Art is YOU…Me… and We!


I’m back from Art is You.  What  a fun time.   As you know, this was my first art retreat.  First ever.. and I went alone.  Yup, just me and my talking GPS who kept me company.  C’mon, raise your hand if you think the GPS is awesome?  Wow, one, two, three… see there are a lot of you out there.  “Navigator” on my smartphone rocks!  Love her.

This is what we wore around our necks for the weekend.  So fun.  How could you not smile with that on you each day?  Each morning, we were greeted with a wonderful breakfast buffet and the same at lunch.  It really was a sense of community.  You can read about Art is You and about Sallianne and Ellen, it’s creators, HERE.  Thank you, ladies and anyone else involved in helping make the event a success.

Let me start by saying that as soon as I met my roommate, Jessica, I knew we were a good fit.   As soon as I walked in the room and saw that she had her journal pages and her art supplies all over the bed, I said, “ok.. now we’re talkin”.   Miss you JS.  Hey, we have the same initials.. that has to mean something, right? You can read Jessica’s blog post about AiY HERE.  I love it.

Ok Ok.. i’m getting to the fun stuff.

Saturday was a full day workshop with Serena Barton called Waxing Literacy with Charlotte.  We took an old hard cover book and used encaustic wax, creating a display piece.  Serena is such a great teacher and person.

Hi Serena.. our wax queen!

This class was so much fun.  I had never used encaustic wax before, never mind entrapping a book in it.  Serena gave us frozen chartlotte dolls that were going in a niche that we cut out of the book.  (click on any picture for larger image)

on right:  this is the inside of Serena’s book.. anything look familiar to you.. on the left in the center…hmmmm? She used one of my ‘bellishments.

This is the inside and out side of my book.

More books from the class…..

Far right:   I love that Nancy used a small child’s book.


Wasn’t that fun??  Thank you, Serena!

Getting ready for vendor night…  This place was packed.  Lots of walking around… my feet are still recovering. : (


Now, let’s move on the Sunday’s workshop with Mary Beth Shaw.  What can I say about Mary Beth?  We’ve exchanged emails back and forth about meeting. She’s fun, outgoing and a great teacher; making classes fun… oh and she plays some great music in class.  I’ve been wanting to meet MB and take one of her classes for about 2 years now and both were  more than what I expected.

Mary Beth’s class was called More is Less.  What a journey that was.  Making textures through stencils with paste.. my favorite thing to do.  I wish I had brought smaller substrates.  I worked too big and I think it was a bit overwhelming, to be honest.  So, I finished two.  Fair enough, let’s compromise.

Mary Beth gave me permission to take pictures of her demo.  Here’s a peek.

Yummy Wood Icing and pasta, yes pasta!


These are mine…

… and some of the rest….


..and here are Mary Beth’s 6″x6 boards… beautiful.

Thank you, Mary Beth!!

So, there you have it.. my two classes. Two full days and nights of just fun and camaraderie.  I made new friends and I was able to meet new artists in the mixed media world and say hello to the ones I have taken classes from before.

The ladies in my classes were so talented and fun to be with.  Just imagine being in a place where we all think about art the same, all want to learn and share.  What else could you want?  I plan on keeping in touch with many of my new friends (you know who you are).

..and… can I just say that I need a full body massage now?

Thanks for joining me in this art journey and stopping by.  I love hearing from you.

Judy ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ 


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  1. Boy it sounds like a great workshop. I’m so impressed with all of the art, and really really love the wood icing and pasta. One question though, why does your name badge make you look angry? You’re not an angry person at all. Change that to a smile will ya?

  2. Wow!!! that class would be WAY OVER MY HEAD. The work is so far advanced and I can see why you wanted to attend. It is nice to get away and be with talented people and share ideas.
    I know how tired you must be because it is a non-stop weekend. Your book is very interesting and inventive.

  3. Loved reading this and seeing all the work everyone did. I loved working with the encaustic, too. I’m about to order some resin from Dick Blick — I’m hooked!

  4. Had a blast. Thank you for the heart. I’m putting mine in a magic tin doll that I made in Miss Lights class. I’ll post pictures when she’s done. hope to see you rehire next year.

  5. What a great wrap-up post! Your projects are beautiful… I can’t get over that waxy book! I had Mary Beth on Monday and was astounded… what an artist, and a great teacher. Judy, it was wonderful meeting you and I look forward to keeping in touch!

  6. It was wonderful to be able to meet you there Judy. Your work — and the images from all the other artists in the workshops you took — is really wonderful!

  7. All I can say, Judy, is – WOW!!! I so admire you for going on your own and it looks like you had a fabulous time. What a great post and I love all your pictures. You’ve inspired me to consider going next year….

  8. There is something special about ladies getting together like that. The encaustic is a very interesting. Wonderful,wonderful!

  9. So glad you loved AIY, never doubted it for a second…hopefully we will meet next year when I return from England for the 2nd time, if I had my way I would go every year, but for now every other will do…loved what you created xxx

  10. Hi Judy, What a great blog and what a blast we had at Art Is You. It’s amazing how close you can get to someone in such a short time. And as you know from our cozy space in Serena’s class we were very close ;-). You are an awesome artist and person. I dropped something in the mailbox for you this morning so you should have it in a few days. Please let me know if you don’t get it. Can’t wait to see you again at another retreat. You’re an angel!

  11. Sally, what a blast we had, didn’t we? Thank you so much for the wonderful friendship. Can’t wait to see you again. How was the girls weekend?

  12. So great to meet you at Art is You Judy!! The classes you took look AMAZING!!I dont know if I can wait a whole year for the next one!! heehee!! Happy Creating!! Cat

  13. Thank you for your comments on my blog today! You are so sweet. I’m sure your baking was delicious! The muffins you gave me were so great and my whole family thanks you. By the way did you see the great shout out you got from Serena Barton? Well deserved my friend!

  14. Cat.. thank you so much. Well, I must say, your work is also creative and beautiful. Hey, “creative cat”. That’s what I’ll call you. Yes, next year does seem too long away, doesn’t it?

  15. Oh, Judy! Your tag isn’t angry looking…just perplexed! She was feeling the curiosity you had about coming to Art-Is for the first time and alone…Glad you enjoyed yourself!

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