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When I was at Art is You this month, I grabbed a few of the cardboard coasters from the bathroom.  Ok Art is You’ers.. didn’t you?  I was secretly hoping that Jessica would not take hers.  But, she did… and believe me.. I have plenty at home.

And speaking of Jessica, check out her blog.. she has amazing journal work and is co-running the Fall Fearless and Fly Challenge with Carolyn Dube, another amazing journal artist.

Back to the coasters…

Coasters are such a great little size to collage on.  There are many different sizes and shapes, they are small enough to work on while your watching tv or you just want to collage on a smaller scale.  And, for jounalers, just glue it into your journal after you’re done.  As a matter of fact, I have been known to ask the servers at restaurants for a few more, after I’ve confiscated the ones under my family’s glasses.  No. Really. I have a drawer full.  I have a problem.

So, I grabbed my 3 1/2″ square coaster and smeared some paint all over it with my old credit card.  One color then another, then some scribbling.. no plan.  I used one of my fabric transfers of a vintage angel.  Then, you look at it and say.. “wow, that’s cool.. how did I even make that effect”.  Right?   Been there?  So I wrote the colors I used what I did on the back, cuz I really liked the background effect.

Here is my result and my steps on the back of the coaster.  Just jot down what you did, cuz you never know what you’ll end up with.  The black scratches I used by dipping the edge of my credit card in back paint and making the marks.  I also used a diamond stencil with gold paint and pounced white paint through some drywall joint tape.

I feel like the angel is looking at the cross.  I am in love with the religious images.. the “vintagy” look and the colors.  I never really noticed them for their art before, but they seem to attract me lately.


You can check out one of my coaster collages and tutorials HERE.

Next up is a couple of collages on watercolor paper.  These both measure 8″x6″.

I started with Portfolio Oil Pastels.  If you don’t have these, they are just great for any collage/journal work.  I randomly scribbled lines…


Then rubbed the colors with a damp paper towel.  I added more shadowing on the edges.


Here are the final results…


The bird cage is a transparency transfer directly on the collage and the butterfly is also a transfer, but on thin cardstock that I ripped and stained with ink.  I worked on these side by side so they looked a bit related.  Sometimes, if I think anything is too bold and needs some toning down, I take some fine grit sand paper and give it a rub to fade the area.  It gives a worn look and pushes it back a little.

Finally….. I thought I’d share with you a quick collage piece we did at Mary Beth Shaw’s “Mores Is Less” class that I took at Art is You.  She asked us to play around on paper first before we started on our wood substrates.  I actually like how this came out.

… and speaking of Mary Beth Shaw… please stop by her STENCIL GIRL PRODUCTS site for some great shopping on all the stencils she has available. Stencil love is in your future.. I just know it.  Oh, and while you are there.. pick up some Wood Icing.  You’ll never leave home without it again.

Thanks for stopping by.  I love to hear from you.



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  1. You turned the coaster into fabulous art! Nothing is safe at Art Is You! I love the idea of writing down the colors- how many times have I wished I had written it down! You have so much in your post- the wonderful art is such an inspiration!

  2. More incredible, beautiful creations by Miss Judy! You are such a generous, sharing person, my friend. Those Portfolio Oil Pastels remind me of the “creamy” crayons I bought for my granddaughter at FAO Schwartz in NYC. You can color with them and then rub or use a brush and water to blend them. What fun!

  3. Love these pages Judy… those oil pastels are one of my favorite things to color with. And yes, hand raised sheepishly in the air… I am a coaster thief as well. You are smart to note your color choices on the back!

  4. Thanks for the shout out! I love your collage and am now inspired to do something with my Art is You coasters. Maybe you should host a coaster swap! Love the angel and how she is looking down at the cross, and I also think it’s cool how you made those marks with your credit card. I love Portfolio Pastels too, but haven’t used them this way. I think I’ll give that a try. Your April post and tutorial is fantastic. Sending you virtual hugs…

  5. Sure….but I’ll watch…going to my mom’s for 3 WEEKS.
    I can’t take too much with me. But how can I go for 3 WEEKS without some art..don’t know. The closest Michael’s is 20 miles away, here at home only 1 mile. No Hobby-Lobby; no Jo-Anns. However, if you guys decide yes by Thursday, maybe I’ll pack just a few things….

  6. Just bring a little travel bag of your favorite things. Bring a journal, oil pastels. paint brush then find ephemera at moms. I know you have that there.

  7. Really nice work Judy. I love what you did in Mary Beth’s class. Less truly is more here, really like this piece. Oil pastels are so fun to smoosh around. Coasters, hmmm, missed those, have to be on the lookout in the future. Nice small little canvas ready made! xox

  8. Playing w/the watercolors is so much fun. I really love that last one though. Ummm, “been known to ask the servers at restaurants”? Really Judy? How could I say a thing since I was the beneficiary of your asking at the 99 🙂

  9. Another great post…with more great art! I LOVE your piece from Mary Beth’s class. It’s a display-worthy piece on its own!

  10. Hi Judy, It was lovely to meet you today. Can’t wait to poke around on your blog. I will never look at coasters the same way again. -Karen

  11. First, repeat after me, “My name is Judy and I am addicted to coasters…” Too funny. Always a great challenge to work on a smaller scale. I need to challenge myself to work on a bigger scale. Still love the “trial” collage piece that you did in Mary Beth’s class. I think it may have moved you a bit out of your comfort zone because it is quite different from your usual style. And Portfolio Pastels…love!

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