Mixed Media Coffee Filter Collage Paper w/Video


I’ve had a few requests to show how I do some of my mixed media art.  Ask and you shall receive.

I filmed this about two weeks ago.  Then I had troubles with downloading/uploading, which software to use… yada yada yada.

Here is my first edited (poorly) video.  I decided to make a coffee filter collage piece to show you my process from start to finish.  No planning was done.. I just took out a stash of my “stuff” and see where it took me.

I don’t need to write much more here on the blog, as the video will give you all you need.  I used this same process using used dryer sheets or on a piece of fabric (I like muslin).

I hope you enjoy… and I apologize ahead of time for any hiccups in the editing (in addition to a whining dog, no not my husband.. ha ha).  I’m just getting the hang of this. I think little parts got cut out when I did the editing.  I can see that now.  But you get the idea here on adding layers and fun ephemera.

It’s 18 minutes long… so sit back and relax.  Silence all cell phones, as they say in the movie theaters.

Here are some closer still shots of the final piece.

So many uses… cut up your favorites parts and add to your journals and collages. Imagine this as a unique book cover with sewn pages.  Sew it on a canvas bag or add it to a quilt project.  It’s a pretty strong piece by the time you’re done with the layers of fabric, etc. and gel medium.

Click here to see another collage filter I made.

Here is a reminder of what you can do with the full circle filter:   See how I talk about putting this one together HERE.

Thanks for stopping by and for all your compliments, kind comments and some of you who asked for a video on how it put my art together.

Send this along to a friend who might enjoy it.

Please give this a try.. So easy.. I want to see yours.  Send me pictures and I’ll put them on my blog.

Love having fun with you.  More to come.


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  1. Hi Judy,
    I was so excited to get your video tonight. The explanation of what you do and the products you use are very helpful to those of us that want to do this project. The close up pictures are simply amazing.
    There is so much detail in this one piece and the close ups are a big help. The 18 minutes just flew by and the video is so informative. I thought the video, itself, was just fine. I look forward to any video that you do. It is a treat for me. One question, do you use the gel medium on each layer that you build or do you just use it on the piece when it is finished?
    I am going to go through everything I have. I never realized, until watching the video all that I do have and never would have thought of using some of the things I have, until I watched your video.
    You know, that ANY TIME you want to do a video, it is a treat for us who follow you.

  2. Barb.. I’m so happy to read your comment. That makes it all worth it to me. You can layer gel medium as many times as you want. My first layer was on the coffee filter itself, the with all the gluing down, the glue acts as a protectant also. By the time the final later is done, the filter is very strong. If you decide to take this on, I’d love to see a picture of your art. Thank you for being such a great fan.

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