Vegetable & Turkey Chili


I’m just loving this cool, yet gorgeous sunny day we have today.

A little culinary art, if I may.

I’m copying a post from a while back, but I thought I’d share again since this time I used ground turkey and added sweet potato. Oh my.

Here goes……

For those that follow me, you know I try to make my recipes fast and simple.  With my full-time job, who’s got time for long drawn out preparations? I don’t.  Here’s one you’ll hopefully love.

Today, I decided to make a chili with chunky vegetables and ground chicken/turkey.  If you are a vegetarian, you can completely leave out the chicken. It’s just as great without it.

Let’s go….


1 pkg ground chicken or turkey
1 zucchini
1 summer squash
1/2 of a large onion or 1 small
1 red pepper
2 med. stalks celery
1 large sweet potato, about 1/2″ cubed.
1 cup of white mushrooms
1 28 oz. can of crushed tomatoes, plus 1/2 of another
2 cans of beans.  I used one kidney and one black.  Use what you want.  Rinsed and strained.
2 TBLSPN olive oil for pan


Cut all the veggies the same size; about a 1/2 inch thick.  You want this chili to be chunky and full of love.

IMG_3233 IMG_3234 IMG_3236

In a large sauce pan, add a couple of tablespoons of olive oil, add ground chicken.  Medium high heat; Cook until no longer pink.

IMG_3238 IMG_3240

Add all the veggies in the pan and stir and mix it all together.  Cook this on medium heat, stirring occasionally, about 15 minutes or until the onion and veggies have all softened.  Can you see the difference in the pictures, above?  CLICK FOR LARGER VIEW.

IMG_3241  IMG_3242 IMG_3246

Add your can and a half of the tomatoes, stir, then add the beans which have been rinsed in cold water through a strainer.  Incorporate all the beans into the sauce.  I started with one can of beans, but then decided to add another. Why not, right?


Now, for seasonings:  Salt, pepper, granulated garlic, chili powder and ground cumin.  ALL TO YOUR TASTE.  Add more or less of what you like.  I end up with about a tablespoon or more of the chili powder and the garlic. Then add in the cumin as you like.  If you want some heat, then add a little cayenne pepper.. start small. Keep testing the taste to see what it may be missing.  It’s always better to under season, you can always add it.. but don’t over season, you can’t take it out.


Now, if you can wait, let this simmer gently about 30 minutes.. if you can’t wait… GO FOR IT.. It’s your world.


Serve this hot with some grated sharp cheddar cheese and some tortilla chips.  I used blue ones .   Just scooping the chili onto some chips with a little melted cheese just makes your mouth so happy.  The corn, crunch, cheese and chili together.. oh my.  I nice loaf of Italian bread is a great choice also… or both.  I have issues.. I watch too much FoodTV Network. Guy Fieri would be proud.

Notes: Now, this chili is practically fat free.. the only fat in there is from the olive oil.  I also used Sargento Reduced Fat Cheddar Cheese, but only because that was my choice. I draw the line on completely fat free products, however.. no taste in my opinion.  This recipe will serve about 6 people.  Save the leftovers for another day or mix in some cooked pasta for another meal.  Freeze the rest, if you want.

I hope you enjoy this recipe.

Thanks for stopping by. I love hearing from you. Let me know if you tried this recipe and how it came out.


About Judy Shea

Welcome to my blog. I'm a Mixed Media/Polymer Clay Artist. I do have a full-time job (not as an artist). My art includes, textural collage works on canvas, cardboard, wood or other substrates using paints, molding pastes, inks, fabric, a variety of found objects and handmade polymer clay pieces. Life/Work balance is what I strive for.

6 responses »

  1. I just made almost the same receipe but, I used sweet sausage and it was great. It is a staple around here with the just the two of us and it lasts for several meals.

  2. Looks very good. I think I have most of the ingredients on hand for this yummy looking recipe.
    Thank you for sharing.

  3. Oh that looks so good Judy….we need it tonight I think, quite a breeze going on out there….Loved seeing you and the grown girl on Saturday! xox

  4. Will most definitely try this, Judy! Especially like the idea of adding cooked pasta for Day 2. We will be home soon, where I can cook without the worry of running out of propane, as we heat with that, as well! I will let you know how mine turns out (minus those mushrooms, of course…sorry, not a fan!).

  5. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I love it and make the same recipe!
    I also made a huge pot of chili last weekend!
    I like to put it in the crockpot and then my family dips into it all day long, lol.
    had to make a double batch to have leftovers to freeze. 🙂
    thanks for sharing!

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