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The Canvas Project – A Great Ending


Hey Blogsters!

I’ve been creating some fun things in the studio to show you,  but first I want to share the results of my submission to the Canvas Project.   Here is the post that refers to it that shows my final 5 canvases.

They chose only 1 out of the 5 submitted canvases for each of the 700+ artists that contributed.  The 84 page book is below.


As you can see, they chose my “impound” canvas.


I’m excited to be part of this project and honored to share a little bit of success with my good friend and outstanding artist, Amy, whose chosen canvas is on the opposite page called “instigate”.


Amy reeled me into doing this project and I’m glad she did…. thanks, Amy and congratulations!

Thanks for stopping by!

Next up:  Time for some art and what I’ve been up to in my studio… also…my misfit journal.

PolymerCafe Magazine – I’m in!


polymer_cafe_29Back in October, I submitted an entry for a Mixed Media challenge in PolymerCafe Magazine.   I was so excited to find out that I did make it in the current issue.

pcafe-momseyesThis piece is called “In My Mother’s Eyes”.  I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to get this published, as it means so much to me.  Of course, I gave my mom her own magazine and she also keeps the piece in her home, proudly displayed.