Catching My Breath


I know I know.. where have I been, right? Seems like forever since I posted. Well, I’m finally trying to sneak back in the studio for some creative time.  What took me so long?  Well, I don’t have excuses, but more like “reasons”… but this blog is all about art, food and fun. No one wants to hear about my full-time job consuming me and just plain being “in a funk” that keeps me away (see how I did that there?)  … and Happy New Year to you all.  I often wonder how long we need to say that to people. Is it 2 weeks?  Let’s say that, shall we?

Just backing up a little for some show and tell.  I went to Art is You in Stamford, in October (gosh, was that really 3 months ago?). I took 3 full-day classes.  There seemed to be so much energy present this year. Maybe it was because it was my 3rd time attending and I was more comfortable.  But, I do know that I was not 100% focused. Was that the beginning of my art funk? I was trying to push through and ignore the feelings.  They say, out of sight out of mind. I guess the longer you stay away from art, the more you don’t want to dig in again. I’ve signed up for many on-line classes by some great great teachers.  Have I finished one?  NO!  I start it then I get pulled away. Do art every matter how little.  “They” say that, too.  So, for 2015, I need to not be so hard on myself and give “me” a break.

I’m I alone here? Does this happen to others? How do you push through?

I quickly want to show you the art I created from my favorite class with Andrea Matus deMeng. I so love her work and her style. This was my 3rd class with Andrea and she never disappoints. This time, it was collaging on wood blocks. Here’s a peek at my 6 blocks. The bottom left if my mom’s face when she was about 20 years old. I took this class with my side kick, Jessica.



Here is a peek of Jessica’s (left) and all of them together from the class together.  Aren’t they just amazing?

20141011_161012    20141011_163622 20141011_163642

The other class that I took was with Mary Beth Shaw and Pam Carriker. I got a twoferone. They shared some great techniques and we were able to try screen printing (the bird is screen printed). Here’s what I ended up with.


I recently had about 2 weeks off from work for the holidays. Luckily, our company shuts down. What a nice gift. I was able to get a little art in.  For those that know me well, I love doing image transfers. We also drink a lot of coffee and tea in our house and I have been saving the used filters and tea bags.  The stain on the filters make a great background for any collages. I have a small bowl where we just dump the used tea bags in. Yup, my family doesn’t question my requests anymore. The fruity teas leave a pretty background. Once the tea bags are dry, cut across the top, dispose of the tea leaves and you are left with this beautiful tea stained filter. Gently open it so it doesn’t rip. For the coffee, lay out the filter with the grinds left and wait for them to dry. Rub off all the dry coffee.


I decided to make some transfers over the tea/coffee filters on raw canvas. Here is a stained tea and coffee filter.  Doesn’t that say vintage to you? I thought so.

20150103_184440  20150103_193358

I had some deli paper that I used for wiping left over paint on and I glued that to the canvas using Pam Carriker’s Mixed Media Adhesive.  I first gessoed the canvas.  Next, I had some images that were printed on transparencies.  This is one of my favorite ways to do image transfers. Cut out your image after it’s printed on the rough side. Note: I’ve used ink jet prints here.  Cut out the image with a border around it for you to grab. Spread a thin layer of Soft Gel Gloss on the canvas and on the image. Lay it face down and gently rub it in circles with a soft cloth held against your index finger, then wait about 10 minutes. Gently peel off the transparency and you will see the image transfer on to the canvas. Check it from the corner first before you take it completely off.  I stamped a butterfly image on deli paper and ripped it around the edges and spread gel medium underneath and on top of the image. The deli paper just melts away and leaves a black, clear image.  Then I stenciled with white paint. Stained the edges with black distress ink.



20150103_190658 20150103_190913 20150103_191542 20150103_202402

The two end pieces below, is where I used the tea bag filter and coffee filter using the same image transfer method I mentioned above. The little blue butterflies are also transfers. I rubber stamped directly onto the filters. I finally spread Collage Pauge in matte over all of them to cut down on any shine.  Such a pretty look… like an old book or letter.


So.. save your tea bags and coffee filters.

Thanks for hanging out with me and being patient. Hopefully, this post has given me a good kick to keep my posts and art going.

Judy ♥  ♥

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  1. Good to see you back! You may be in an art funk but you have created some beautiful pieces. Sometimes I get in a funk when I have too many choices of things to do. I’ve been trying to narrow my focus to what really excites me and by doing that, I find I create more often.

  2. So great to see what you’ve been creating! And yes – I think we all need to give ourselves a break!! May your 2015 be wonderful and amazing!

  3. Judy, so good to see your post! Love how you did this. I have been saving filters a while. I even have. Some silk tea bags. Didn’t know what I would do, but now I am inspired. I also take apart the Keurig cups and save those filters.

  4. Judes, your art is beautiful. It is hard to find time to do the things we love. Just continue to find your moments! I am finding that I am using my creativity on Riley’s book report for Charlotte’s Web. I’m finding the beauty of spiders and the cuteness of pigs! We can find art in the smallest of places!

  5. Of course I’ve seen it all in person, those coffee filters are amazing by the way. So glad you popped in, we missed you. So good to see you for real on Saturday. Let’s not wait so long until next time. xox

  6. Well it’s about time girlfriend!! I was afraid I would have to send out the ART Police! heehee
    First off your blocks from Andrea’s are AmaZing! I wondered if I would ever get a peek- it was sure worth the wait! And that you used your Mom’s photo is even more wonderful- That one is my favorite!
    Have to say I love the piece you made in your other class with Mary Beth and Pam- this is so organic- a look I love!
    And finally, your image transfer pieces with those filters and teabags are gorgeous! So vintage- and I love the tattered edges!
    Well done my friend- good to see you back and shining! Can’t wait for more- teeheehee
    love &hugs,Jackie

  7. Welcome back to blogland, Judy! I love, love, love how you recycle your tea bags into a beautiful work of art. As always with everything you create, I’m so inspired and enchanted. Gorgeous! I can so relate to the “art funks”. Life pulls you away and, before you know it, weeks and even months have gone by. I’ve found that cleaning and organizing my studio gets me going again. Thanks for a lovely get together recently, and I’m looking forward to the next one. Go Pats! 🙂

  8. Yay! I was SO happy to see your post pop up in my email! You’re doing such beautiful work. I love what you did in your classes. I totally understand the art funk thing. You’re right that the longer you stay away, the harder it is to get back into it. Just show up and slap some paint around! You’ll make it into something awesome. I have to ask…what brand of deli wrap do you use? I’m always curious what works best for others.
    Let’s to breakfast! I miss our laughing jags!!!

  9. Yea! She’s back!! Oh, yes dear, you had me doing the coffee filter thing from a post a couple years back…
    Luv ya!

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