Art is…this


Exciting… fun.. loud.. singing….quiet….happy.. friendly.. exhausting, but in a good way and all well worth it.

That is how I describe my long weekend at Art is You in Stamford.  My second year attending.

Day 1 for me was a workshop with Albie Smith called Totally Amazing Papers.  Wow.. messy fun and gorgeous results making our own paints with pastes and marking the papers with our own designs.  Thank you, Albie. Check her out .

Here are some of the papers I made.  I hope you get the idea of what you can create.  Not to mention how much cheaper making your own paints are compared to using straight out of the bottle.  Mucho cheaper.


Days 2 and 3.. we worked so hard.  Our teacher was Andrea Matus DeMeng.  She told us she was going to work us and that she did.  She also promised us that we would walk away with beautiful art.. and that, my friends, we did.

It took me about a week to find images that were copyright free to use in our collages. Whew.. what a task, but now I have enough to last me.  Many of my images came from old country family photos.  See, what I wanted to do on the first day was to create a story of my parents.  Read on.

The first day with Andrea was Mixed Media Mythologies.  I used a cradle board to create a story of my parent’s life.  How my father went back to Syria to find a wife (yup, it’s true).  Chose her going door to door.. (yup, true again).  Anyway.. long and great story.  My focal point was my mom’s photo in her twenties.  I love this picture of her.  Here is a picture of gathering materials for the collage; then how it evolved.

IMAG0940  IMAG0941  IMAG0943 IMAG0942

Day 2 with Andrea was Marquis de Scroll.  Are you kidding me?  Work on a 5 foot piece of canvas?  I’m there. I love these kind of substrates to work on.  The idea of the flexibility of it.  My heart just skips a beat for this kind of art.

My table mate was Marjie Kemper.. we laughed so hard and by the end of the day… well, lets just say frustration arose and a few swears were flying around.  She made me do it… No, Marjie, I kid I kid… and I love ya.

I have one picture of my scroll at the end of the day.  Our roomful of artists gathered around while we took pictures of our work.  Mine is on the left and a shot of some of the others…  look at all of the incredible art.

IMAG0959                                    IMAG0957

Now, you may look at my two art pieces and think they are complete, but they are not. There is much more shading I want to do here and possibly add more texture.. Who me?  More texture?  Ahhh.. ya.

Andrea made it a point to tell us that to create these kind of pieces like this in a day, or in our cases… only 6 hours, is incredible.  So, it’s almost impossible to finish it the way you want.

I am so proud of the art that I did and I learned so much from two amazing teachers. Truly.

I hope you consider going to an art retreat.  I have never been to any other, but I hear this one is the best.  There is so much to write about with Art is You.  We are all there for the same reason.  To learn, to laugh, to play, to gather with our tribes and enjoy each other’s company…it’s a community.  Not a place to judge or be judged.  Sallianne and Ellen have managed to create a place like this that exists at Art is You.

Stay tuned for a couple of giveaways and an upcoming blog hop.  I guess I should unpack my art bag now… ugh.

Thanks for stopping by and love to hear from you.



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  1. Oh I love seeing all those photos. I was lucky enough to see some of those papers and your work about your mom in person — boy are they beautiful. So happy to have shared the retreat with you.

  2. This is an amazing artist retreat. So much artistic diversity. The story of your mom and dad is just about how my grandparents got together. The work with your mother is amazing. What a treasured piece of art you have now. I know you will be going next year. I can’t believe how much you accomplished in such a short time.

  3. Judy, your pieces are phenomenal!!! You worked your little patootie off! I love your paste papers. I need to try that some time. Your cradle board and scroll BLEW ME AWAY!!!!! OMG! I’m speechless…and you know how often THAT happens. 😉
    Karen Provost from Ink About It called me to tell me that she saw you there. She’s really trying to convince me to go next year. I’m seriously thinking about it. As long as we don’t get major MD bills and the sewer doesn’t back up into our basement! (Long story…better suited for the phone)
    I’m so glad you had so much fun. I’d love to catch up to talk soon.
    Love and Angel Hugs, Raine

  4. All I can say, Judy, is WOW, WOW, WOW!!! Your beautiful art spirit shines its light in the pieces you’ve created. I’m glad to hear that you had such a fabulous time at the retreat. Maybe I’ll go next year… 😉 Thanks for sharing! love ya, Karen

  5. Aw This is wonderful Judy! A beautiful tribute to your folks! What a story! I hope to join you at one of these retreats someday!

  6. You know that I am already a big fan of your work, your “style,” Judy…but, having had the privilege of actually meeting you in person, I am now able to see how very much of yourself that you put into your art. Yes, it is actually visible!! From your handouts to these two amazing pieces, you have even outdone Judy this time!! Count me in on Art-Is-You in October 2014! I can’t wait! Mwah!

  7. You are so right- it is a community of creativity! Your scroll- holy smokes! Holy smokes! Such an amazing piece- and the one with your mom’s photo in center- took my breath away- and the papers-can’t wait to see the projects you use them in! Already miss you!

  8. Wow, Judy love all that you did. I can’t wait to see what the scroll becomes later, I bet it will take a while until it finishes itself. The story of your parents, how priceless….what a loving thing to have and to share with your girls. xox

  9. What a family history. I am glad you are preserving it for more generations to love,too.
    And a 5 ft. canvas…I would of quartered it and shared with others!
    Loved the colors and brooches you used on your mom’s picture.

  10. Oh Judy, That sounds like such an incredible weekend. I love your piece with your Mom and thanks sharing your scroll and those of the others. I feel your excitement through your blog. And that story of your parents, wow-ser! That is certainly one wild story. Thanks for the insiders look. 😉

  11. Oh Judy, I’m sorry to just be catching up on this now but I’m so glad you got a chance to get away and have some creative fun. It sounds like a terrific workshop and weekend. I’ve always loved the story of how your parents met and married and I think it’s great that you chose that as a topic. Wonderful art and it sounds like you’re rejuvenated.

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