: 5 mini-videos.

We will “antique” your embellishments to make them look vintage-like and then add a glaze to them to make them shine.

The final step will be to adorn your pieces with costume jewelry, old jewelry, fabric, lace, rhinestones and glitter. It’s your world; make them gorgeous! You can download these videos and keep them forever.

You’ll be able to communicate with with me via the Joggles forums for any questions, help or just to show us what you did.

Curious to know how Joggles online classes work?    Go here for details:  http://www.joggles.com/onlineclasses.htm

As always, thanks for stopping by and please let me know if you’ve signed up; I’ll be looking for you.  Share this post if you’d like.

Happy Holidays to everyone!  I hope this new year brings you health, happiness and safety.


Final Mixed Media Projects.. and more


Well.. here we are.. 2011.. Happy New Year EVERYONE!!!  What a great year it was and let’s hope that 2011 is even better.

Having the past two weeks off from work have been so refreshing.  Family, friends, art.. what else could a girl ask for?  Food?  Yes.. too much celebrating for sure.  I’m not making any resolutions.. I’ll just do my best each and every day.

Let’s get to some art, shall we?

Remember my mixed media texture on canvas.. here is the before picture:

After… click to see some details…

Well, you recently saw my post on my paper towel journal.  I took my second towel and turned it vertical to make a small/tall journal.  So cute!

Below are some of the steps I took to make it.

Click any picture to see more detail.

As I started to make the journal above, I thought of putting a patchwork fabric piece on the inside cover of the journal.  Well, after sewing and sewing.. I LOVED the result so much that I decided to make another journal out of it.  See below…

I just started to sew pieces of scrap fabric onto a 6×12″ piece of material.

Added more and lace around the edge….

I added more trim, ribbon, lace scraps.  Sewed in watercolor paper signatures, strung some ceramic beads off the binding and that’s it.

I decided to do some cleaning in the studio.  Donating lots of unused crafts that have been sitting around for years.  It feels good to re-energize, clean out and give to others.   It’s a “win win” to me.

What else is new you ask?    Well….

….  also wanted to share with you a few challenges and workshops that I am involved in that are FREE.  They are at your own pace, so no pressure.  I certainly won’t have time to do them consistently, now that I’m back at work.  That’s what I love about it.

1st:  The Sketchbook Challenge.. read all about it HERE.  Great artists hosting each month for the year, you heard me… a year.  One theme per month.

2nd:   Milliande’s Art Journal January

3rd:  Strathmore Visual Journal Online Workshops

Pass the word.. send my post to a friend.

Well, I’ve said a mouthful, don’t you think??? Whew… Lots to share with all of you and it’s all fun and good.

Thanks for stopping by.


Studio Time !


Hey Blogsters..

Time for what’s been happening in the studio lately.

In a previous blog post, I mentioned I was taking an on-line class with Julie Prichard.  You can still join all her wonderful lessons.  Check it out here.

One of the books we made was called LTS (Long Tall Skinny).  I had a hard time with this book so for many reasons. I could write a whole blog post on my mistakes.   When I take a class, I usually stray from the original lesson and take a detour and make it my own.  With this journal, I used scrapbook paper with designs to use as a deep background as my first layer.  I also wanted to use what I already had and not purchase more paper.  These pages were much bigger than the instructions, but I wanted to see how this could come out.

I used Weldbond glue, to glue the folded edges together to make the binding.  The glue was very stiff when it dried and seeped through the paper.  When I tried to open the journal and turn the pages the next day and after being clamped together overnight, they were all glued together and I mean TOGETHER, as in FOREVER.  I had no choice, really, than to pry open the pages and the centers tore apart.  Note to self: don’t do that again.

I love Weldbond glue, as it  is extremely strong; it’s used by NASA, however it’s not a PVA glue nor flexible in working with paper.  It’s great for gluing objects in your mixed media work, however.  Maybe the scrapbook paper was too weak for the glue also.

Anyway, long story, short… my pages were a mess… I had worked so hard on it by cutting the book board, preparing all the ribbon hinges and ironing them all.. yes, you heard it.. I ironed.  When I tried to open the journal pages and they would hardly budge, my jaw dropped and I said “what the bleepety bleep am I going to do” (I really didn’t say those words, I just bleeped out the swear).

I salvaged the center of the pages with scrapbook paper strips, textured the front and back covers with molding paste, tissue paper, stencils, caulking, fabric and polymer clay.  I started filling the pages with mediums, textures, objects and paints.

In the end, I’m happy to say, I love my misfit journal that I brought back to life.  I felt like I was in “Grey’s Anatomy”… “CLEAR!”

Here are some pictures of the book and some of the inside pages that I haven’t finished playing with.  It measures about 12 1/2″ tall x 6 1/2 ” wide.

front cover:

front cover, details

back cover:

back cover, details:

Some inside pages:

I enjoyed this learning process.  Making mistakes really challenged me and I embraced it.

Thank you, Julie, for a fun workshop and sharing all your ideas.  You are a great teacher.  I hope you like the journal.   You made it look so easy to make, but I guess I took the long way around to get the job done.

I’ll leave you with this eye candy for now… I do hope you enjoy it.

Thanks for stopping by and leave a comment.

Next up:   mixed media collage on wood and very cool funky fabric cuff.

Mini Canvas Graffiti Art


Hey Blogsters…

This will be a small post to match the small art, so I thought I’d share some fun mini canvases I created.

First, let me say that I am, by no means, a good drawer and I’ve accepted that.  However, I was doodling around on some newsprint paper that was used to protect a fragile something I purchased and came up with some of these fun graffiti/cartoon-like faces.  I only drew half a face on the edge of the paper and tore around it.  I used gel medium to glue them down over a painted and stamped background.  I loved the way the thin paper just melted onto the canvas using the gel.  Tissue paper is awesome using this technique.  I then painted a bit more over and around the images and here are the results.   Seriously, these faces were a result of just goofing around with my black pen.

P9170040The size of the canvases are 3 1/2″” x 2 1/2″.  Very fun to play with.  I got them from Dick Blick; see them here.

Just start with smearing some paint on a background, let it dry, add another layer, then stamp around it.. no rules… just fun play.

Give it a try.. go on.   I’ll wait here.

Thanks for stopping by.


Do You Doodle?


I love to doodle… I’ve doodled for years.  If I’m on the phone, I doodle.  If I’m in a meeting, I doodle.  If I’m bored, I doodle…  I love flowers,  swirls, spirals, checkerboard, stripes, dots, circles… whatever strikes me…  I’ve even given the “doodle disease” to my teens girls.  Except they tend to doodle a little in class… uhm.. how about paying attention to the teach-ah (as we say here in Massachusetts)?  Hmmm.. maybe that’s why I got a C in Math… never mind… let’s move on.

So, here is a background page that I did on canvas paper.   I stamped  some images and then I doodled around it.


P8170003P8170001Here are some fun sites for doodling:

Now, this is some serious but fun doodling going on here:

http://ww w.joyfuldia-doodle-art.com/pictorialindex1.htm

Millande has several videos on YouTube that you can search for in addition to her creativity site.

Other goofiness I did in a small grid journal is what follows.   The faces here are from any learnings I’ve taken from online classes  by Suzi Blu and Willowing.  You can also search for them on YouTube.  Great vids.  I love the fun and freedom they have with their mixed media pieces.  Please check them out and join them on their Ning sites.


Ok, what’s up with those girl’s hands above.. they look like crab claws..  Still working on hands and feet.. head and shoulders, knees and toes, knees and toes… oh, stop me.. sorry.P8240005

Maybe a little Tim Burton’esqe?  No?

P8240006P8240007P8240008I try to get inspiration from magazine photos and in any of the Stampington publications.  Love them!

Well, that was fun.      So……… do you doodle?   Please send me an email @ judysheart@gmail.com with a picture of your doodle art and blog url and I’ll post it on my blog.  Have fun and do the doodle.

Thanks for stopping by.. I hope you enjoyed it.


Next up…. Carving on erasers..

Finishing Art & Online Classes


hello again…well, what a week.. busy at work, home and just plain ole life.   don’t you just love fridays?  haven’t been up in my studio lately.  i guess i needed a break.   but now its time to change that.  my next goal is to finish some online classes that i started and have not finished.  and hello? thank goodness for online classes.  have any of you tried them?  they are sprouting up all over the place now.  for me, it started with Joggles offering on line workshops.  then artists like Paulette Insall, SuziBlu, Wyanne and Altered Diva offering mixed media classes also. there are others.  i definitely challenged myself.. but how else will we learn?  years ago all i did was polymer clay pieces and now i have evolved into this mixed media artist still using the clay in my work like the vintage buttons you see above in my blog header.   i have and am learning so much and have done things i thought i’d never do like draw, paint, wax (my art that is, not my legs.. ouchie).  it’s fun and you know what.. i am pleased with my pieces.  below is the final mixed media paintings from SuziBlu’s “Les Petite Dolls” workshop.  it’s created on birch wood… i just love creating backgrounds; no rules, no pressures, just fun.. take a look… i did this.. yes, me.. who knew?  enjoy your weekend and do something creARTive!





this one above was a test before i did the bigger one on top