Sito’s Kitchen – Making Maldoum


Hey everyone…  I just uploaded a new video with my mom in an episode of “Sito’s Kitchen”.  Today, we are making “Maldoum”, an eggplant dish.  So good.  You could certainly leave out the meat to make it vegetarian.

I hope you enjoy and I’ll let the video speak for itself.


Thanks for the love and support of my blog and YouTube channel.  Your comments and emails are so important to me.  To mom, too.


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  1. Judy and Mom, your cooking videos are just the best! I made the Lentils, Rice & Onions – and it was delicious. Judy, you’re amazing! Good work, my friend!

  2. Love your videos, Judy, you and your Mom. Such love being together and in your cooking. Thank you!

  3. Judy Judy judy, I just love this. I was laughing over say Maldoom so many times. Just like honnee honey honee So funny, but informative. What a beautiful dish. You and mom are so cute together. No spices. Salt, pepper and a tomato sauce. We will cherish you and mom forever. I love you for doing this. So special Joannie

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  4. Loved watching your video. Great seeing Sito. Your Maldoom sounds delicious. Love from WV.

  5. Two beautiful women working side by side,creating special family memories around the dinner table as it should be! Oh how I wish my Mom were here to do the same! Please give Mom a huge hug for me and tell her thank you for brightening my day with these videos! And you too of course cutie Judy!
    lots of love,Jackie xx

  6. Late HB to Sito!!
    Oh, I love eggplant dishes! My mom had one that the whole family loved!
    What a sweet mama you have! Happy kitchen cooking to you both!

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