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Mixed Media Techniques on Blotter Paper

Mixed Media Techniques on Blotter Paper

Hey friends, what’s going on today?  Well…..

… I thought I would take my under paper (blotter) on my art table and take it to the next level with more layers of paint.  I’ll show you how I use texture paste on art tissue paper and use those torn pieces as collage fodder. Finally, I show you how I put an image transfer on the piece.


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I’ll be back soon with more.

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Edgar Allen Poe Journal


Hey, everyone… This weekend is the end of July!!!  Can you believe it? Wasn’t it just May?

This weekend, I published a video on how to create of journal from a notebook.  I covered the back and front of the notebook, creating a personal journal, with layers and layers of paint and just did an overall mixed media frenzy on it.  After all the love/hate process and the stages it went through, I love the way it turned out.

I created this as a gift for my amazing niece, Christina, for her birthday.  She loves Edgar Allen Poe and she loves to write. So, I created this journal for her to enjoy and write in.

I hope you enjoy it.

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I’ll be back soon for another video on some sort of art.. .culinary or mixed media.

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Image Transfers

Image Transfers

Well, Happy New Year to everyone!!  Where did 2015 go?  Where did I go?  I’m here and there and as always, catching up to life.

So, as some of you know, I love image transfers.  I mostly love transferring them on to soft surfaces, then use them in my art. One of my favorite surfaces are tea bags.. used ones.  I’ve done this several times making art gifts for friends, just because.  I love sending a surprise gift when they least expect it.  Especially if it’s so meaningful to them.

Here are a couple pieces I did for friends who had lost family members.  I love taken a youthful picture (that I grabbed off of their Facebook page… I’m not a stalker, honest) and transferred the image on a used tea bag or muslin fabric.  Surprise little gifts with meaning.  These were done on coasters.

The one on the left, I was able to capture a hand written note that my aunt gave to her daughter. This was on a tea bag. The one on the right, was a friend’s father. That was on muslin.

Since we all drink tea in our house, I have plenty of dried bags to use.  My husband is an old fashioned Irishman and drinks the basic Lipton tea. These seems to have the most dying effect that makes a nice vintage/iron look.

20160131_183014     20160131_150414

Let the bags dry with the tea in them. Once dry, cut off a top and shake out the dried tea. Gently pull them apart down the center seam.  Some of the berry teas work well, as they leave a purple hint behind.


As you can see, I love the catholic icons. Bottom center photo is my parents on their honeymoon in Syria.

My favorite transfer method is using clear ink jet printer transparencies. Print them on the dull side. I always rotate my images horizontally.  I use polymer medium (not the gel that is thick, the liquid that you can shake in the bottle) to transfer on your surface.  It takes a lot of practice and even now, I still do the process a few times before they are completely transferred. If they are not perfect, that’s perfect to me to give that worn, vintage look.  These are now ready to put in any of your art. Collages, journals… etc.

Below, is a recent wedding gift I was commissioned for.  I used tea bags as the first layer. onto a wood board.  I transferred the e.e. cummings poem (the bride’s favorite), then the picture of the couple onto muslin. I used molding paste, stencils, acrylic paints and some embellishments to give it a little blingiddy bling.




From what I was told, the couple loved the gift. Whew!


Well, thanks for checking in with me.  I love to hear from you and all your comments.  I appreciate them so much.

Let me know how you are doing and what you’ve been up to.

Judy ♥ 


Mixed Media Mail Updo


Hey thereI know I know….I’ve been gone for about 3 weeks.  Life/work, once again, gets in my art way.  But no fear, I’m here now.

I’ve been working on this video for a few weeks. I finally found the time to finish it.  I started out as a large pamphlet I got in the mail.  I thought it would be neat to alter it with some mixed media magic. Once I finished filming, this sucker was about 45 min long.  So, had to cut it down a little and fast forward a lot.  I put some comments in so you would know what I was doing.   Let me know what you think.

If you have any questions about my process, give me a shout.. glad to help.

Now… enjoy!

Here are some close ups.

IMG_3288    IMG_3289    IMG_3290 IMG_3291   IMG_3292

IMG_3293   IMG_3294

If you  live in New England or even Massachusetts, you probably are ready for Spring like the rest of us. We’ve had enough snow this winter and I’m ready for a nice long walk… I don’t know… Maybe late April?

I hope you enjoyed the video.  Love to hear back from you.


Stencil Test Drive – on your mark…get set….goooooooooooooo



It’s time to commence the Stencil Test Drive. I’m honored to be part of this group of great artists and to be one of the firsts to kick it off.

It’s really exciting to see what each of us will do with each stencil.  I hope you have visited Stencil Girl Products and chosen a stencil to play along with us.  We’d love to see what you do.

My first stencil is the Hebrew Calligraphy.  I admit, I am a bit ignorant about the Jewish religion.   The creations that Jessica makes with her Judaic art is amazing.  And that’s just her Judaic art, the rest is so fun, eclectic and meaningful.  I, myself, have always loved the Catholic art.  The paintings of the saints and the colors are so incredibly beautiful.  So, I approached this page from an art perspective and I hope I did it justice.

There I go again, with my chit chat… sigh.  Now, let’s get to it.

I started on an Bristol paper, 11″x7″.

Fluid acrylic Ultramarine Blue scraped down with old gift card.  Dreamy.

IMG_2903  IMG_2904

Then I scraped some translucent yellow liquid acrylics, then squirted some air brush white paint on the page, then sprayed some water and alcohol on it and let it spread.  Blotted with paper towel.  Getting better.

IMG_2906  IMG_2907

Now, here is where the stencil comes in.  I pushed some  gold Viva Decor Modeling Cream through the stencil in sections.

IMG_2918  IMG_2919

IMG_2920  IMG_2911

I thought it would be cool to add some transparency image transfers.  I went on Google Images and grabbed some Jewish clip art.  I put in a Hamsa hand.  Then some of my yummy favorite paper.. lace paper.  Can you stand it?

IMG_2912  IMG_2914

Another transfer, but on muslin this time; clip art of a Jewish Synagogue.  Added some final touches of wrinkled gold paper, my handmade polymer clay piece and a few old paper doily sections.  Smudged some Portfolio oil pastels (black) around the edges and in some areas.  Dabbed some white paint through some dry wall tape with a make up sponge. Brushed a couple of areas with red acrylic paint to even out the collage and called it a day.

IMG_2916.  IMG_2917

The gold calligraphy really shines and stands out when you see it live.


I hope you enjoyed the first test drive.  Don’t forget to visit the other artists doing this same stencil this week.. Carolyn Dube and Michelle Rydell and… keep this list handy of the rest of us doing the test drive and follow along.

December 20: Medieval Leaves
January 10: Starry Night
January 23: Random Squares
February 27: Fun Borders
April 18: Flying Tulips
May 2: Cascading Leaves

Would love to hear from you. How was my test drive? In this kind of test drive, accidents are encouraged.

I want to thank Jessica for coordinating this test drive and gathering an amazing group of creative souls to join in. Congratulations on your new line of stencils and working with Mary Beth Shaw.

Now, off to see what Carolyn and Michelle have done with their stencil.

As always, thanks for stopping by.

Vroom Vroom


Coaster & Watercolor Collages & Stencil Girl Products


When I was at Art is You this month, I grabbed a few of the cardboard coasters from the bathroom.  Ok Art is You’ers.. didn’t you?  I was secretly hoping that Jessica would not take hers.  But, she did… and believe me.. I have plenty at home.

And speaking of Jessica, check out her blog.. she has amazing journal work and is co-running the Fall Fearless and Fly Challenge with Carolyn Dube, another amazing journal artist.

Back to the coasters…

Coasters are such a great little size to collage on.  There are many different sizes and shapes, they are small enough to work on while your watching tv or you just want to collage on a smaller scale.  And, for jounalers, just glue it into your journal after you’re done.  As a matter of fact, I have been known to ask the servers at restaurants for a few more, after I’ve confiscated the ones under my family’s glasses.  No. Really. I have a drawer full.  I have a problem.

So, I grabbed my 3 1/2″ square coaster and smeared some paint all over it with my old credit card.  One color then another, then some scribbling.. no plan.  I used one of my fabric transfers of a vintage angel.  Then, you look at it and say.. “wow, that’s cool.. how did I even make that effect”.  Right?   Been there?  So I wrote the colors I used what I did on the back, cuz I really liked the background effect.

Here is my result and my steps on the back of the coaster.  Just jot down what you did, cuz you never know what you’ll end up with.  The black scratches I used by dipping the edge of my credit card in back paint and making the marks.  I also used a diamond stencil with gold paint and pounced white paint through some drywall joint tape.

I feel like the angel is looking at the cross.  I am in love with the religious images.. the “vintagy” look and the colors.  I never really noticed them for their art before, but they seem to attract me lately.


You can check out one of my coaster collages and tutorials HERE.

Next up is a couple of collages on watercolor paper.  These both measure 8″x6″.

I started with Portfolio Oil Pastels.  If you don’t have these, they are just great for any collage/journal work.  I randomly scribbled lines…


Then rubbed the colors with a damp paper towel.  I added more shadowing on the edges.


Here are the final results…


The bird cage is a transparency transfer directly on the collage and the butterfly is also a transfer, but on thin cardstock that I ripped and stained with ink.  I worked on these side by side so they looked a bit related.  Sometimes, if I think anything is too bold and needs some toning down, I take some fine grit sand paper and give it a rub to fade the area.  It gives a worn look and pushes it back a little.

Finally….. I thought I’d share with you a quick collage piece we did at Mary Beth Shaw’s “Mores Is Less” class that I took at Art is You.  She asked us to play around on paper first before we started on our wood substrates.  I actually like how this came out.

… and speaking of Mary Beth Shaw… please stop by her STENCIL GIRL PRODUCTS site for some great shopping on all the stencils she has available. Stencil love is in your future.. I just know it.  Oh, and while you are there.. pick up some Wood Icing.  You’ll never leave home without it again.

Thanks for stopping by.  I love to hear from you.


Butterfly Collage with Ink Jet ImageTransfers


This week, I decided to give the Peerless Watercolors a try.  I purchased them at Art is You from Joanne Sharpe.

So, I stopped work early one night (5p.m.) (only one night, but i”m working on more of them) and I put on my jammies and sat myself down to play with the paints.  Let me just say what a great feeling it was to kick back and concentrate on my art.  Since my daughters are now both in college (help! send money), our nights have a bit more space in them.  Funny how fast the time goes and all of the sudden your here, their there and life moves on.  Screeeeeeech… halt… Sorry,  I got off track.  Continuing….

I decided to work on Strathmore Bristol paper and paint in patches all over the page like this…  Click on any image to enlarge.

Seriously, this page took me a couple of hours.  I had fun swiping colors off the “peerless” cards and onto the page. That took time and all with a small brush (water brush by Koi).  I love the puddling of the watercolors when you use more water.  They dry to a nice dark edge.

Once I was happy with the background,  I gave it a spray of PYM (Preserve Your Memories) to seal it.  You can see it deepens it a little.  I took this picture under a normal light bulb.  The top picture was taken under an Ott Lite.

So, my fine friends, I took it to my studio and scraped some gesso all over it (that’s why I had to seal the page first, otherwise the colors would have mixed), rubbed it off,  then buffed it dry.  Used black Staz On ink and a make up sponge with stencils (from Stencil Girl and Mary Beth Shaw = LOVE).  Added stamped, hand made foam stamps and of course some of my polymer clay ‘bellishments.  One of the parts I love the most, are my image transfers; the butterflies and the two women, under my teal heart..

Below, you can see some gold glitter trails it put in.

I get so lost in time when I am doing image transfers.  My favorite combination to make a perfect transfer is a transparency film and gel medium.  I did a few tests using different mediums and my best result was Golden Gel Medium.  I have not tried Liquitex, but I will someday.

I transferred on muslin  and cotton fabric, paper towel, masking tape and I did a packing tape transfer also.  I got the images from Dover Clipart which is copyright free.  You can join their mailing list and they will send you samples every week.  Click on THIS LINK and put in your email address.  You will get samples every week.  If you like them, you can save and download on your hard drive on your computer.

The technique goes like this:

Get yourself some transparency film. Maybe you know someone who might have some or you can split a box with a friend.  I had some old Lexmark ones and some I hadn’t used even after I printed on them  months or years ago.  You want to print on the matte side, not shiny.  Your best bet is to print a bunch of images on one page.  You can use Microsoft Word or Powerpoint to insert an entire page of images (please email me if you need help with that.).  This is my method. There may be other ways, for example, using a photo software would also work.

Cut your image out.

Spread some gel medium on the surface you want to transfer to and on the image itself… gently, you don’t want the ink to rub off.  Use the consistency of spreading butter on bread.  I use my finger to spread the gel, as I don’t want any brush line.

Lay the film with image face down on the gelled up surface and rub it down with your finger in a circular motion, working from the center and making sure your reached all around the image.  Now wait 5 or 10 minutes or even longer.. overnight even if you need to be away.  But, if you’re like me, you ain’t going nowhere and you want instant results.

After you’ve waited and I hope you were patient, peel up the film slowly.  Check a corner and see if the ink is now transferred to the surface.  If it did, then keep slowly peeling it off.  Did it work?  It works 99% of the time for me.

Here is a few pictures of my image transfer results…

The butterflies are on paper towel, cotton fabric (old ripped t-shirt) and masking tape.  I decided to color in the black and white clip art with the “peerless watercolors” and the “Koi” watercolors

I give the images a spray seal of the PYM so I  know they will keep their color and last a long time.

I made a bunch of image transfers on muslin fabric for my mom who loves her religious (catholic) books.  She wanted angels so she could sew them to her fabric covered books.  She was just in love with them.  I’ll be using my masking tape painted images on some other art; I wanted to use them on this page, but it didn’t seem to match.

Hope you enjoyed this post and I want you to try the image transfers and let me now how they come out.

And always… thank YOU for stopping by and leaving some blog love.

Judy ♥♥