Mixed Media Collage from a Post It Pad


I had so much fun creating my Post it flip chart paper collage.

It was hours of filming and editing, and would have been too long and I would bore all of you.. but here is a video of my process… sped up.  I would have kept it really time with my hand dancing, grooving to the music and talking, but it went on forever.  So…………

…. it started with my flip chart pad that I keep under my work surface.  An idea I got from Autumn Hathaway.. thank you Autumn.

Here we go…

Close ups. Click for larger view.

IMG_3165  IMG_3164  IMG_3166  IMG_3163

Let me know what you think. I would love to hear from you.



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  1. Thanks for letting us play with you! I love that you used bits and pieces- esp. the spiral paper- it is like a record of your artistic self- your buttons ‘nbellishments, the gelli print, the eyeball for fun, and that is so big!

  2. This is just stunning. I LOVED watching you make it and watching how it grew. Also LOVE your blue nail polish, which went perfectly with the video! So watcha gonna do with this beautiful piece? I want to be a Judy Shea collector. I already have one framed in my studio….. hint hint!

  3. WOW!!!!!! This is one amazing piece of art. I just love your videos. It is like the greatest treat for me and I am sure all that follow you think the exact same thing.
    There are so many beautiful areas of this piece. I really like the spiral lace paper and your polymer clay pieces. I watched the video several times to get a good look at all the different pieces of embellishments. MORE VIDEOS PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Judy–I had just a fabulous time watching your video! You must have had the greatest day making this! Absolutely love the lace swirls!

  5. Fantastic intuitive play. Love watching your hands spread that collage pauge and glue down pieces everywhere. Love this final piece you did…..xox

  6. Great job, Judy! I can tell how much work you put into your video and it’s so apparent how much joy it gives you. Your piece is stunning and it was so much fun watching you create in your lovely free-form, intuitive way!

  7. I really like the style. Thanks for sharing. Will use some of your tips: the credit card, the coaster and the plastic bubbles.

  8. Wow, you really had your groove on Judy. What a great combination of colors and textures. Love how you always have so much texture in your work. Looks like you had fun doing it too!

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