Stencil Test Drive – Cascading Leaves & Winner of 3rd Journal


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Well, hello again. We have an amazing week of weather here.  I’m taking advantage of it a little (ok, a lot) by doing some garage door painting outside and even doing a little art in my garage, where all my art supplies sit.  Well, that’s a lie, really… I’m looking at my art supplies and apologizing to them for not giving them any attention.  Must be Catholic guilt.

This week, another stencil by Jessica Sporn is being tested.  Offered by Stencil Girl Products.  I’m joined by other great artists (links below) to test out the “cascading leaves”.  Stay with me here.

So, I’m trying to figure what I want to do with the stencil.  My art supplies are way back “there” in the garage.. so what can I get to and make this simple?  I was cleaning windows and I noticed that my paper towels had a very cool, and somewhat similar design to the stencil I was testing.  Crazy, right?  or serendipity?  I love the texture of paper towels in my art.

Here’s my garage with my supplies and stuff  Now, look at all that?  That’s what I’m keeping.  Am I crazy?  Ok Ok.. Let’s not go there again.


(Oh, and p.s. if you are local, I will be selling some arts and crafts along with couches, chairs, kitchen table, bookcases… send me an email if you are interested.)

Sorry….back to art…here is the paper towel..


I grabbed my bag of lace and paper stuff, a bottle of red paint, portfolio crayons, Collage Pauge and a paint brush… oh yes and a journal book.

Started by taking a teal crayon (what? where you expecting a different color?)  and rubbed it all over the towel, then I rubbed it with a damp paper towel to blend it a bit.  Then, I drew in each stencil leave openings with a black crayon.  Smooshed around a little.  Did it randomly. Glue it down on journal page.

IMG_3401 IMG_3402 IMG_3403 IMG_3404 IMG_3405 IMG_3406

Now, what.. oh yes.. pack another box to bring downstairs.. move some furniture around.. my dog (Dixie) needs to tinkle.. make travel arrangements for my executive… ok, back to arting on my kitchen table.  Move my dinner plate over to the side and collage a little more.. and don’t get any medium in your chicken. Wait, that might explain something.  No, I kid I kid.

What did I have in my bag that I grabbed?  C’mon Judy, get creative here.  What can I do with only a few supplies?  Ugh… a challenge.  Or as “Inspector Clouseau” would say  “a shallaaaaange”.

I really had a hard time with this one because I have so much more on my mind other than art.  I felt the deadline approaching, but was committed to the stencil drive.  I don’t know about you, but when I’m worrying about something, I have a hard time focusing on other things.  So, I had a talk with myself and said “self… what is your problem.. art should be good for stress.. get your act together, will ya.. chop chop”?  I had to be a little tough on myself.. geesh.  Can anyone relate??

In processs…




I will be honest here.. I am not in love with the collage; I’ve done better, in my opinion… but I am in love with Jessica’s stencil.  I can’t wait to use it again and again.

So, go check out the other Stencil Drive artists and see what they did with the stencil.

Jessica Sporn
Nathalie Kalbach
Michelle Rydell
Roben-Marie Smith 

Thank you, Jessica, for inviting me on this stencil journey with you and so many other amazing artists. I’m honored.




NOW………for the winner of my long, skinny journal….. Congratulations Gloria Zucaro!!!  Yay!!!!  I’ll contact you via email to get your address.

Happy Spring!!!  And thank you for your patience while I get through this massive purge/move. Don’t give up on me.  I”ll keep up my art and post as much as I can.  Your support means the world to me.   I’ll also be on Facebook if you want to follow me.



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  1. Pretty darn inventive art from your boxes!!!! I love how you got in there with a paper towel and made something shine! xox

  2. I think you’re brilliant to see the leaves in the paper towel and make that connection. Your finished collage is lovely – beautiful big flower in the middle, like your beautiful big heart – and I love how all the little dots around the leaves echo the lace. Thank you so much for being part of the test drive with all the craziness you have going on!

  3. i think you did a great job with limited supplies – love the paper towel with the stenciled leaves. Pretty darn creative I think. And yes – I struggle with focus when life is “happening”

  4. Judy- what magic you made with a paper towel! I think it turned out fab! It has to be so tough to have it all boxed up and if you hadn’t told us you were using a make shift studio (the garage) we never would have known! I can so relate with the cracking the whip on yourself to get it done by a deadline!

  5. Chop chop! Pushing yourself while under all that stress can be tricky but you sure shined. Love your idea of mixing textured PT with the stencil. Hugs.

  6. Judy, you make me laugh! Necessity is the mother of invention…who said that? Seeing leaves in the paper towel while (What) cleaning windows…awesome. Love your collage.

  7. Ok, Suzy.. are you testing me here? I admit, I had to look it up.. Sounds like a Plato thing.

    Ladies..thank you. So glad you like the end collage.

  8. Oh, yes, I hear yah, Judy! I can totally relate! But, you have worked well under pressure and creatively used Jessica’s super new stencil! But, a paper towel for inspiration when we look at them every day in both our studios and kitchens (and garages, in some cases)? Brilliant!

  9. Judy,
    Really like the paper towel that you turned in to another great piece of art. When I clean any kind of glass, my only thought is to get it done. lol You take window cleaning to another level.

  10. Judy, my friend, you are hilarious and put a BIG smile on my face with your post. You did an outstanding job with all your supplies in the garage. You don’t like it?? Sometimes it is not about the end product it is about the PLAY and that you did!!!!! 🙂

  11. You’ve got so much going on, YES, you need a little stress reduction therapy. I’m still impressed with how much you’ve gotten done. It’ll all be worth it & soon you’ll be working with a new view which will be very inspiring.

  12. I hope your weather is nice, we have had 3″ of rain today, no electricity for 4 hrs. But wait! YOU did windows,that’s great!
    What a neat idea to use the paper towels, I bet any of the Stencil Girl products would work in YOUR talented hands!! And yes, the teal was a good substitute for turquoise! Ha-Ha!

  13. Just amazing weather here the past week. I hope you get relief soon. Maybe I should call it Tealquoise.
    Thanks again, everyone.

  14. Love those Portfolio oil pastels! Very creative, Judy. And proof that creative types do more than just “look” at something. We “see” possibilities.

  15. Hello to Kay Wallace as well as Judy! Yes, now I know how lucky I am as I received the wonderful journal and embellishments and kept looking to see some new bit of fabric, clay, paint or bead on my new Judy Shea journal. Today I am amazed at how you created what looks like a Spanish ceremonial piece when starting with a paper towel! I have some acrylic paint stained paper towels I would like to use as “papers” in journals. What glue do you suggest for that, and should I press them with an iron first, as they are crumpled up.

  16. Hi Gloria.. thank you so much much much. You can iron if you wish, but if you glue them down with gel medium or any glue, when you press they may go flat. Give it a try on a something else first. The crumpled look may be cool too.

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