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Sito’s Kitchen – “Mamooniyeh”


Hey friends… I’m back with a new Sito’s Kitchen video with mom.  Today, we make a dessert that I grew up with called “Mammooniyeh” (not really sure of the spelling), but oh my gersh.. it’s so good.  Be the person who makes something different at home or to bring to a dinner party.

I hope you enjoy this one.



Have I told you how much I appreciate you lately???  Well, I do.. more than you know.

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Sito’s Kitchen – Lentil and Onions


Hey wonderful followers –  I’m back with a new cooking video with mom. This time we are making a lentil and onion dish called “Mujadara”.  It’s pronounced “em-jed-darrah”.

It’s so great to get mom in the kitchen again.  So happy she is still wanting to do this with me. I’m am truly blessed.

Anyway, enjoy the video and I’ll be back with another recipe one on my own and hopefully getting another art video lined up.

Let me all know how you are doing.. I’d love to hear from you again.


Thanks for sticking by me and your lovely comments.  I truly cherish them



Sito’s Kitchen – “Itch”


Well, hello my friends and Happy Summer.

I sure hope you are all enjoying your weather wherever you are. We have had such a strange summer with lots of little thunderstorms and sunny, hot days.  It just feels good to leave the house without grabbing a jacket and walking in warm weather.  It doesn’t last long, so better enjoy it while we can, right?

Today, I am posting a video of Sito’s Kitchen with mom and I making a great dish called Itch (pronounced “eech”).  This simple dish is great alone, in a salad or as a scoop-able dip/appetizer.

As I write this, I realized you could replace the bulgar with quinoa.  Get creative, but the tomato paste is key here.  Take this to a party and you will be the talk of the town. LOL!!

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Sito’s Kitchen – “Hushweh”


Hey friends.. how is everyone doing in your part of the world?  We are getting better weather.. for a duck.   Spring is trying to emerge here in Massachusetts, but it’s coming.  We’ve had a couple of tease days of summer.  So nice by the ocean.

Well, I have a new video with my mom up.  We made a rice stuffing called Hushweh.  We pronounce it “HUSHOO”.  This dish is amazing.  This is what we grew up on… as you can tell that I’m not a size 0.. haha.  I’m so happy that my mom, at 91, wants to still do these with me.  It’s what she grew up with since she was a little girl… cooking, sewing and just taking care of others. Lots of sacrifice.  I don’t know how she did it, but you just do.

Anyway, thank you for stopping by.  I love all your comments and support. Don’t forget to LIKE the video and subscribe.

We’ll be back soon with a few more recipes.  In the meantime, enjoy!!

Please let me know if you try this recipe and how it came out.  I could never get the rice right.  Secrets are the key.

Love yaz

Judy ♥♥♥

A birthday dedication to an amazing father


I know this may be a bit strange to write about, but today my father would have been 100 years old.

I also know that if cancer didn’t take him from us, he would have made it to 100.

For those of you who follow my blog, we are of Middle Eastern decent.  Big family.. lots of love, laughs and eating…. you know how that goes in big families… and yes a bit of craziness too.

My dad was born in 1912, came to America as a young boy, went back to the old country to choose a wife (yes, choose) and brought my mom back to America to live a bring up a family.  A family that grew into the 7 of us.. mom, dad, 4 girls (Joan, Liz, Linda and Judy) and 1 boy (Joe).

Dad was our King and Mom is still our queen.  His love for his wife and children was second to none.  He was always there for us, no matter what.  He would be so proud to see his 12 grandchildren grow and succeed and now his great grandchildren come into this world and join the family.  Yes, dad, you now have 6 great grandchildren and 2 more on the way any day now.   How proud he would be to see all of this.  But, I know he is looking down on us and is proud.

It’s hard to believe the 12 years has passed since he left us, but he is always thought of… always.

It’s interesting that the number 12 is coming up a lot.  He was born in 1912, passed away 12 years ago and has 12 grandchildren.   l love when that happens.

On behalf of my 4 other siblings and my mom, who is our rock to this day, we want to say Happy Birthday to an amazing father.  Happy Birthday, Dad.. we love you and miss you.


Your Number 5


A Dedication to ….. …my daughters!


Hey Blogsters..

I’m going to just jump in here and show two lovely young ladies how much I love them and how proud I am of them.  So, I’m dedicating this post to my two daughters, Megan and Rachel.

Their fun and humorous creativity just touches me.  How many times have I said to them “want to do some art in the studio”?  Their reply was usually “no”.    Is it not cool to sit with mom and be creative?  Maybe when they were younger, but the last several years has been a big fat NO.

With that said, take a look at creativity in action with some of their work.

First, there is Meg.. She’s going into her Sophomore year at college in the Fall.  She brought home her art portfolio from her drawing class; take a look.

These are canvas boards are 16 x 20″

This one below is a huge sheet of drawing paper about  18 x 26″.

Another large drawing; 22 x 30″.

Rachel is going into her Junior year in High School.  She made this book from the both of them for mother’s day; I just love it and will treasure it forever.  Sneak a peek at a couple of pages.  Size is 5 x 5.

I guess being creative myself all these years did rub off on them somehow.. I’m so proud of them in everything they do.

Love you, Meg and Rach♥


Thanks for stopping by.

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Painted Pottery.. just for fun


Hey Blogsters:

To mix things up a bit and to just have fun,  I did something different from my usual creations.  I went to a paint your own pottery place with my two teenage daughters (19 and 15).

There is a place not to far from us called, ironically, Paint Your Own Pottery (PYOP).  Check out this great place.   This is an open, clean and friendly place for ALL ages.  The owner Vaishali Patel, is wonderful, along with her staff.

After it took me 30 minutes to pick out the bisque (because of her large selection) I wanted to paint, I then spent another 3 hours painting it.  What?  3 hours?  I know.

I decided to paint a large serving bowl, about 16″ round.  I thought it would have been easy to just slap on the paint, but there really is a method to it.  Don’t ask me why, but I decided to paint a little girly face in the center of the bowl.. and that took an hour itself because I had to work down in the base of the bowl with these tiny needle nose bottles of color.  The outside is painted with turquoise and then I dripped a dark purple around the edges so they would drip into the center.  I then added red dots along the bowls edge.

Here is a picture of my bowl.   I am very happy with it and my girls are loving their pieces also.

Sometimes it’s good to do something artistically different from the norm.  Especially if you have a bit of a creative block.  Shake things up a bit.

Thank you, Vaishali, for a fun and relaxing visit.

Thanks for stopping by.


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