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There’s No Place Like Home


Hey Bloggerholics..

I’m back from our vacation at Martha’s Vineyard.  Such a beautiful island.  Every town has it’s own special charm.  From funky (Oak Bluffs) to secluded (Chilmark).  Our favorite is Edgartown.  Here are some shots in case you have not been there.

Edgartown Harbor

Menemsha Harbor on the other side of the island

Aquinnah (used to be called Gay Head).  This is also around the same area where they found the plane and bodies of JFK Jr, his wife and SIL.  The plane spiraled out of control into the ocean in 1999.  Hard to believe it was that long ago.

The famous Black Dog Tavern.

…and finally, the resting place of John Belushi.  They moved his body at one point soon after he died because there was too much media and fans all around it.  Then we believe they moved him back when things calmed down, but we are still not too sure about that.

Ok, back to reality now.    As beautiful as it is on our special island, there is no place like home.

Now a little time in the Judio…

I stamped some cotton strips with rubber stamps and colored and glittered them to make my own embellishments.    If you have ever had your eye brows waxed.. you know the little strips they use to rip the hair and cause you pain?  Well, this is what I stamped on.  My salon guy gave me a bunch.  I also was playing with some copper wire and making spirals. I added some glitz to the centers.  Click the picture for a closer look.

That’s all I got for now, my friends.

Thanks for stopping by.


Next up… a sneak peek into my art submission.

Vacation, Family and New Canvas


Hi Blogsters:

I’m back from vacation.  I took two weeks off from work.  One at Cape Cod and one hanging out at home, doing some art, visiting family and friends.

I was able to finish up my latest canvas.  I have no name for it yet.  The picture is of my parents in the old country after their wedding, on their honeymoon.  I am so in love with the pictures I was able to get from my mother after my dad passed 9 years ago.  Here is a picture of the book I made.  Yes, that is my actual father in his real Middle Eastern attire.  He was such a handsome man.  Reminds me of Omar Sharif.  Do any of you remember the movie “Lawrence of Arabia”?.. or am I showing my age here?  Anyway, making this book was a great experience for two reasons.. one was that I got to relive my father’s life, which gave me so much comfort and two… I learned to design my own book with my own style.

P7230002You can see the rest of the book at my Web Albums here.

I presented this to my mom on her 80th birthday.     There is just something about these vintage pictures that hold so much in my heart because of my parent’s background and their journey to America.

OK.. somebody stop me.. I’m way off track here…. moving on…. sorry.

Here is my new canvas that was inspired by a DVD that I just purchased by Ann Baldwin called Mixed Media – Collage – Text & Texture in Mixed Media Collage with Ann Baldwin.  You can see a preview here.

I love the colors; so rich.  What I’ve used on this canvas includes.  Crackle paint around the picture, molding paste with stencils, corrugated cardboard, heavy gel medium, photo transfer of tree, magazine picture of door, polymer clay and layers upon layers of paints.

P7250001Here are some close up shots.



I hope you enjoyed this mini journey with me and I hope that Ann would be proud.. Thank you, Ann.

If you have any questions about the canvas or any techniques you’d like to know about, please leave a comment; I would be happy to contact you in return.  Or just leave me a hello comment anyway.. I’d love to hear back from you.

As always, thanks for stopping by.