“Bubble Time” – Feels so good……….


.. to be hitting the art page again.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!!!  Ready for the beach, sun, surf, swimming?  After all, it’s is coming on summer, right?  NOT THIS YEAR.  It’s damn cold here in Mass.  We had rain here all day yesterday.. but, psst.. come closer… I secretly love the rain and a dreary day.  I took advantage of it and after cleaning the house and after dinner, I went into the garage and pulled out my “sit down” art bag , made a cup of tea and sat in my comfy chair and prepared to go into my “art bubble”.  Yup, that’s what I call it… my “art bubble”.  I’ve always told my daughters when they were young.. “everyone needs their bubble time”.  Time away with yourself, some peace time, doing what you want and no one can bother you… a refresher, from the crazy days.. all the talk.. all the busy-ness in your life.

As a mom, it’s hard to find “bubble time”. I remember when the kids were really little, all I wanted was to go to the bathroom in peace.  Can I just have a little time to myself?  Nope, here comes my 5-year-old, Megan.. “mom, whatchya doing?”  Then comes my 2-year-old, Rachel … calling “Megaaaan, Megaaaan”  She found her.  “what you doin in heeya?”  Then the dog comes in and hubbie shows up eventually, saying “what’s everyone doing in here?”   Um, hullo.. why don’t you all just invite the neighbors!!!    Well, the girls are 22 and 19 now, so thankfully those days have been over for about 3 years.  No, I kid I kid.  But, I have to admit, my dog pushes her nose and opens the bathroom door now, as if to say “is it safe to come in”.  NO……..go away!!!!  God, no wonder I have irritable bowel syndrome.. sorry TMI.

So, off in my art bubble I went. And I tell you, it was so nice after being away from it for a couple of months or more.

What was the first thing I did? I pulled out my Moleskine watercolor pad, pencil and Koi watercolor set and played with drawing eyes, faces and doodling.  I never get sick of drawing eyes and other facial features, because I keep thinking… this will be the perfect eye, the perfect mouth, the perfect nose.  Nope, not gonna happen.  As my cousin, Wayne (great artist-read my post about him here), tells me.. “you gotta draw to draw, Judy”.  That IS true.

I went onto YouTube and found tutes on drawing eyes/faces.  Check them out.  What was nice about that, was I could pause the video when I wanted and took my time to try to get the hang of what the artist was doing.

IMG_3478 IMG_3479

Not too bad, huh?   I really like the left one.  Just goes to show if you take your time with the details, you can achieve a pretty realistic eye.  I really need to work on noses and mouths.

Here are some others I’ve done in the past.. they are so so. But practice makes you better. .. and shading… shading changes everything.  I couldn’t do this 5 years ago.

IMG_3481IMG_3480  IMG_3489IMG_3490IMG_3482 IMG_3483 IMG_3484 IMG_3485 IMG_3491

Then, I doodled some goofy pods and flowers then used watercolors to give it a boost.  So meditative.

IMG_3492 IMG_3493 IMG_3494 IMG_3495 IMG_3497 IMG_3488 IMG_3487 IMG_3486

As some of you know, I am moving and we are selling our home.  I’m excited for the next chapter in our lives.  Get away from all the big house responsibilities, downsize and enjoy a simpler life in a coastal town.  But, if I can anyone who is thinking of moving soon or in the next few years ahead of you… PURGE NOW, as if you were going to move next month. Seriously, do a little at a time and continue to get rid of things you have not used in years. Sell, donate, throw away. There, that’s my 5 cents worth.

I’ll keep trying to get some creativity in my life to share with you.. and some summer recipes too.

Thanks for stopping by.  Love hearing from you.



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  1. Bubble time is so critical – thrilled you found some for yourself! Love your eyes- wow! And the doodling- so happy and bright! I am taking your purge advice to heart and trying to use things up and open up more space in my studio!

  2. Your eyes are looking good! I hear you about purging the house, what a drag. I’m not looking forward to doing it for real. Have a great weekend.

  3. I love the idea of an art bubble…I do it but now I have a name for it….thanks! I know what you mean about the purging, but I keep finding new things to try and, of course, that means more/different supplies. What to do…….

  4. I know that moving is a lot of work, not to mention very stressful…but, I am so glad that you are moving because you are moving into my backyard!!! Great bubble time and lunches and shopping ahead for you and Corrine and me, I suspect!! I love your eyes, and you have blown me away with your doodling, Girl!! I am “stuck” here on Cape Cod as my sister recovers from her double knee replacement and I am playing nurse for 2-3 weeks! I miss my art loft (aka attic studio)! You are right about our weather, the heat has come on several times and the sun is pretty elusive! We will go directly to summer, I am thinking, totally skipping spring!

  5. Oh so happy you got into your bubble……you did a fabulous job on those eyes and your colorful pods are so great!!!! Hope it wasn’t too cold in the garage….Can you believe this weather????? xox

  6. I love that phrase:bubble time! I’m definitely adding it to my vocab! Glad you found some and your eyes are really amazing! And the doodle – fantastic! Xoxo

  7. Bubble time is a must even when you aren’t creating. Gee, moving to a coastal town would be my idea of bubble time all the time. lol I hope you get to your costal town soon. I like your facial sketches and everything you do. It is getting hot here in NC and I am not a summer person but, I will survive.

  8. Judy, thank you for the suggestion to start NOW. I would like to sell my house and move smaller, too. I think I lost my bubble! But so glad you got into yours! Your eyes really look great and I love anything with doodles and bright colors. I hope to post soon some work I did in the journal I was fortunate to receive from you. I am taking pictures as I go along.

  9. Oooh, those eyes are wonderful! Love that left one too, and I’m bookmarking your video. So glad you got some time in the bubble. Your doodles make me smile and remind me to get the heck off this machine. Hope you find more bubble time soon!

  10. I SO get the Bubble Time. To this day at 17 and 18 my kids must have radar and know when I go in the bathroom! LOVE, LOVE the eye you drew not to mention all your other drawings.

  11. Hi Judy! I’m so glad to hear that you got some artsy “bubble” time in this past weekend. Wow, amazing drawings, especially the eyes. And I love your pods! So colorful… I try to have some “bubble” time after work everyday and play with my beads. Even if it’s for only a short amount of time, it’s SO rejuvenating! Looking forward to seeing you soon!

  12. Judy…Meg & Rachel don’t come chat with you in the bathroom anymore? Huh, when Niki comes home she still just walks right in. So…um, so much for our cold weather right? At least you’ve got central air over there – hey maybe I’ll move into your house. You’re right about weeding junk out now…good advice & I am taking baby steps.
    Beautiful drawings & glad you got some bubble time.

  13. “Tiny bubbles. Of art time. Make Judy happy. Make her feel fine.” (with apologies to Don Ho.)
    Your drawing continues to improve Judy. Keep taking those little breaks. So important for rejuvenating the soul.

    Every time we moved, I kept wondering how we fit stuff in the previous home. I swear the clutter is like a dry sponge that expands when it gets wet. We now have a two year rule. If it isn’t used or worn after two years, it goes into the donation pile. Clearing the clutter and making donations or freecycle, etc, is a great rule of thumb.

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