Nother Journal Winner, Nother Give-a-way!!!



The 2nd journal give-a-way winner is…………………..

Kay Wallace

Congratulations, Kay!!!!!!!!!!

Send me your mailing address and I’ll get it right out to you.

Hip Hip Hooray!!!!!!!!!

Next up to #3…. is my long skinny journal.  About 9×3. So cute.  Covers are loved with inky stamped and stenciled paper towels and fun embellishments with a lace edge.  Click for close up.

IMG_0591-1  IMG_0587-1

Quick update:  Studio is clean.. newly painted walls.. all my supplies are in the garage.  In the meantime, now that I’m not creating a lot of art (because of this possible uprooting.. wait, did she say “uproot”.. yes I did.  More later), at least I can give some away… it’s a win win situation.. you win art.. I clean out my studio. Pay it forward; it’s how I roll.

Thanks for playing along and stopping by…. This is fun!!!

Leave me a comment.. I”ll pick a winner next week.

Judy ♥


Winner of Journal Give-a-way!!!!


Random Generator chose a winner for my journal give-a-way….   And the winner is……………

Kathy Abraham….. congratulations!!!!   send me your address at and I’ll get it right out to you.. and of course I have some other goodies to add to it.  How excited are you?


Ok.. ready for the next give away?   It’s this handmade journal.  Here is how I made it.  But below, is how it came out in the end.  With handmade polymer clay “button n’bellishments” and the paper beads on the edge.

1, 2, 3 go………..


Thanks for stopping by and please pray for Boston that they catch the 2nd bomber brother. PLEASE CATCH HIM!!!!!


Gelli Prints Journal – Give-a-way winner!!!


I had such fun creating this journal to give away.

Drum roll please >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

CONGRATULATIONS to …………………….Christie.  (chosen by Random Generator)

Christie…………… send me your snail mail and I’ll get the journal out to you.

Thanks for playing along everyone.  If I keep making Gelli prints, I’ll be making simple Judy Journals and I”ll be giving away more.

More to come.


Vroom Vroom – Test Drive, anyone?


Well, I don’t know about you, but I can’t believe that Thanksgiving has passed and Christmas is less than a month away? It’s really getting cold her in Mass. I mean like, frozen nostrils cold. I’ll leave you with that visual.

Here’s another chilly visual.  My roses. Just up until a couple of weeks ago, they still had buds and I swear they were going to pop.  But here they are today.

Now, what’s the “vroom vroom” about?  Well, my dear friend, Jessica Sporn, has asked a bunch of us artists to partake in a stencil test drive.  See, she’s an amazing artist and she’s designed a line of stencils for Stencil Girl Products, owned by Mary Beth Shaw, another one of my favorite artists that I had the pleasure to meet and take a class from.  Anyway, I said “hell yeah” to Jessica’s request and we’re hitting the road.

You can read all about the test drive HERE.

Here, let me sum it up for you………… these are the amazing artists going for the ride:

December 6: Carolyn Dube, Judy Shea and  Michelle Rydell
December 20: Carolyn DubeCorrine GilmanMaria McGuire and Ronda Palazzari
January 10: Maggie Nemetz, Judy Shea and Revlie Schuit
January 23: Seth ApterKristin Dudish,  Corrine Gilman, and Diana Trout
February 27: Marjie Kemper,  Nataša MayMaggie Nemetz and Christy Tomlinson
March 14: Nataša May and Maria McGuire
April 2: Carolyn DubeMarjie KemperNataša MayMichelle Rydell, and Revlie Schuit
April 18: Kristin Dudish and Carol Merveille
May 2: Nathalie Kalbach,  Michelle Rydell, Judy Shea, and Roben-Marie Smith
May 16Carolyn Dube and Revlie Schuit
June 6: Jane DaviesMaria McGuire and Carol Merveille

I am honored to be part of this group.  I can’t wait to see what everyone does.. including me.

It all starts on December 6th.  Come join us on this fun test drive.  Grab a button from Jessica’s site.  She will also be doing a stencil give-a-way with each artists’s post.

Here is a link to Jessica’s stencils.  Click on her last name and search.

Now, I have to go off and figure out what my creations will be with Jessica’s stencils.  But, you can be sure there will be texture involved.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you can join us.


Butterfly Collage with Ink Jet ImageTransfers


This week, I decided to give the Peerless Watercolors a try.  I purchased them at Art is You from Joanne Sharpe.

So, I stopped work early one night (5p.m.) (only one night, but i”m working on more of them) and I put on my jammies and sat myself down to play with the paints.  Let me just say what a great feeling it was to kick back and concentrate on my art.  Since my daughters are now both in college (help! send money), our nights have a bit more space in them.  Funny how fast the time goes and all of the sudden your here, their there and life moves on.  Screeeeeeech… halt… Sorry,  I got off track.  Continuing….

I decided to work on Strathmore Bristol paper and paint in patches all over the page like this…  Click on any image to enlarge.

Seriously, this page took me a couple of hours.  I had fun swiping colors off the “peerless” cards and onto the page. That took time and all with a small brush (water brush by Koi).  I love the puddling of the watercolors when you use more water.  They dry to a nice dark edge.

Once I was happy with the background,  I gave it a spray of PYM (Preserve Your Memories) to seal it.  You can see it deepens it a little.  I took this picture under a normal light bulb.  The top picture was taken under an Ott Lite.

So, my fine friends, I took it to my studio and scraped some gesso all over it (that’s why I had to seal the page first, otherwise the colors would have mixed), rubbed it off,  then buffed it dry.  Used black Staz On ink and a make up sponge with stencils (from Stencil Girl and Mary Beth Shaw = LOVE).  Added stamped, hand made foam stamps and of course some of my polymer clay ‘bellishments.  One of the parts I love the most, are my image transfers; the butterflies and the two women, under my teal heart..

Below, you can see some gold glitter trails it put in.

I get so lost in time when I am doing image transfers.  My favorite combination to make a perfect transfer is a transparency film and gel medium.  I did a few tests using different mediums and my best result was Golden Gel Medium.  I have not tried Liquitex, but I will someday.

I transferred on muslin  and cotton fabric, paper towel, masking tape and I did a packing tape transfer also.  I got the images from Dover Clipart which is copyright free.  You can join their mailing list and they will send you samples every week.  Click on THIS LINK and put in your email address.  You will get samples every week.  If you like them, you can save and download on your hard drive on your computer.

The technique goes like this:

Get yourself some transparency film. Maybe you know someone who might have some or you can split a box with a friend.  I had some old Lexmark ones and some I hadn’t used even after I printed on them  months or years ago.  You want to print on the matte side, not shiny.  Your best bet is to print a bunch of images on one page.  You can use Microsoft Word or Powerpoint to insert an entire page of images (please email me if you need help with that.).  This is my method. There may be other ways, for example, using a photo software would also work.

Cut your image out.

Spread some gel medium on the surface you want to transfer to and on the image itself… gently, you don’t want the ink to rub off.  Use the consistency of spreading butter on bread.  I use my finger to spread the gel, as I don’t want any brush line.

Lay the film with image face down on the gelled up surface and rub it down with your finger in a circular motion, working from the center and making sure your reached all around the image.  Now wait 5 or 10 minutes or even longer.. overnight even if you need to be away.  But, if you’re like me, you ain’t going nowhere and you want instant results.

After you’ve waited and I hope you were patient, peel up the film slowly.  Check a corner and see if the ink is now transferred to the surface.  If it did, then keep slowly peeling it off.  Did it work?  It works 99% of the time for me.

Here is a few pictures of my image transfer results…

The butterflies are on paper towel, cotton fabric (old ripped t-shirt) and masking tape.  I decided to color in the black and white clip art with the “peerless watercolors” and the “Koi” watercolors

I give the images a spray seal of the PYM so I  know they will keep their color and last a long time.

I made a bunch of image transfers on muslin fabric for my mom who loves her religious (catholic) books.  She wanted angels so she could sew them to her fabric covered books.  She was just in love with them.  I’ll be using my masking tape painted images on some other art; I wanted to use them on this page, but it didn’t seem to match.

Hope you enjoyed this post and I want you to try the image transfers and let me now how they come out.

And always… thank YOU for stopping by and leaving some blog love.

Judy ♥♥

Art is YOU…Me… and We!


I’m back from Art is You.  What  a fun time.   As you know, this was my first art retreat.  First ever.. and I went alone.  Yup, just me and my talking GPS who kept me company.  C’mon, raise your hand if you think the GPS is awesome?  Wow, one, two, three… see there are a lot of you out there.  “Navigator” on my smartphone rocks!  Love her.

This is what we wore around our necks for the weekend.  So fun.  How could you not smile with that on you each day?  Each morning, we were greeted with a wonderful breakfast buffet and the same at lunch.  It really was a sense of community.  You can read about Art is You and about Sallianne and Ellen, it’s creators, HERE.  Thank you, ladies and anyone else involved in helping make the event a success.

Let me start by saying that as soon as I met my roommate, Jessica, I knew we were a good fit.   As soon as I walked in the room and saw that she had her journal pages and her art supplies all over the bed, I said, “ok.. now we’re talkin”.   Miss you JS.  Hey, we have the same initials.. that has to mean something, right? You can read Jessica’s blog post about AiY HERE.  I love it.

Ok Ok.. i’m getting to the fun stuff.

Saturday was a full day workshop with Serena Barton called Waxing Literacy with Charlotte.  We took an old hard cover book and used encaustic wax, creating a display piece.  Serena is such a great teacher and person.

Hi Serena.. our wax queen!

This class was so much fun.  I had never used encaustic wax before, never mind entrapping a book in it.  Serena gave us frozen chartlotte dolls that were going in a niche that we cut out of the book.  (click on any picture for larger image)

on right:  this is the inside of Serena’s book.. anything look familiar to you.. on the left in the center…hmmmm? She used one of my ‘bellishments.

This is the inside and out side of my book.

More books from the class…..

Far right:   I love that Nancy used a small child’s book.


Wasn’t that fun??  Thank you, Serena!

Getting ready for vendor night…  This place was packed.  Lots of walking around… my feet are still recovering. : (


Now, let’s move on the Sunday’s workshop with Mary Beth Shaw.  What can I say about Mary Beth?  We’ve exchanged emails back and forth about meeting. She’s fun, outgoing and a great teacher; making classes fun… oh and she plays some great music in class.  I’ve been wanting to meet MB and take one of her classes for about 2 years now and both were  more than what I expected.

Mary Beth’s class was called More is Less.  What a journey that was.  Making textures through stencils with paste.. my favorite thing to do.  I wish I had brought smaller substrates.  I worked too big and I think it was a bit overwhelming, to be honest.  So, I finished two.  Fair enough, let’s compromise.

Mary Beth gave me permission to take pictures of her demo.  Here’s a peek.

Yummy Wood Icing and pasta, yes pasta!


These are mine…

… and some of the rest….


..and here are Mary Beth’s 6″x6 boards… beautiful.

Thank you, Mary Beth!!

So, there you have it.. my two classes. Two full days and nights of just fun and camaraderie.  I made new friends and I was able to meet new artists in the mixed media world and say hello to the ones I have taken classes from before.

The ladies in my classes were so talented and fun to be with.  Just imagine being in a place where we all think about art the same, all want to learn and share.  What else could you want?  I plan on keeping in touch with many of my new friends (you know who you are).

..and… can I just say that I need a full body massage now?

Thanks for joining me in this art journey and stopping by.  I love hearing from you.

Judy ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ 

Artist Dedication – Wayne Gowell


Today, I am dedicating my post to my cousin and genius artist, Wayne Gowell.

I’ve always admired Wayne’s artistic style.  I spent a day with him, about a year ago, in his basement studio where we created copper dolls (paper doll style).  Just watching him was amazing.. just amazing.  I said to myself, people would pay for a workshop like this, and here I am having the pleasure to just hang out with him and  be part of his artistic genius.

He has so many titles besides artist such as graphic designer, photographer, electronic wizard (although he’s to humble to say it, so I’ll say it for you, Wayne).

I asked Wayne to describe himself and his artistic style and passions.. he says…

“I’m just a nutty guy that likes to draw and create things from nothing.  Imagination is the fuel that drives my boat!  I love using (these days) recycled materials cardboard, water-soluble crayons, ink, spray paint, dirt, cloth, industrial paints,  anything to make marks on two-dimensional surfaces, even three-dimensional. I always thought of myself as an artist, not a realist or abstract expressionist or any particular label…Someone who comments on the times he lives in.  

As far as passions, I have many.  Lately it’s integrating art and technology for social commentary…I always felt an artist should express something about the times they live in, with an emphasis on making things more positive and joyful. Humor is another vehicle I love to insert into art, I don’t take anything too seriously and love to do things I don’t know how to do…It gives me permission to just work things out, take advantage of happy accidents, follow the flow wherever it may lead.  As Rauschenberg said,  “the world is my palette”.   Always loved that line, it’s so true –  there is subject matter everywhere & anywhere, you just have to be open to exploring life and taking chances.” – Wayne Gowell

Self-portrait of Wayne….

I recently visited Wayne and he allowed me to take some pictures of some of his current work.

This is his series of  his cardboard people called “People from All Walks of Life” … enjoy!

Can you guess who that is, below?

Three workers: water soluble crayon & gouache

Below, Wayne saves his cat’s (Floyd) food tins and puts his oil paints in them.  He created this cardboard crate to hold all the tins.  This is his garage.  Look at all the boxes in the back.  Serious business.. I mean, really!

Beatles sketch…watercolor pencil & water soluble crayons

A little bit of clay and electronics.  The body of this person is an old radio transistor board.   He also loves to make his own Automata art.  I know!

This Automata, below, called “Creep in the Window”, will show the face in the center moving up and down.  So cool.

This is how he describes it:  “Automata – made from recycled  cardboard, computer graphic, watercolor, enamel, ink, spray paint, wood and a spring wound motor.  From a series of “People from all walks of Life”.”


AFTER.. Click to watch it in action.

Just one (of many) of his work spaces.

Wayne also is a flea market lover.  He will pick up vintage electronics or toys and fix them and sell them on ebay along with his sketches.  You can check out his ebay store HERE.

Wayne has graciously given me his email address to share with you if you’d like to say hello or ask him any questions.  He is literally one of my favorite people in the world.  Meet him. Tell him Judy sent you.
His email is:

Wow.. well, I don’t know about you, but I”m inspired.  So much so, that I got hold of some cardboard and I’ll be making some art with it… a great palette once it’s got a few coats of gesso on it.  Wayne even makes his own wood frames to hold the cardboard like stretched canvas.  I know.. he’s #1 in my book.  Maybe he’ll let me video tape him in action one day.

I hope you enjoyed this art dedication.

As always, thanks for stopping by.  We love it here.


Give-a-way Winner and some Mixed Media Art


Congratulations, Vivane!!!!  You are the winner of my fabric give-a-way.   WOOT WOOT!!   I’ll be in touch to get your address.

Well, I did get up in the studio this weekend.  I started to play around in one of my small water color notebooks.. about 5″ x 4″.   I smooshed around some paint then added some old dictionary pages to the surface.  I began to draw a face.. nothing fancy, as I am not a good drawer.. just funky fun.. and it grew into this little girl with a dictionary dress and arms.. then I kept going with colors and embellishments.  Look how she turned out..  She a cutie patootie.  I plan on mailing this to a family member of mine… surprise.

This happens to me all the time.  I have a slight plan to start a project then I get up in studio and I do something completely different with no planning whatsoever.   So…. I picked up a large blank pre-made journal (8″ x 11 1/2″).  It was all black and very lonely.  I decided to mix media the heck out of it.

Here’s how it evolved:

Here is the journal.. very basic.. inside is just lined pages.

I began to glue the following:  left over paper towels from clean up, lace papers, fabric pieces, doilies, decorative papers, lace, polymer clay, resin music paper, burlap, coffee filter pieces and tissue paper casting (center piece) that I made.  I added some paint (cobalt teal) in spots that were white or bare..  Then I added a strip of checkerboard duct tape to the binding.

Watch the progress:  and click on picture for close ups and then juicy close up towards the end.

Juicy close up alert on the following pictures.. click and click.

I sprayed PYMII on all my work to seal it.

I hope you enjoyed that progress of my journal cover.  It felt good to get messy again and up in the “Judio”.

Thanks for stopping by.


Give-a-way Winner & New Mixed Media Woman on Canvas


Congratulations to……………

(my daughter’s hands; she drew the name)

Mandy Currie…. OMG how exciting!   Mandy, send me your home address to my email at and I’ll get your chock full package out to you.   Besides my “buttons n’bellishments”, I’ve put together a bunch of fun materials for you to start playing with your new mixed media creations.


And speaking of creations, this is my new mixed media piece that I just finished.  This is just one thing you can do with  “Button n’bellishments”.  I had a vision about a beautiful woman who had hair made of my handmade b&b’s.  This was just FUN FUN FUN!!!

Click picture for details and a closer look.  Measures 9’x 12′

Now… don’t get all excited and think that I drew this woman’s face.. I did not!! It is a paintover.  I could not, for the life of me, draw a woman’s face that I was happy with… wait, let me rephrase that… I could not draw a woman’s face.. period…… so…..I found an unknown face in a magazine and did a gesso wash over it and drew over the features, enhancing them a bit more with paint, watercolor pencils and glitter.  I exaggerated her eyes and eyebrows completely.. redid her nose and lips.  I tinted the skin with watercolor pencils and made her eyes look like a showgirl in Vegas.  There is some texture left under the face that is showing some lumpiness that I’m not too thrilled with.. but I  certainly learned from that tiny mistake.. love when that happens.

All around her, I used fabric, ribbon, paper, doilies, lace, paint and glitter.  Underneath all of that is a layer of acrylic paint and gesso that I put on thick for texture then painted over that then added glitter.

Now, for the hair, I used my handmade polymer clay “button n’bellishments”.. and in between the clay pieces it filled it in with sead beads.

Yay.. she’s marvelous.. she’s going up on a wall in my house.

Thanks for visiting and for everyone who entered the give-a-way… THANK YOU.   Please stop by again… I’ll be doing more of that.


In the Studio


Wow.. what a weekend… Hurricane Irene visited us, I’m sure you heard from all the media about it.  We were very lucky here in my part of Mass.  It was more like a big tropical storm.  I know many many others were not so fortunate and lost power, trees down and some fallen on houses.  Let’s hope they will all recover and get back to normal soon.  Now that the storm has passed, we are having the most beautiful weather… just perfect for me… cool, dry, sunny.. nature’s own air conditioning.

To the art table….

While we were socked inside, I was able to get into the studio for some play time.  I’m working on a new mixed media canvas with the idea of adding many of my “button n’bellishments” to the piece.  So, I took several hours on Saturday and on Sunday to create like crazy.

Here what I made:  Click picture for larger details

…and some details below

“Bliss” and “Art” hearts made with cheap dollar store aluminum foil as the filler.

I am always amazed how long it takes me to make these.. it’s definitely a process that is zen-like…. or “back-hurt” like.

If you’d like to see how I make some of my buttons.. CLICK HERE.

I received a few emails from followers that they did not have a blog to link my give a way on.  My apologies to all that could not enter.  Turns out that no one actually entered.  Well, that’s a big lesson for me.  Doy! (smack head here)

Let’s try this again, shall we?  JUST LEAVE A MESSAGE BELOW and you will be entered to win some of my “button n’bellishments”… and some fun ephemera for all your mixed media creations. I’ll pick a winner next Monday, 9/5 (is that September already?)… geesh.

As always, I’m so happy that you stopped by to hang out for a few minutes.

Stay tuned to see what I’m going to do with new fun b n’b’s.