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Re-post – Gel Skin Art


Here is a re-post of the “skins”, I made a while back.  Thought you would enjoy a 2nd go round on reading it and for the new subscribers and visitors.

The skin with the beads, is my favorite.  I’ve been tearing that up and using it in my work for about a year now. Here is an example of how I used it recently in my coffee filter art piece; see post here.

First up was Golden’s Self Leveling Clear Gel and the Clear Tar Gel.  I took a palette knife and spread a good amount on some freezer paper.. like frosting a cake.

I sprinkled some finer glitters and shiny things like colored micro beads, sequins or whatever I had.  The self leveling gel and the tar gel had the same results.  I think I will try mixing color into the gel to make it a solid color, then adding the pretty shiny things.  Adding snipped colorful fibers or fabrics would be an interesting effect, don’tchya think?  I’ve done it and it is.

Then I took fluid acrylics and dropped dots all over a sheet until it was crowded and ran a knitting needle around it making swirls and shapes.

I also took blobs of paints at the top of the freezer paper and spread them downward, but they came out too thin.  Not so great.  Using heavy body paints might work better.  But, still interesting and one of a kind.

Once they are dry, you can peel them off of the freezer paper.  Now what do you do with them?  How about adding them to a collage page, journal page or  cut into strips or chopped up to put into some dryer sheet collage art cloth… see my tutorial here on how to make it.

I haven’t been back up in the studio since before vacation.. sad.  I’ll get up there, get my creative juices flowing and be back with some fun stuff.

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Love Letters


Hey Blogsters…

We are enjoying the 50’s here this weekend.  How nice to have the sun shining down on me when I was out for my walk this morning.  It may be a tease for now, but we’ll take it.  As they say in New England.. “if you don’t like the weather… wait a minute”.

About 5 years ago I started making mixed media customized wooden art letters for family and friends.   The look on their faces when they open the gift and see their own personal initial that has been decorated with them in mind, is the most satisfying feeling you can imagine.

Here are some letters I’ve made over the years; they are proudly hung in each of their homes.

This is just a few of them.  They are all made with each individual in mind.  All (except one) here was made for my adult nieces and nephews.  I’ve put some found objects that mean a lot to each of them.   For example… a key from my father’s basement from years ago.. or a my mother’s old jewelry.  They’ll now have a piece of their grandparents with them forever.

Most of them have copper tape running around the outside edge.  Take a closer look and you can see the details of the decorative paper,  found objects,  stamping, embossing, old and new jewelry and, of course, polymer clay.

If you need a creative gift for someone, consider making a Love Letter.. it will go a long way and anything made from the heart will never be forgotten.

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Next up…. Painting Pottery

Open Your Hearts


Hey Blogsters!

For the past few months, on my walks, I’ve found some interesting heart shapes I’ve captured with my camera………BUT…

… Let me begin here with a quote from Melody Beattie’s book “Journey of the Heart”. She does daily meditations that are so touching.  I thought this would be appropriate for my heart post.

“Let your heart open-gently, safely, surely and certainly.  Do not let others decide when or even if you will open your heart, when or if you will embrace love.  Those choices are too big, too important to let others make for you.  Only you can decide when and how.” ….

“Look around.  It’s not your location that makes you safe.
It’s where you are in your soul, your mind and your heart.
That place is good.  That place is safe.
Open your heart.
Embrace life.
Go joyfully on your way.”
– Melody Beattie

So………….. I share my hearts with YOU:


puddle on ocean rocks in Maine – I know this is pushing it a little.. but can you see it?

stones off my driveway; at this glance it’s a heart of stone.

vine leaf coming through brick walk

heart rock

… and finally I reveal to you my wooden heart collage that I’ve been promising.

I just love this piece.  You could even say I put all my heart into it.

Size: approx. 18″ x 14″

This piece started out as an old wooden painting I found at a consignment store.   What I used:  spackle, caulking, molding paste, vintage papers, tissue papers, fabric lace, gold leaf, old jewelry, polymer clay (face and button flowers),  found objects, charms, gesso, acrylic paints, stencils, rubber stamps, metal hinge.. whew.. that’s about all I can think of.

I hope you enjoyed my heart post..  Would love to hear back from you.

Next up:  Two weeks vacation from work for the holidays.  I’ll be in the studio to share some fun projects with you.

I hope all you have a wonderful and safe holiday… 2010.. can it be?


Studio Time !


Hey Blogsters..

Time for what’s been happening in the studio lately.

In a previous blog post, I mentioned I was taking an on-line class with Julie Prichard.  You can still join all her wonderful lessons.  Check it out here.

One of the books we made was called LTS (Long Tall Skinny).  I had a hard time with this book so for many reasons. I could write a whole blog post on my mistakes.   When I take a class, I usually stray from the original lesson and take a detour and make it my own.  With this journal, I used scrapbook paper with designs to use as a deep background as my first layer.  I also wanted to use what I already had and not purchase more paper.  These pages were much bigger than the instructions, but I wanted to see how this could come out.

I used Weldbond glue, to glue the folded edges together to make the binding.  The glue was very stiff when it dried and seeped through the paper.  When I tried to open the journal and turn the pages the next day and after being clamped together overnight, they were all glued together and I mean TOGETHER, as in FOREVER.  I had no choice, really, than to pry open the pages and the centers tore apart.  Note to self: don’t do that again.

I love Weldbond glue, as it  is extremely strong; it’s used by NASA, however it’s not a PVA glue nor flexible in working with paper.  It’s great for gluing objects in your mixed media work, however.  Maybe the scrapbook paper was too weak for the glue also.

Anyway, long story, short… my pages were a mess… I had worked so hard on it by cutting the book board, preparing all the ribbon hinges and ironing them all.. yes, you heard it.. I ironed.  When I tried to open the journal pages and they would hardly budge, my jaw dropped and I said “what the bleepety bleep am I going to do” (I really didn’t say those words, I just bleeped out the swear).

I salvaged the center of the pages with scrapbook paper strips, textured the front and back covers with molding paste, tissue paper, stencils, caulking, fabric and polymer clay.  I started filling the pages with mediums, textures, objects and paints.

In the end, I’m happy to say, I love my misfit journal that I brought back to life.  I felt like I was in “Grey’s Anatomy”… “CLEAR!”

Here are some pictures of the book and some of the inside pages that I haven’t finished playing with.  It measures about 12 1/2″ tall x 6 1/2 ” wide.

front cover:

front cover, details

back cover:

back cover, details:

Some inside pages:

I enjoyed this learning process.  Making mistakes really challenged me and I embraced it.

Thank you, Julie, for a fun workshop and sharing all your ideas.  You are a great teacher.  I hope you like the journal.   You made it look so easy to make, but I guess I took the long way around to get the job done.

I’ll leave you with this eye candy for now… I do hope you enjoy it.

Thanks for stopping by and leave a comment.

Next up:   mixed media collage on wood and very cool funky fabric cuff.

Oh, the things we find…


Hey blogsters…

Still cool and cloudy here in Massachusetts.  At least it stopped raining.  Pssst….secretly (well, not anymore).. I love the rain.  I love thunderstorms.  I don’t mind the cool weather.  I know, some people love the heat.  I hate it.  My husband says, “this is what we wait for all winter, it should be HOT in the summer”  Oh pish, I say!   Just being in my studio on a rainy day is nirvana to me… with spaghetti sauce simmering on the stove.. the smell.. oh ya…hold me back.

So… I was on my daily walk/run the other day and I found some objects (hence, “found objects) on the road and thought I’d share them some pictures with you.  What I’ll do with them, I don’t know yet, but somewhere in my art, they will be included.

Here, I found a crushed abalone ring.  I can see that in a textured canvas.  A cigar holder.. hmmm.. that can hold something… any thoughts???    Then, under my cherry tree in my garden, I found the broken robin’s egg.  I will incorporate that into some mixed media work for sure.  Some of the yolk was still in it too.  You can see some yellow left behind.


Now, this is interesting.  The road I walk on was recently re-paved.  Somehow, this small branch of leaves was impressed into the pavement, but it was this off-white color… and I can’t figure out why.  I thought it would be paint, as if it were stamped into the road, but there was no other signs of paint anywhere; no lines in the road.  Then I thought that maybe the pollen and the rain settled on it and “melted” that way into the road.  I didn’t even think to touch it either to see if I could lift up the leaves.    Any thoughts?

However, I just loved it and when I got home, I jumped in the car with my camera and went to take some shots of it… (of course after one of my neighbors stopped by to ask what I was doing; he had a baffled look; don’t most guys look that way anyway??  Like when a dog tilts his head when you ask if he/she wants a treat?).   Anyway, I thought this could be a cool gel transfer on a dark background or print it on a transparency, then use it on a dark canvas or fabric.


To you have any found objects/pictures that you can incorporate into you art?

Thanks for stopping by.