More Gelli Plate Fun & a Gelli Journal Give-a-way!!!


Hey, I’m back with another video on some gelli’ing.  It’s now the end of the Gelli Print Party with Carolyn Dube, but I’m just loving the prints and making some cool art from them.  Go check out Carolyn’s blog and see her videos, then check out her linkys to see what others are doing. 

A Colorful Journey

Now, check out my latest video.

In my last video, I took some of my favorite prints and made nice strips with them.  Maybe bookmarks? Click picture for close up.

IMG_3131  IMG_3129  IMG_3130

As much as I love my prints, what am I going to do with them all?  I’m going to make a journal with them and give it away, that’s what.  Yahoo!!!

First, let me be clear…. I am NOT, I repeat AM NOT a journal maker.  So, I am just taking the pages and sewing them together.  Nothing fancy.  Make one signature, sew it to a cover and then they can be journaled on with backgrounds already for you.  Thanks to my friend, Raine, for showing me how to do this a long time ago.  She makes amazing journals.  I don’t even know the name of the stitch I’m using, that’s how much of an non-journaler I am.  In and out, that’s what it’s called.. the “in and out” stitch.  No, not really.  I kid, I kid.

So, here is the journal I stitched together.  Simple, not fancy and ready for your mixed media fun and journaling, collaging or whatever you want to do with it.  You could glue a blank page to an inside page and journal on that OR paint some squares of lighter paint to write on.  So many ideas.

IMG_3132  IMG_3134  IMG_3135  IMG_3137  IMG_3136-001

I gathered all the Gelli papers together and ripped them down to size with a metal ruler and just pulling strips off so they would have torn edges.  A few pages are smaller than the others, just for fun.  Then I made a cover page and coated with Liquid Laminate (love that stuff) to seal.  I made 3 holes in the binder and used wax thread and an upholstry needle to sew all the pages together.  Again, in one hole, out the other until I used up the thread and the pages were nice and snug.  Strung some fabric beads I had made on the binder edge and added one of my “buttons n’bellishments” to the cover.  If you want to learn how to make one of these embellishements, take a look at my online class and join us.

I hope you enjoyed our party.  Thank you, Carolyn, for a great Gelli Print Party!!!

If you want to win this Gelli Journal, leave me a comment here and then if you have a Facebook page, like and share my post there.   I’ll pick a winner this Friday, 1/11.

Thank you for stopping by, as always.  I love to hearing from you.



21 responses »

  1. LOVE your Gelli page journal, Judy!
    Anyone would be very lucky to win it! 🙂
    I’ve got my fingers crossed. 😉

  2. Thanks for the mention and the compliment. I love both of your Gelli videos. Actually got me in my studio with my own plate last night. I made 22 sheets! Thanks for the motivation.

  3. I really love the results of the papers BUT, I am so much more in LOVE in the journal. lol lol
    What a lovely and thoughtful gift for you to have as a give-a-way. I could be so lucky. I have my fingers and toes crossed.

  4. Thank you, Raine. Well, only speak the truth. You are an amazing journal maker. And…fantastic you made some prints. Now, see, if you had a blog, you could show all of us. Just sayin.

  5. What a beautiful journal! Loved seeing you in action with your Gelli Plate — there is something about watching you shake those pages that feeds my soul! I would be honored to have your journal!

  6. This is great. Love all the lush prints and torn edges. Color everywhere, yum. What a great way to end your party play. xox

  7. I love watching your layers build up! You got so many great looks from everyday items- esp. loved the paper bag! So glad you brought your creativity and Gelli plate to the party!

  8. What fun! Now I want a gelli plate! But would settle (for the moment) for a journal made with one. 🙂 I have signed up for your buttons ‘n embellishments class and can’t wait for that to start.

  9. oh, my goodness! I watched this video with fascination. and then I went back and watched it again. I love all the techniques using everyday things to create texture. the pages are all great. I don’t know where you live, but I want to come to your house to play, lol. the journal looks great too. thanks for a chance to win. tfs

  10. Ok everyone.. I’m sitting here reading the comments and they bring me so much joy. Thank you all for your excitement and responses.
    And Don’t worry.. if you don’t win this time, I’ll do another give away soon.

    MaryK: I live in Mass.. come on over.

  11. A VERY BIG thumbs up alright! I enjoy watching you create! The colors are super!
    Yes, I would say you have talent in every area you try.
    Put me in for a change to win! LOL

  12. Oh Judy! The singing colors, the feast of patterns! And most of all – the joyful spirit in the making of them! I can’t wait to see your next gelli-ings!! 😀

  13. Judy, I LOVE your gelli print journal! What a nice giveaway-I’d really like to win it. I’m your newest follower and would love if you would come over and follow me too! Keep up the great Gelli works!

  14. Sorry I missed the gelli party…maybe I’ll make it to the next one, LOL! Really love all the beautiful papers you created.

  15. Love your journal! So colorful and a great place to journal- from favorite quotes to daily thoughts. Thank you for the clear tutorial for making one of our own. Hope I win this treasure!

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