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Happy Birthday Mom!


Hey Blogsters!

This post is dedicated to my mom who will be 84 this week.  To all she touches, she is our mother, grandmother, sister, neighbor, chef (still cooking for her family) and friend.  One of the wisest woman you’ll ever meet.

How can I begin to tell you what my life has been like with such a wonderful woman, like my mom, guiding me all these years. Being the youngest of 5 siblings (4 girls, 1 boy), I may have been a bit more free wild growing up in the 60’s and in my teens in the 70’s.

My mom, Georgette, came to America, from the Middle East, with no education at all and not knowing one word of English and 14 years younger than my dad.  She was a stranger in a strange land.  My dad always related their life to the song sung by Tony Bennett, “Stranger in Paradise”.. and it was.  That song can be emotional for me; especially since my dad has passed (10 years ago).

You see, my dad (Fred) came to America, also from the Middle East, when he was 11 years old. He went back to Syria at the age of 32 to choose (yes, choose) a wife going door to door (yes,  “door to door”) over a ten month period of time visiting many families with single daughters.  I remember him telling me that if he wasn’t interested in the women, he would jingle his car keys to give the signal to his friend, who accompanied him, that is was time to leave.   At the end of his search, he chose my mom.  They married in Syria, then mom left her mother and siblings behind to find a better life.

If you’d like to see the handmade journal I did about my dad’s life journey, click here.

Dad brought her back to the USA to live with him and his family (his 6 siblings… I know).   She inherited 2 brothers in law and 4 sisters in law.  With no English to be spoken, she was a stranger indeed.

After 15 years and having 5 children of her own, we moved to a home of our own.  I was 2.     Even in our own home, mom was the go to person.  She did all the holiday parties at our house, did all the cooking.. gosh, I don’ t how she really did it, feeding a family of 7 every night..  I can’t hardly keep up with 4.

As my mom reaches yet another birthday year, we are truly blessed to have this strong woman still in our lives.  She always tells me how proud she is of all 5 of the kids, but we are more proud of her.

Thanks, Mom and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

All My Love,

Judy (aka #5)


A lovely celebration…


Hey Blogsters!

This week (Sunday, actually) I celebrated my birthday and turned the big 50!  Yes, I have completed 50 years of my life.  I got calls from everyone.  I kept saying I was trying to ignore that I was turning 50, but everyone kept reminding me… ha!

They say time goes by so fast and you really don’t understand that when you’re young, free and having way too much fun… yet it is true.  You watch your children grow from little peanuts to beautiful young adults, mourn family members whose time came to leave this earth, watch your nieces and nephews, that you held in your arms as infants, get married and have their own children………..and  BOOM, you’re 50!  Um, what just happened?  But, I must say, and yes, I must, that all is good and I could never ask for anything more than what I have right now, right this moment.. that’s all I can control.. right now.  Life is good.

So, with that said, after a lovely surprise dinner celebration with some of the most favorite loved ones in my life, I have to share a gift with you from my most amazing niece, Christina.  You remember Nina?.. named after my “Nina Pods”? She’s the one that wrote the poem to go with them; click here for the Nina Pod post.

Nina’s gift to me was 50 things I love… a huge basket of 50 things.. imagine that?  They weren’t big things, just beautiful little treasures that she knew I would love like body lotions, stationary, vintage images, beautiful tissue papers, candles.. so you get the idea, right?  However, I think my favorite part of her gift was her card she made me.  A handmade fabric card that just left me in awe of her work.  Take a look and you’ll see what I mean:

P9160031Measurements:  12″ tall x approx. 7″ wide (folded)






See what I mean… how special, don’t you think?  I’ll treasure it always.

Thank you Donnie (a great and supportive hunk of Irish joy), Megan (daughter 1: thank you for surprising me and coming home from college), Rachel (daugher 2: a great secret keeper), Nina (well, need I say more about her), Todd (Nina’s hubby, who’s just plain awesome and so supportive), Riley and Connor (N&T’s kids:  can’t say enough about how important these kids are to me.. love them).   You all made my birthday celebration the most memorable one.  I love you with all my heart!

Nina.. can you say “blog”? … time for you to have one and show your artistic talents.

I leave you with this video of Sally O’Malley (Molly Shannon) from Saturday Night Live doing her “I’m 50” skit with Danny Devito.. so funny.. (you have to watch a short commercial first).  Enjoy!

Thanks for stopping by!

Next up:  Mini canvas fun art!