Fabric Printing with the Gelli Plate


Ok, everyone.  I keep it short, as work is taking me down this week. But I had time to play at Carolyn’s Gelli Print Party.. now every first Friday of the month..  Won’t you join us.  Check out her blog and all the linkys to the party.

I enjoyed some of the prints.. not all, but was still quite fun.  I imagine building even more layers of stamps and image transfers.  Endless, I tell you.. endless.


Here are some close ups of the fabric prints.  I increased the saturation, as the paint on the fabric is very suttle and the camera did not justify the colors.


IMG_3170 IMG_3171 IMG_3172 IMG_3173 IMG_3174 IMG_3175 IMG_3176

Thanks for stopping by.  Share the love.

Judy ♥


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  1. Loved that you were so brave to try fabric. So cool. I can see a quilt from all these great patches — Love that you used Corrinne’s fencing too.

  2. You’re becoming quite the video star! Or at least your hands are 😉 Glad your having fun with the Gelli Plate. What will you make with all these prints????

  3. Fun fun. I’ve got to get me some of that medium you mix with acrylics for fabrics.m These are so fun. What are you going to make with them????? Got to get out my big gelli and make a mess…..miss ya. xox

  4. The look you created with the doilies is fabulous!!!! I love too how nicely the gelli plate gets on the first solid coat of color on- much quicker this way than with a brush! And- now I can’t wait for construction season to get some of that orange fencing! Party on!

  5. I really enjoy your videos. Great colors. I envy the way you make it seem SO easy! (Love the blue fingernails…)! lol

  6. Great video Judy! I think I need to make a date with some fabric! Thanks for the inspiration!

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