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“Bubble Time” – Feels so good……….


.. to be hitting the art page again.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!!!  Ready for the beach, sun, surf, swimming?  After all, it’s is coming on summer, right?  NOT THIS YEAR.  It’s damn cold here in Mass.  We had rain here all day yesterday.. but, psst.. come closer… I secretly love the rain and a dreary day.  I took advantage of it and after cleaning the house and after dinner, I went into the garage and pulled out my “sit down” art bag , made a cup of tea and sat in my comfy chair and prepared to go into my “art bubble”.  Yup, that’s what I call it… my “art bubble”.  I’ve always told my daughters when they were young.. “everyone needs their bubble time”.  Time away with yourself, some peace time, doing what you want and no one can bother you… a refresher, from the crazy days.. all the talk.. all the busy-ness in your life.

As a mom, it’s hard to find “bubble time”. I remember when the kids were really little, all I wanted was to go to the bathroom in peace.  Can I just have a little time to myself?  Nope, here comes my 5-year-old, Megan.. “mom, whatchya doing?”  Then comes my 2-year-old, Rachel … calling “Megaaaan, Megaaaan”  She found her.  “what you doin in heeya?”  Then the dog comes in and hubbie shows up eventually, saying “what’s everyone doing in here?”   Um, hullo.. why don’t you all just invite the neighbors!!!    Well, the girls are 22 and 19 now, so thankfully those days have been over for about 3 years.  No, I kid I kid.  But, I have to admit, my dog pushes her nose and opens the bathroom door now, as if to say “is it safe to come in”.  NO……..go away!!!!  God, no wonder I have irritable bowel syndrome.. sorry TMI.

So, off in my art bubble I went. And I tell you, it was so nice after being away from it for a couple of months or more.

What was the first thing I did? I pulled out my Moleskine watercolor pad, pencil and Koi watercolor set and played with drawing eyes, faces and doodling.  I never get sick of drawing eyes and other facial features, because I keep thinking… this will be the perfect eye, the perfect mouth, the perfect nose.  Nope, not gonna happen.  As my cousin, Wayne (great artist-read my post about him here), tells me.. “you gotta draw to draw, Judy”.  That IS true.

I went onto YouTube and found tutes on drawing eyes/faces.  Check them out.  What was nice about that, was I could pause the video when I wanted and took my time to try to get the hang of what the artist was doing.

IMG_3478 IMG_3479

Not too bad, huh?   I really like the left one.  Just goes to show if you take your time with the details, you can achieve a pretty realistic eye.  I really need to work on noses and mouths.

Here are some others I’ve done in the past.. they are so so. But practice makes you better. .. and shading… shading changes everything.  I couldn’t do this 5 years ago.

IMG_3481IMG_3480  IMG_3489IMG_3490IMG_3482 IMG_3483 IMG_3484 IMG_3485 IMG_3491

Then, I doodled some goofy pods and flowers then used watercolors to give it a boost.  So meditative.

IMG_3492 IMG_3493 IMG_3494 IMG_3495 IMG_3497 IMG_3488 IMG_3487 IMG_3486

As some of you know, I am moving and we are selling our home.  I’m excited for the next chapter in our lives.  Get away from all the big house responsibilities, downsize and enjoy a simpler life in a coastal town.  But, if I can anyone who is thinking of moving soon or in the next few years ahead of you… PURGE NOW, as if you were going to move next month. Seriously, do a little at a time and continue to get rid of things you have not used in years. Sell, donate, throw away. There, that’s my 5 cents worth.

I’ll keep trying to get some creativity in my life to share with you.. and some summer recipes too.

Thanks for stopping by.  Love hearing from you.



Do You Doodle?


I love to doodle… I’ve doodled for years.  If I’m on the phone, I doodle.  If I’m in a meeting, I doodle.  If I’m bored, I doodle…  I love flowers,  swirls, spirals, checkerboard, stripes, dots, circles… whatever strikes me…  I’ve even given the “doodle disease” to my teens girls.  Except they tend to doodle a little in class… uhm.. how about paying attention to the teach-ah (as we say here in Massachusetts)?  Hmmm.. maybe that’s why I got a C in Math… never mind… let’s move on.

So, here is a background page that I did on canvas paper.   I stamped  some images and then I doodled around it.


P8170003P8170001Here are some fun sites for doodling:

Now, this is some serious but fun doodling going on here:

http://ww w.joyfuldia-doodle-art.com/pictorialindex1.htm

Millande has several videos on YouTube that you can search for in addition to her creativity site.

Other goofiness I did in a small grid journal is what follows.   The faces here are from any learnings I’ve taken from online classes  by Suzi Blu and Willowing.  You can also search for them on YouTube.  Great vids.  I love the fun and freedom they have with their mixed media pieces.  Please check them out and join them on their Ning sites.


Ok, what’s up with those girl’s hands above.. they look like crab claws..  Still working on hands and feet.. head and shoulders, knees and toes, knees and toes… oh, stop me.. sorry.P8240005

Maybe a little Tim Burton’esqe?  No?

P8240006P8240007P8240008I try to get inspiration from magazine photos and in any of the Stampington publications.  Love them!

Well, that was fun.      So……… do you doodle?   Please send me an email @ judysheart@gmail.com with a picture of your doodle art and blog url and I’ll post it on my blog.  Have fun and do the doodle.

Thanks for stopping by.. I hope you enjoyed it.


Next up…. Carving on erasers..