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Sito’s Kitchen – “Mamooniyeh”


Hey friends… I’m back with a new Sito’s Kitchen video with mom.  Today, we make a dessert that I grew up with called “Mammooniyeh” (not really sure of the spelling), but oh my gersh.. it’s so good.  Be the person who makes something different at home or to bring to a dinner party.

I hope you enjoy this one.



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Sito’s Kitchen – Making Tahini & Hummus


Friends… HELLO.

Here in Mass, the weather is cold and dreary. We are wondering where Spring is. I feel like I live in Forks, WA. You know.. where the movie “Twilight” took place? I think “Bella” and “Edward” are going to show up at my door.. LOL
Then, in July and August, we’ll be complaining how hot and humid it is, right?

Cooking and art is funny. Funny, as in “strange”. You know, I have to cook everyday.. everyday…. and I do enjoy trying to be creative in that department. BUT, art.. art… I have to make time for it. Some days, I don’t know why it’s hard to get in the studio. Anyone have that issue? Please say yes. 🙂 So much going on in my head.. thoughts.. always thoughts. Do you know we have THOUSANDS of thoughts that twirl around in our brains, everyday. Which ones to you take action on? Which ones do you ignore on purpose? Which ones do you forget? Many are negative, many are positive. Squirrel!! That’s me.

Art doesn’t have to be an all day process. They (who’s “they”?) say just do 15 minutes a day of art. I think for me it’s ALL OR NOTHING. I discussed this with a group of women this week. What does that mean to you.. all or nothing? If I’m going to get in my studio, I want it to be for a full out project. But.. it doesn’t have to be that way. A little more consistency with little visits than ALL or NOTHING. You with me??? Let me know what it means to you.

I’m trying to take advantage of my mom wanting to do these videos with me. She surely is fun to do these videos with. Even with her shyness and getting tired, she knows what needs to be done and wants to take over. The boss, the queen, the best!! I do so cherish the amazing stories (of family and survival) she tells me of the old country when we are together. Recently, we spent the weekend together, just her and I.  Those memories of that time with her, will always be forever in my heart.

I hope you enjoy this video as I attempt to make tahini from scratch and then hummus. I put so much garlic in. My mom tries to tell me to put more oil in the hummus to “kill” the garlic. As you can see, I try to ignore her and get through the video. It was really garlicky… no vampire visits today. Ha!!!

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Happy Spring!!!

Judy ❤

A birthday dedication to an amazing father


I know this may be a bit strange to write about, but today my father would have been 100 years old.

I also know that if cancer didn’t take him from us, he would have made it to 100.

For those of you who follow my blog, we are of Middle Eastern decent.  Big family.. lots of love, laughs and eating…. you know how that goes in big families… and yes a bit of craziness too.

My dad was born in 1912, came to America as a young boy, went back to the old country to choose a wife (yes, choose) and brought my mom back to America to live a bring up a family.  A family that grew into the 7 of us.. mom, dad, 4 girls (Joan, Liz, Linda and Judy) and 1 boy (Joe).

Dad was our King and Mom is still our queen.  His love for his wife and children was second to none.  He was always there for us, no matter what.  He would be so proud to see his 12 grandchildren grow and succeed and now his great grandchildren come into this world and join the family.  Yes, dad, you now have 6 great grandchildren and 2 more on the way any day now.   How proud he would be to see all of this.  But, I know he is looking down on us and is proud.

It’s hard to believe the 12 years has passed since he left us, but he is always thought of… always.

It’s interesting that the number 12 is coming up a lot.  He was born in 1912, passed away 12 years ago and has 12 grandchildren.   l love when that happens.

On behalf of my 4 other siblings and my mom, who is our rock to this day, we want to say Happy Birthday to an amazing father.  Happy Birthday, Dad.. we love you and miss you.


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