Vroom Vroom – Test Drive, anyone?


Well, I don’t know about you, but I can’t believe that Thanksgiving has passed and Christmas is less than a month away? It’s really getting cold her in Mass. I mean like, frozen nostrils cold. I’ll leave you with that visual.

Here’s another chilly visual.  My roses. Just up until a couple of weeks ago, they still had buds and I swear they were going to pop.  But here they are today.

Now, what’s the “vroom vroom” about?  Well, my dear friend, Jessica Sporn, has asked a bunch of us artists to partake in a stencil test drive.  See, she’s an amazing artist and she’s designed a line of stencils for Stencil Girl Products, owned by Mary Beth Shaw, another one of my favorite artists that I had the pleasure to meet and take a class from.  Anyway, I said “hell yeah” to Jessica’s request and we’re hitting the road.

You can read all about the test drive HERE.

Here, let me sum it up for you………… these are the amazing artists going for the ride:

December 6: Carolyn Dube, Judy Shea and  Michelle Rydell
December 20: Carolyn DubeCorrine GilmanMaria McGuire and Ronda Palazzari
January 10: Maggie Nemetz, Judy Shea and Revlie Schuit
January 23: Seth ApterKristin Dudish,  Corrine Gilman, and Diana Trout
February 27: Marjie Kemper,  Nataša MayMaggie Nemetz and Christy Tomlinson
March 14: Nataša May and Maria McGuire
April 2: Carolyn DubeMarjie KemperNataša MayMichelle Rydell, and Revlie Schuit
April 18: Kristin Dudish and Carol Merveille
May 2: Nathalie Kalbach,  Michelle Rydell, Judy Shea, and Roben-Marie Smith
May 16Carolyn Dube and Revlie Schuit
June 6: Jane DaviesMaria McGuire and Carol Merveille

I am honored to be part of this group.  I can’t wait to see what everyone does.. including me.

It all starts on December 6th.  Come join us on this fun test drive.  Grab a button from Jessica’s site.  She will also be doing a stencil give-a-way with each artists’s post.

Here is a link to Jessica’s stencils.  Click on her last name and search.

Now, I have to go off and figure out what my creations will be with Jessica’s stencils.  But, you can be sure there will be texture involved.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you can join us.



9 responses »

  1. What an awesome idea…and an amazing product!
    Looking forward to checking out what everyone does with Mary Beth’s stencils!!

  2. We will be having so much fun won’t we…..can’t wait for the blog hops to begin…..xox

  3. Our roses finally succumbed to the cold here too- that is my big sign that winter’s almost here. But we have the Stencil Test Drive to keep our minds off the cold!!!! Can’t wait!

  4. I know you will have fun! I bet your mind is racing around thinking of nothing else, BUT ART!! Ha-Ha! I can’t wait to see the work you guys do! Will you work together as a team or on your own?

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