Stencil Test Drive – on your mark…get set….goooooooooooooo



It’s time to commence the Stencil Test Drive. I’m honored to be part of this group of great artists and to be one of the firsts to kick it off.

It’s really exciting to see what each of us will do with each stencil.  I hope you have visited Stencil Girl Products and chosen a stencil to play along with us.  We’d love to see what you do.

My first stencil is the Hebrew Calligraphy.  I admit, I am a bit ignorant about the Jewish religion.   The creations that Jessica makes with her Judaic art is amazing.  And that’s just her Judaic art, the rest is so fun, eclectic and meaningful.  I, myself, have always loved the Catholic art.  The paintings of the saints and the colors are so incredibly beautiful.  So, I approached this page from an art perspective and I hope I did it justice.

There I go again, with my chit chat… sigh.  Now, let’s get to it.

I started on an Bristol paper, 11″x7″.

Fluid acrylic Ultramarine Blue scraped down with old gift card.  Dreamy.

IMG_2903  IMG_2904

Then I scraped some translucent yellow liquid acrylics, then squirted some air brush white paint on the page, then sprayed some water and alcohol on it and let it spread.  Blotted with paper towel.  Getting better.

IMG_2906  IMG_2907

Now, here is where the stencil comes in.  I pushed some  gold Viva Decor Modeling Cream through the stencil in sections.

IMG_2918  IMG_2919

IMG_2920  IMG_2911

I thought it would be cool to add some transparency image transfers.  I went on Google Images and grabbed some Jewish clip art.  I put in a Hamsa hand.  Then some of my yummy favorite paper.. lace paper.  Can you stand it?

IMG_2912  IMG_2914

Another transfer, but on muslin this time; clip art of a Jewish Synagogue.  Added some final touches of wrinkled gold paper, my handmade polymer clay piece and a few old paper doily sections.  Smudged some Portfolio oil pastels (black) around the edges and in some areas.  Dabbed some white paint through some dry wall tape with a make up sponge. Brushed a couple of areas with red acrylic paint to even out the collage and called it a day.

IMG_2916.  IMG_2917

The gold calligraphy really shines and stands out when you see it live.


I hope you enjoyed the first test drive.  Don’t forget to visit the other artists doing this same stencil this week.. Carolyn Dube and Michelle Rydell and… keep this list handy of the rest of us doing the test drive and follow along.

December 20: Medieval Leaves
January 10: Starry Night
January 23: Random Squares
February 27: Fun Borders
April 18: Flying Tulips
May 2: Cascading Leaves

Would love to hear from you. How was my test drive? In this kind of test drive, accidents are encouraged.

I want to thank Jessica for coordinating this test drive and gathering an amazing group of creative souls to join in. Congratulations on your new line of stencils and working with Mary Beth Shaw.

Now, off to see what Carolyn and Michelle have done with their stencil.

As always, thanks for stopping by.

Vroom Vroom


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  1. Hi Judy, Well…..I. Just. Love. It!!!! That stencil is amazing, I love all the elements and colors. The blue and gold are lovely together.

  2. I absolutely love your piece! One thing tho for future use of the Hamsa, the fingers should point down.

  3. Just when I think I have heard of most crafty things,… You pop up with Viva Modeling Cream….!
    Thanksgiving week I bought the Hebrew Calligraphy and the church widow stencil. Hope to use them soon.
    Thank you for sharing.

  4. Gorgeous, I love that gold touch and of course your brilliant red clay piece. What a wonderful way to use the stencil and really make a dimension painted piece out of all your elements. Adore it. xox

  5. Judy! Wow!!!! I just love your color pallette of the blue and yellow with the gold. It really shines! I always love seeing your new creations. Amazing artwork, my friend.

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