Gelli Plate Party


Happy New Year, everyone.  New Year’s Day is a family day for us.  The holiday craze rush is over and it’s time to chill and enjoy the final day of my vacation.

Boy, what a great week I had.  I tried to get in my studio as much as I could.  I did manage to finish up my online class, “Buttons n’bellishments” and have it ready for Joggles in February to start the workshop.  Please check it out and join us.

Now, I don’ t know a better way to start off the year than by having a party.  A Gelli Plate Party, that is. Carolyn Dube is the instigator on this one.  Go to her blog to find out the deets and check out her video HERE.  She’s already on Day 2.

This is my first take on the Gelli Plate.  I got myself one for Christmas. Thank you, Judy!  Lots of fun ideas rolling through my head.  I mean, really, where does it end?   I had to cut down the video a bit, cuz I just couldn’t stop my self.  So, I took some still shots to show you my results at the end.  Carolyn warned me.  But, I’m safe now.

Join me for a Colorful Gelli Print Party!

Wasn’t that fun?  I hope you enjoyed that.  I can only imagine even getting more creative the more you play.  I love the imperfections.  I tried to use my already printed sheets to create more layers instead of always using a new one.  I was groovin to Bruno Mars in the beginning, so that’s the reason for my dancing papers.

So, I had a pile of Wausau paper and many craft paints that were just sitting around my studio for years.  Wondered what I was going to do with them eventually.  And then they invented the Gelli Plate.   See that, I had them sitting there for a reason.  Love when that happens.

Love to hear back from you.  Let us know if you’ve “gellied” lately.

Thanks for stopping by.



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  1. What a fun video! I love your happy dances when you pull up the paper- don’t you just squeal with joy when you see some of them! When I saw your cathedral stencil prints I almost got up and started Gelli plating- those were so amazing! So right about the lighter paint layers give different effects- I just have a tough time doing only a light layer…oh and that blue with the script- shazam! I need to get out rubber stamps to use with my Gelli too! No limits to these things! So glad you joined the party!!

  2. So much fun watching you groove your paper to the tunes……you are now officially Gelli addicted, I can tell! Fun, fun, fun. I can feel your energy from here. xox

  3. Hi Judy, I can see that we all just got carried into creative heaven while doing this and time flew by! I love seeing all the different materials and techniques you used. Some new things for me to try. One question, did you actually ink your rubber stamps before impressing them on the Gelli plate, or was it in some other paint? If ink, is the pad then ruined? Although I think it said somewhere in the instructions for the plate not to use ink?? Have fun with all your creations. See you back here, and thank you for your comments on my blog.

  4. Hi Judy,
    I have seen many Gelly Plate videos in the past several months. Watching yours, it came to my attention, that the balance in the amount of paint you use and especially the Wausau paper makes the difference in the final results. Everyone does the tutorials but, I find very few tell you what kind of paper to use. I know that any paper is ok but, it just seems that the paper you used gives better results.
    I am thinking rocking with Bruno Mars helps the creative process too. lol
    There is so much Wausau paper one can choose to buy. Where do you get yours and what brand?
    If I get the plate, I would have large piles of beautiful paper and it would take me years to use it in my journaling or any mixed media work. lol My new thing is making paper cloth and it is getting to be addictive. lol
    N C

  5. That was super-cool! I noticed you used turquoise first!
    You just gabbed the colors and they all looked great! Can’t wait for more!

  6. oh…. my…. goodness!!!! you just had too much fun here. I loved them all and I am sooooo jealous. i ordered myself a gelli plate and thought it would get here on the 31st, but no sign of it yet 😦


  7. Oh sure, Jill, I can answer the couple of questions here. The Wausau paper I got from Officemax.. it comes in a ream… and the rubber stamp .. I just stamped, with no ink, on the gelli plate and stamped away on scrap paper between each stamp on the plate. So, I used no ink at all. Hope that helps.

  8. I just had the BEST time watching your video! I could feel the excitement in what you were doing! You really got some FABULOUS prints!!!! Ahhhh…Bruno….that voice I could see why you were dancing!

  9. Ah, now I understand what a Gelli-plate is. When you told me you got one for Christmas, I wasn’t quite sure what it was. (I guess I need to get out of my studio more!) Now I know. Looks like you definitely had a fun time. Will be fun to see what you do with the stenciled papers.

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