A Pre-Storm Art Day


This weekend, before Hurricane Sandy hit, I had the pleasure to be invited to an all day art day with 5 other women artists at Corrine’s new art studio.  I could live there.  Well, not really, it doesn’t have a bed, but ok, I could stay there all day, every day and create art.   See Corrine’s blog post about it here.

So, the bottom line is… 6 women, creating art.. with all the supplies offered to you, not worrying about flinging paint around (yes, I did that).  We all brought food and art supplies to share.    The Art Storm ladies were… Corrine, our hostess, Karen, Mandy, Barbara, Urvashi and myself.

This is the studio from the front.  It’s downstairs from a deli and used to be a florist shop.


Inside the door when you enter the building… and inside the studio.  Just look at those walls where you can stand and paint or hang up your art to dry.  I was like a witch in a broom factory.. happy happy. (got that from the new “Geico” commercial).


One corner of supplies.. and another corner of paints… hullo?  Can you stand it?


I chose to do an art scroll (made from vellum).  I don’t think that’s what Corrine called them.  “Scroll Journal”?  I think, right Corrine?  But when I walked in her studio and saw them, I new what I wanted to create.

I decided to tack one up on the wall and do my mixed media magic.


Here is what it looks like all rolled up.  I am certainly not done with it.  I have to do the other side too!  I think I need to bring it back to Sparkle Days Studio to finish it. (hint hint).

Here is our hostess, Corrine.. Ok.. don’t judge her from this pose.. she really is a calm woman. I made her do this.


More art from the “storm team”.  Click to enlarge.


Thanks, again, Corrine for a great day.  Thank you, Storm Ladies, for the fun and camaraderie. Visit Sparkle Days Studio online or contact Corrine for her studio workshop schedule.

Thanks, everyone for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed the post.  Would love to hear from you.

Judy ♥


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  1. Thanks for taking so many pictures, as I hardly too any. It was a great time and I am so glad I met you at Art-Is-You and had a chance to get to know you better. Bread was delish!!! You come on up girl any time. Play day is going to be part of the regular schedule from now on. A girls gotta have buds! Now if we can only figure out a way to transport Jessica, Marjie and Carolyn – who’s got a tardis to spare? xox Corrine

  2. I think we should be known as the storm girls from now on, regardless of the weather. That table certainly looked like a storm hit it while we were all in our creative frenzy. I have scroll book envy. Next time I’m making one of those.

  3. Oh believe me.. that table was not clean once we got started… but all cleaned up in one big swoop after we packed up our stuff. We did the battery thing on Saturday. Thank god we didn’t need them.

  4. Well, you are getting TOO much art fun these days!
    What was the art scroll made of?
    Did you get any days off from work because storm?
    I’m at mom’s and their is a Fall Bazaar at her church this Friday, and a real Art Festival the next week-end. Anything you would like me to pick up for you?

  5. Thanks.. The scroll was a vellum. No day’s off for me.. I work at home. Don’t ask me about art supplies..I would not know where to start, but, my dear.. you are TOOO kind. Thank you.

  6. Art days rock! Looks like all of you had great time. I’ve always wanted to try intuitive painting. Can I stow-away in your bag next time? 😉

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