Cleaning & Give-a-way #1


Spring is tickling us here in New England. Let’s hope this nice weather sticks around now.

Speaking of Spring, let’s talk about Spring cleaning, shall we?  Specifically, my art studio. I said to myself.. “self, you are gonna get this studio into shape and you’re gonna purge your heart out”.  So, I began the process last weekend.  Put on my Bruno Mars CD and got to work.  Where do I begin? It was so overwhelming, to say the least.  Really, I’m being honest.  Why do I have so much stuff?  Why did I have a plastic elephant and an old tampon box.. why I ask you… why? That’s it, no more incoming supplies or junk will enter my studio. I have vowed to buy NO MORE ART SUPPLIES unless Jeffrey Dean Morgan tells me to.  I kid I kid.

And.. magazines and books?  Fuhgeddaboudit!  Too many that have been collected.  Well, time to donate and throw away.  I filled up my car and brought a load down to our local recycle station.  What a good feeling.  But, hey, I’m not even done.  I have more to go through. I’m sick.  I admit it. There I said it. I feel better now.  C’mon who’s with me here? Feel the same way?

I am ripping down the wallpaper (ahem.. clear throat here), I should say my husband is taking down the paper and we’ll paint the room (I hate painting).  C’mon, Judy snap out of it.. chop chop.

Another reason I”m doing this is …. we may be selling the house.  We’ve been thinking about it for the past several years.  So, this is what we need to do. Prepare.  They say that selling a house is one of the most stressful things you can do… right up there next to divorce.  Well, I say if I can get through this process without clobbering hubbie on the noggin, I don’t have to worry about the latter.

Why am I sharing my boring story with you?  Well, there is a reason.  As I go through some of my art projects and supplies, I realized what better way to share a piece of me than by giving it away.

Sooooooooooo, what that being said.. I’m having a GIVE-A-WAY!

My first give-a-way will be this journal I made with Jessica Sporn’s Starry Night stencil with Stencil Girl Products.

You can see how I made the journal here.


So, you ready?  Leave a comment here and like this post on Facebook; and I’ll select a winner by Friday, April 19th.

I’ll do a few of these give a ways as the weeks go on.  They’ll either be art supplies, ephemera or smaller fun works of mine.

Thanks so much for stopping by.  If you have any suggestions for organizing, please let me know. I would love to hear about what you’ve done.



About Judy Shea

Welcome to my blog. I'm a Mixed Media/Polymer Clay Artist. I do have a full-time job (not as an artist). My art includes, textural collage works on canvas, cardboard, wood or other substrates using paints, molding pastes, inks, fabric, a variety of found objects and handmade polymer clay pieces. Life/Work balance is what I strive for.

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  1. Between Bruno Mars and Jeffrey Dean Morgan helping you buy and get things done, I have no idea what advice I could give to you. lol I get most of my good advice from Antonio Banderas. lol
    I did something that helped me tons. I purchased an inexpensive clear plastic shoe rack bag that hangs over my extra bedroom/craft room door. I made sure it did have 4 hooks that hang over the door for a secure fit. It has 24 areas for shoes and each area is very roomy. I put in it THINGS that I don’t use very often and it has given me tons of room to put more STUFF in other places. lol
    I am ready to win the beautiful journal you made. In fact, anyone in their right mind would love to have it.

  2. This post made me laugh! I just decided that I have to destash and I just recently sold my house. Everything you said rang true! And the journal is gorgeous!

  3. Lol. i was too; uprooting is daunting. Deciding to declutter is half the battle! My mistake was taking everything. I should’ve pared down the art supplies before I moved!

  4. Thanks to Mary Beth Shaw I found this post–too funny! I am going thru the same process right now, but it’s so hard. The only organization tip I have is to get a bunch of those plastic shoe boxes from The Dollar Tree and sort, sort, sort then label ’em and stack them up. Helped me out anyway. Love the journal and I found your facebook page, which I am now following! Thanks!


  5. You had me at the plastic elephant and the tampon box! Still laughing…I have been purging too and it’s amazing how much you keep as “precious” and never use – well time to give it away. I recycled 4 boxes of books and two bags of clothes last week and have 6 boxes of books in my garage that are going this weekend to recycle. I do know how stressful it is and how chaotic you feel doing it too. We will eat cake on Saturday and be bad and then it will all seem better. xox

  6. Great post, Judy! Huge undertaking to get ready to move!! I lament just choosing what supplies to take to our seasonal campsite in N.H. each summer. Being an scrapbook artist, I have plenty of albums and, when I added art journalist to my resume, I found that storing stencils is a snap if you use scrapbook albums to do so! There are both 12×12 and 6×6 albums, so that’s perfect! Thanks for the opportunity to win that gorgeous journal!! Sweet giveaway! Off to respost you giveaway on Facebook!

  7. Oh, you are funny! The idea of you moving makes me sad! Why? No one likes a friend to MOVE, but wait…there’s more… you can still blog…! Happy again!
    PS. The stop buying art supply thing…. maybe there is an AA for that,cause I’ve said the same thing!!

  8. Judy–I know exactly how you feel. I have done this purging in my room multiple times–SO overwhelming. Why?? Because we are creators–hence the tampon box. Apparently you got a spark of inspiration looking at it 🙂 It can come over and meet all the boxes in my room 🙂

  9. So true, Maria. I wonder what all the boxes would say to each other. “oh you got dragged in here, too. does she really think she can make art from us??

  10. YAAAAAY for spring cleaning!!! I desperately need the motivation to do the same and you nudged me! 🙂 I absolutely LOVE this journal (pick me! pick me!) 😀
    ps I had to laugh at the tampon box, oh the things we save for creative splurges later…

  11. I do exactly the same, I save it all because MAYBE one day I’ll use it, I still believe that! I shall almost certainly keep my eyes on the giveaways – I am rather hoping that’s an Oreo on the journal page!!! Haha only kidding! I’d love to own this one of a kind item 🙂 I keep journals so it’s ideal!

  12. I don’t know Judy but I think we could be tied for biggest hoarders in town, just different stuff we hoard. Now you tell me what I’m going to do with that 3″x7″ strip of purple lycra & why do I have an entire drawer full of scraps like that? But you know what? As soon as I throw something away, sure enough I need it. I’ve been at least starting though.

  13. I too hate the process of clearing out the stuff but once it is done I feel so free so creative in the studio! Once you get past the hard work the rewards will be huge!!! Beautiful journal by the way- love the blue with the yellow!

  14. Judy Judy Judy, an elephant in a tampon box? You crack me up! Funny the things we collect. I can totally relate to clearing out and cleaning up of the studio, the trick is to get rid of the extras that you really aren’t using or don’t want any longer. It’s ok to let them go and free up your space. My tip is labeling containers so you instantly know what is in it (if it isn’t clear). And picnic baskets are excellent storage containers that can be stacked or stored on shelves. I store less used items in picnic baskets (long rectangular style) with a numbered tag and list all items on the back of the tag. I keep a master list/diagram of the numbered baskets and their contents so I don’t have to look all over the room for items. You KNOW we forget where we put stuff, right? Keep up the good work! The end result is worth the effort!!! 🙂

  15. Jude’s! You are fabulous! I love the elephant and the tampon box. I congratulate you on your purging success. Lots of love!

  16. Haha, great post, Judy! You have such a wonderful, light-hearted way of making a chore sound funny and creative. Good luck with the purging and cleaning. I sure do know what that feels like – damn good after it’s all done. 😉

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