Blog Hop with StencilGirl and Walnut Hollow (Video)


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Hi and welcome to another Blog Hop with StencilGirl.

Today, StencilGirl is collaborating with Walnut Hollow.  You can check out Walnut Hollow’s blog today where they will be joining our hop using StencilGirl stencils.

I decided to do a video showing you what I’ve done with the box that Walnut Hollow sent me and with one of my favorite SG stencils designed by Maria McGuire called simply “Butterfly”.  As you can see from the picture above, it was a perfect design and perfect fit.  Wish that would happen to me in a shoe store. I kid.

Enjoy the video.. it speaks for itself. (taped during last weekend’s snow storm). I had 3 hours of taping before my editing and I got it down to about 15 minutes.  Now I know how Spielberg feels. I kid, again.

I hope you enjoyed that.

If you missed any of the other creatives on this hop, just follow the line up below. Next up is Maria McGuire.

StencilGirl Talk/Judi Kauffman
Walnut Hollow
Mary Beth Shaw
Kirsten Reed
Carolyn Dube
Janet Joehlin
Linda Kittmer
Mary C. Nasser
Julie Snidle
Jessica Sporn
Judy Shea : )
Maria McGuire

Wow.. that was amazing. I need a minute.  Okay.. now for the giveaway…

There will be a giveaway consisting of StencilGirl and Walnut Hollow products. All comments on the hop are eligible for the giveaway. The more blogs you comment on, the more chances you have to win. Giveaway will close on Sunday, March 2nd at 11:59PM Central Time.

Thank you for stopping by.  I love hearing from you.  I am beyond appreciative of your support.

Judy ♥ ♥ ♥


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  1. Judy!!! I don’t like….I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!! Absolutely beautiful!!! Thank you so much for using my stencil such a creative way. How cool is that face you added to it! Wonderful tutorial video 🙂 🙂

  2. I was just smiling and smiling at the end result. I love the little clay pieces for the final decorations. You do such fun art. I was lovin the collage and then that happy butterfly with big lips. Adorable.

  3. Judy what a fun way to spend the day when the snow is blowing outside!! The metal sheet idea is really cool and I never knew how to keep the”raised are” from collapsing- thanks I learned something new today! Wonderful piece- thank you for sharing! “)

  4. Embossing (purple!!) metal .. fun, thank you for the inspiration and how-to! I love the end result – the butterfly stencil fit perfectly – its beautiful! (I really am a bit jealous of your snow though.. I live in Western Australia.. the temperature high this week will be a scorching 40 degrees Celsius, that’s about 104 Fahrenheit !)

    ps. the cork feet are cute ❤

  5. Move over Spielberg…you rocked it Judy. Love the box. I need to get me some of that wood icing. It might mean a road trip since it doesn’t ship to Canada, but it just looks like such amazing stuff!

  6. What an amazingly creative project. I love watching you use that metallic embossing paper and Maria’s butterfly just looks so great. What beautiful collage around the outside too. I wasn’t able to watch the video on your site (maybe because I’m still in Guatemala?) but I was able to watch it on You Tube. So many great tips and brilliant to use the wood icing to fill in the raised parts so you could sand and paint. Just great!

  7. Judy,
    The box is beautiful. Your clay pieces make the box unique. I know you will come up with a terrific idea for using the box.
    Oh, the very first thing I noticed was your weight loss. You look terrific.

  8. Judy, this is just magnificent! Working with such a detailed stencil took a lot of time, work and effort, but so worth it when one sees the finished project! Wonderful video!

  9. How cool is that Judy! And, it’s a perfect project for the kind of weather we had. But I’m so surprised – you’re tired of the snow?
    (I have to laugh because whenever I play your videos Lola’s nudging me out of the way to get to the computer….where’s Judy?). She still knows your voice.

  10. Such great tips and the box is awesome! Thank you for the video because I have never seen this process with metal sheets (have some in my stash). Blessings!

  11. another creative project to get inspiration from! I too have these metal sheets in my stash that I’ll have to get out and play with now!

  12. Judy Judy Judy!!!! Or should I say Spielberg??? 🙂 You did great on the video and wow on the project! I never knew how to use ArtEmboss….I think I might NEED some now …. thanks for supporting my habit! Oh and I love the fact that your art table looks like mine (i.e. NOT clean!!)

  13. The first thing I wondered when I first saw this was how do you keep it from being dented. What another good use for the wood paste stuff. Love these hops, you can learn so many new techniques.

  14. Another great idea on how to create fantastic boxes to spiff up my work space. The butterfly must have been a lot of work but it sure paid off. It is lovely

  15. Love all the embossing tips and tricks on that beautiful butterfly! That’s a must have stencil, too. Your box is fabulous, every square inch! Thanks for sharing and making the video. It is so fun and inspirational to watch you in action. Super awesome HOP!

  16. What a creative mind you have!!! That box came out gorgeous!!! All the patience you have to emboss that huge butterfly.

  17. Thanks SO SO MUCH everyone. I had a great time doing this box.
    tmcdonnelpaints – I did not plan too much how the collage laid out. There are a few layers and overlaps. For example, the decorative napkin almost disappears, as does the text. It just happens.

  18. Wow Judy, I, too, just really love what you’ve done! I learned so much watching your video–like about the wood icing. I’d been wondering about that. I love the heart you added to the butterfly. Thank you so much for this great video.

  19. Really enjoyed your video. I had no idea that you could use something to firm the embossing. That was very inspirational. I do so love butterflies and that large one would be great on the granddaughters walls. The box seems to be a very nice size. It looks like it would be great for storing pens and colored pencils. Thanks for sharing your project.

  20. thanks for the video. I’m trying to get into stenciling and mixed media so I appreciate any advice and demonstrations that I can find. I love the butterfly. he’s so colorful. thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience.

  21. We loved the butterfly box and found it so interesting how you made it. It is beautiful – you are so talented!! Funny how you used wood ICING! Love ya Judeeee – Susie and Caitlin xoxoxoo 🙂

  22. Another brilliant project! Thanks for all of the great tips and techniques. Very impressive! Lol. TFS.

  23. That was one amazing video, Judy! The butterfly was of course gorgeous, but I loved the sides of the box too. Wish that you had gone slower showing the sides. they looked amazing, all the different materials you use… I am so boring, I stick to papers and maybe ribbons or washi tape…you use everything! Just beautiful!

  24. Thank you for a great video and explanation for using the metal and I love your finished box

  25. Wow – amazing creativity, Judy! I adore the butterfly face – so cute! I have some of that foil in a brass color – I think I got it at Michaels (also a l-o-n-g time ago) Thank you for doing your tutorial in a video, very well done and entertaining.

  26. Gorgeous!! and fun 🙂 I see myself making a box of this style in the future— perhaps when my girlfriend comes to visit the end of March- we’re looking at having a craft-fest of our own. Thanks for sharing our winter storm project.

  27. What a fabulous box! Love hearing your voice and seeing you work. The idea of using the wood icing behind the raised areas is PRICELESS. Thanks for sharing! (And um, oh…em…gee…. the snow you mentioned… seems like you could add that wording again as we look at the coming weekend!)

  28. This blog hop is blowing my mind with all the talent and creativity! I love your project… you’ve filled my head with ideas to the point of overflowing! 😀
    Beth P

  29. Great video thanks for sharing your process….wonderful results…I’m sure you’ll treasure it for years to come!

    Hugs Giggles

  30. I enjoyed watching the video so much! I have never seen this technique before so I learned something very special. Thank you!

  31. Great video! Love your project. Thanks so much for sharing and a chance to win.

  32. Love the combination of metal and clay. However, I think the most amaaing thing is that you edited down to 3 minutes. Wish my colleagues could do that with conference calls.

  33. What a great way to decorate that box. True mixed media. I love that butterfly stencil, excited to try the wood icing.

  34. I totally enjoyed your video. What a beautiful box. That metal butterfly is gorgeous. Great project thanks for sharing and a chance to win the giveaway.

  35. This is so neat!!! You put in a lot of time on the butterfly….love it…didn’t know about the wood icing…so thank you very much for sharing….

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