Mixed Media Mail Updo


Hey thereI know I know….I’ve been gone for about 3 weeks.  Life/work, once again, gets in my art way.  But no fear, I’m here now.

I’ve been working on this video for a few weeks. I finally found the time to finish it.  I started out as a large pamphlet I got in the mail.  I thought it would be neat to alter it with some mixed media magic. Once I finished filming, this sucker was about 45 min long.  So, had to cut it down a little and fast forward a lot.  I put some comments in so you would know what I was doing.   Let me know what you think.

If you have any questions about my process, give me a shout.. glad to help.

Now… enjoy!

Here are some close ups.

IMG_3288    IMG_3289    IMG_3290 IMG_3291   IMG_3292

IMG_3293   IMG_3294

If you  live in New England or even Massachusetts, you probably are ready for Spring like the rest of us. We’ve had enough snow this winter and I’m ready for a nice long walk… I don’t know… Maybe late April?

I hope you enjoyed the video.  Love to hear back from you.



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  1. You totally amaze me Ms Judy…..love this and all that layering and texture and raised shiny bits and polymer clay bits and gosh, I could go on all day. Glad you got a chance to have some fun, I know you have been busy busy busy. xox

  2. Hi judy! I really enjoyed your tutorial and all the techniques you showed. Your pamphlet/envelope/creation turned out beautifully. I have two junkmail envelope thingys I’ve saved for awhile and this was the nudge I needed to now make my own creation! Thanks for sharing your creative process!

  3. I just love to watch you work. Again, another amazing piece of art. It is a real treat for those of us that follow you to have a video of you making your art.
    Thanks for the info on Traci Bautista’s modge podge. I don’t like the basic modge podge because it just stays sticky for a long time. I will have to get some of Traci’s brand.
    Where do you get the round spiral lace paper? I have seen you use it before in other projects. I can understand why you like it so much because it is so different. I learn something new each time I watch you work.
    Again, thanks for sharing your talent.

  4. Thanks for the information.  I really like ordering on line because most of the products I buy I get at Dick Blick. I have been making manila file folder art journals and I really like the end results.  I have to dive into the gel plate but, I really don’t need to be diving into anything else.  My room can only hold so much STUFF.  lol Barb

  5. Great job Judy, especially pulling it all together with the video (that itself is quite a job). I’m always amazed at how you find ordinary things & see art potential in it. You’ve got that creative eye & imagination. It is nice to have the light for longer now isn’t it. If we could only look out & see some green grass growing…soon.

  6. Another great video! You are the bomb when it comes to layering! When I use that many layers, mine just look messy. Coloring glass bead gel and using it with a stencil was awesome! What a great project. I’m glad you filmed it to share with us all in blogland.

  7. Amazing video, you did a great job on it! Your project turned out great, loved the way you recycled mail. I’ve saved a couple of pieces of nice junk mail, you’ve given me some ideas as to what to do with it. I’m with you….enough with the snow already!

  8. Wow that’s a lot of work you did!!!
    Thanks for sharing, you gave me so many great ideas!!! 😀
    I’m definitely looking into the Traci Bautista as I normally use mod podge but would prefer it to be sleek not sticky.
    and you can also get some pretty neat lace on etsy
    These made my heart pitter patter!
    I can’t wait to play!! 😀

    ps. I think your folder would make a fantastic journal cover! 😀
    did you consider binding paper into it?

    Enjoy the sun while its out! 😀

  9. Hey Misty.. thank you so much. So glad to give inspiration. I actually did think of binding paper into it, but wasn’t sure about having 2 binding sections. I’ll have to look at it a little longer. I had the rest of that blotter paper left over; I think I’ll cover a journal with that. Thanks for stopping by, my friend.

  10. Love all the play and the colors! This turned out fabulously! I think that is my favorite lace paper too! I am hoarding a piece of it but seeing it in action is nudging me to use it!

  11. Another hit by Judy!!! Wonderful,beautiful,gorgeous! This was SO much fun to watch you create! Yea for turquoise!
    I used to use mod podge but the sticky pages upset me. I even waxed over with car wax,but still didn’t like. I will try “Collage Pauge” next.

  12. What a gorgeous booklet and a fabulous video, Judy! Loved listening to you and watching how you built up all that color. BEAUTIFUL! Also loved that you pointed out how you colored in a fleshy area behind your transferred image. Lots of great ideas in this helpful tute!

  13. This turned out just beautiful Judy! I loved the video, so many little tips. You will have to excuse me now while I run to the recycling drawer!

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