I’ve Been Unruly


Hey friends.  My absence from my blog makes me sad, but no fear, here I am.

What’s going through my mind lately:   Since we moved our home (almost 2 years, crazy) I’ve moved my studio to the basement and that’s where my full-time job is; on the computer.. ALL DAY.  I’ve been rethinking how healthy this is for me. Although it’s a finished basement and is a beautiful room, it’s still much cooler (nice in the summer) and not sure how good that is for my back issues. It has a nice rug, but still sits on cement.  My mom told me not go work down there. As she said to me in her cute accent “it not good, Judy”.

Honestly, I think it’s effected my desire to create art.  In my old home, I had a sunny room upstairs that I was up there creating as much as I could.  Maybe I am associating my back pain with my art down in the basement.  Maybe I need separation of office and art studio.  What do you think, my friends????  I’m usually a more private person, but thought I’d put this out there. Thank you.

Any whoosie whatsie…..

I thought I would share my recent Artist Spotlight appearances on the Unruly PaperArts website.  I was honored to be interviewed and asked to submit a tutorial.  It actually forced me to get back in the studio and get cranking on some art. Yay for me.

Click on the picture, below, to read my interview.

judy project 1

Click on my bookmarks to see my tutorial.

judy shea project 8

I hope you enjoyed both of those.  Model Magic is not as easy to work with as you may think. Once dry it can break easy. Especially if it’s thin.  I wanted to change it up a little from the polymer clay. Still a load of fun.

Have I told you how much I appreciate you lately?  No?  Well, I do.  A LOT!!!!    Because I do, I will be doing some giveaways. Passing on some of my gently used art and giving it a new life.  Stay tuned.

Always love hearing from you.

Judy ♥  ♥

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  1. Hey Judy! Go to the light….I say that since I’ve been working in a basement for the last month or so. I am grateful to friends for making this provision for me as we are waiting for our new house to be constructed but I do feel the difference. For the past 10 years I’ve had a studio flooded with light and now it is artificial light and much dimmer. I feel like it takes a lot more effort to create than before and the ideas and energy do not flow like before. My vote is for you to move out of the dark and back into the light. Listen to your Momma. Love you, Renee

  2. Both your interview and your tutorial offer great inspiration, Judy, as does your wonderful artwork. As far as your question is concerned, I will go on record as stating that I believe in the separation of church and state. What follows, then, is that I also believe in the separation of work and play. Knowing that you spend more hours at work than at play, it might be a better idea to move your workspace out of the basement. Just a thought…



  3. I say put your studio where it will make you happy and you will want to make art! Listen your mom, you know she’s always right! 🙂 I’ve missed reading your blog and seeing what creative things you are doing

  4. Congratulations on your Artist Spotlight, Judy. What a great interview! If I didn’t already know you well, I’d want to get to know you after reading the article. 🙂 You came across as such a down-to-earth, inspiring person with the human element of trying to balance work and creative time, something a lot of us can relate to. And, of course, your artwork is so beautiful and touches the heart. As far as your space in the basement, I think that you should separate your creative space from your work/job space. The fact that you’ve been challenged to create lately definitely speaks about the space you’re trying to create in. Is there enough room in your backyard to build a little studio space? I picture you happily creating in a sunny space full of color! Looking forward to visiting you soon. Luv ya, Karen

  5. Great to see your art again! Congrats on Unruly Paper Arts! Sorry to hear about the creative funk…I know any time I have worked where I played it has been hard to separate the feelings and pull of “to-dos” from each while doing the other. No great words of wisdom of how to fix it, but I can relate big time.

  6. This is fabulous, Judy! Love all the different textures and your beautiful painting on the clay. I’m with Sito – let there be (more) light, if possible! xx

  7. Remember when We said oh use the rooms upstairs!!! Cozy and sunny!!! I think its time for the girls to swap places with Mom. Sito was right❤️ Happy annoversary❤️❤️❤️

  8. My former studio was a combination of office and art space. I eventually put a small room divider around my desk to create a boundary. It was lovely with all the natural bright light. Now my office is separate from my soon-to-be-finished (fingers crossed) studio space. I’m looking forward to that. But, like you, the new studio will be in a traditional basement (no walk-out). I’m not sure how it will all work out (too cold/cool in the winter, hot/warm in the summer, too dark?)

    It does sound like you have started to associate the discomfort of being in a cool/coldish space with making art and/or work. I can understand how that may impact your desire to make art. Is there padding between the concrete foundation and the carpet? If not, one possibility is to put interlocking anti-fatigue mats under your art/work space, then place the tables/desk over that. This will create some more insulation and give your tootsies a softer landing spot. (BJ’s sells the mats in packs. 6-8 in a pack, I think. They are 2’x2′ square. Come in black or other colors.)

    If you’re feeling cool temps off the basement walls, maybe hanging colorful rugs, prints, or other types of wall hangings would create a barrier & decrease the chill.

    Okay, that’s my 10 cents worth.

  9. You? Unruly?!?!?!?! Naaahhhhh! 😉 I agree that your studio and work space should not be in the same place, especially in the basement. I think you need to have the inspiration of looking outside from your studio, like in your previous house. That was such a comfortable space. I loved it there. Just my opinion, girlfriend!

  10. Hi Sweet Judy,
    Do you have a room upstairs for art?
    If not, throw a large sheet over the computer when doing art & don’t look at it.
    Maximize the space with YOUR super art pieces and stick your tongue out at the computer
    when not working…

  11. Hi Judy,
    I have been trying to get your post by email and have had no luck. No clue why the follow button will not work for me. I check you site and noticed you have not been posting much.
    My suggestion is to find a room that is only for your art and nothing else.
    Creating art and your career work, I think, is not a great idea. Your artistic talent needs light and warm colors in another room in the house. My husband worked out of the house when not traveling and I hardly ever went in his room because it was his place of work.
    Regarding your back, I can relate to this problem. I went and ordered a chair that is used for people who sit all day. It has a back that you can adjust. Everything is adjustable on the chair. It will be expensive but, you will be so glad you made the choice. I worked on concrete with carpet for 19 years and we always updated chairs because of back and carpal tunnel problems with employees.
    I hope this gives you some ideas so it helps with your back pain.
    I enjoyed your artistic layout.
    Take Care,
    Barb J
    North Carolina

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