Farmer’s Market Chunky Vegetable Soup



Well, here I am.  Back again, but with culinary art this time.

You’d never know it was the first day of Fall, since it’s about 80 degrees and muggy out today

Every Sunday, our town has a Farmer’s Market that we walk down to. What a fun place to visit.  Live music playing, all kinds of pastries, produce, gifts, breads, cheeses.. you name it.   I wanted to buy some fresh veggies to make a big pot of soup; big and chunky. What a difference getting produce from the farms instead of the grocery store.  I also had some vegetables at home that I needed to use up.  From the market, I got fresh leeks (which I have never cooked with), green beans and carrots. Let’s go home and cook, shall we?

I feel like I’ve made this recipe before, but it always comes out different.  I chopped up all the vegetables to bigger chunks.. think stew size.  I don’t measure, but I probably used 1-2 cups of each. Leeks, summer squash, carrots, green beans, cauliflower, broccoli and a few white potatoes.  Add what you want, really, this is what I had.

In a big pot, drizzle some olive oil and start to saute all the veggies together, while stirring and tossing around. This will take about 20-30 minutes.  You want the veggies to start to soften a little.  Add whatever seasonings you’d like.  For me.. salt, pepper, granulated garlic, dash of allspice and paprika.


Once you feel they are a little soft, add 4 cans of vegetable stock. I used College Inn, low sodium.  Let that start to simmer, then add a 1/8 of a cup of tomato paste.  Again, if you want more, then go ahead. I wanted a hint of tomato taste. You can tell by my spoonful of paste, I didn’t measure.  What can I say, I take after my mom. (visit us on YouTube; look for the “Sito’s Kitchen” videos).

20140921_152259  20140921_153601 20140921_153625 20140921_153747

Let it all simmer for about 45 minutes or until the potatoes and carrots are soft and you’re done.  I added about a cup of frozen corn kernels toward the end.

Also, at the market, I got a loaf of fresh garlic herb bread from a local bread maker.   Serve a slice of that with the soup, topped with a little shredded parmesan cheese and oh my gosh, people.. it’s amazing.  I wish you were all with me around my table.  It’s all low fat.. well, except for the 3 slices of bread that I had.. shhhhh. Well, I had to test it, didn’t I?


Note: If you don’t want to stand and cut up all the vegetables, get pre-cut ones from the market.  It’s a simple recipe, even for the kitchen challenged.  And… pssst.. if you really want it easier, use frozen veggies. Vegetables, spices, broth… BAH-ZING!  Done.

Well, that was fun and it’s great to “see” you all again.  I’m working on an art post now, as I get ready for the Art is You event in Stamford, CT that’s coming up.

Thanks for sticking it out and continuing to support me. I know I’ve been absent. We’ve had some illnesses in the family, so, Judy to the rescue… and of course that 4 letter word… W-O-R-K! Does it to me all the time.  I keep striving for balancing. That’s all I can do.

Judy ♥  ♥



About Judy Shea

Welcome to my blog. I'm a Mixed Media/Polymer Clay Artist. I do have a full-time job (not as an artist). My art includes, textural collage works on canvas, cardboard, wood or other substrates using paints, molding pastes, inks, fabric, a variety of found objects and handmade polymer clay pieces. Life/Work balance is what I strive for.

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  1. Yummy. I made soup last week when it was cold, today feels like pea soup. Not to last I don’t think. Soup is a whole lot better with farm fresh veg I bet. xox

  2. This sounds so delicious! I will have to try your recipe when the weather gets a bit cooler…we are still pretty warm in Florida! I look forward to your next post.

  3. OMGosh! I am drooling over here!! Your chunky vegetables are sooo good looking- there’s nothing better than a potful of goodness on a cool crisp fall day! Too bad it was 80 and humid!-here too! heehee
    I love that you have a farmer’s market on Sunday! Ours in on Thursday and because we live so far out from the rest of the world…we get fruits and vegetables and some handmade pillows! “)
    See you soon!!

  4. Just saw on Jessica Sporn’s blog that you are having a birthday. Best wishes for a very happy day!

  5. Now that looks like a great soup Judy. You may not measure but somehow all your food comes out sooo good – you must have the magic touch. Yesterday certainly was an odd day but open those windows today because it’s about as glorious as we can get (please let it stay this way).
    I’m sorry to here abut illnesses in the family…? We need to chat soon.

  6. A definite Fall chill in the air right up next to the woods in N.H. That soup would be perfect for tonight! And, you had me at the word “cheese!” 😉

  7. Hey Judy, Great minds think alike. I make soups just like this. I have numerous variations also depending on what I have on hand. In the winter I often add small chunks of beef stew to make a heartier soup. I serve it with sour dough bread with olive oil and fresh fried garlic pieces. I also add either chopped up kale or spinach. My mouth is watering just writing about this!

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