Mixed Media Tiny Collages


Well, here I am again..yes too long of a stretch.  But, here I am.

It’s definitely been an interesting few months with crazy work hours and my oldest daughter being in grad school this summer through next summer and my youngest daughter graduating from high school and heading to college in the fall.  We got through the parent/senior activities, the graduation, the party and a dance recital.  Moving my oldest into a college house, college orientations.   That doesn’t even include my job which is going through changes like I have never seen in my years here, a trip to Chicago for work.. and… and….  Wait.. am I whining?  Call the “waaaambulance”.  Take me, I’m ready.  Whew.. I feel much better now.

During all of my “un-Me” time, I got into this art rut, block, whatever you want to call it and I just couldn’t get myself up in the studio.  I started to think that something was wrong with me and why can’t I just get up and and start to be creative again. I asked, but no one answered.  Then, just recently I realized that I was successful at so many other things these past few months (see paragraph above) that art had to just go on the back burner for a minute.  I don’t know if it was guilt that was driving me to feel horrible about myself at not being successful at creating, did I care anymore about my art (yes, I do)  or just I was afraid to just start again. So, I am giving myself a break on those feelings now.  They are not completely gone, but definitely not as heavy as they were.

I also realized, after reading some inspiring stories, that after the silence of an art block, there can come great refreshing ideas.. a new window will open.. an opportunity of fresh art, work, creativity.  Ya, I’m still waiting for that.

The other thing I thought of was – I need a great workshop to attend.. something different and with a  real LIVE art teacher.   So, I have some plans for the fall, I decided.  I’ll be sharing that with you soon.

BUT… I did get up in the studio last night… Can I get a “woooo hoooo”.. did some painting, collage and some doodle art.  I was alone and it was blissful, I tell you… blissful.

Let’s get on with it, Judy… oh sorry.. yes….

So, I started making these little 2×2 collages a while back and I put some finishing touches on them.  I am just in love.. Working small is fun.

These are made using Stampboard, a great surface to make art on.  Here are the 3 and a couple of closeups.

I put them in a necklace box and painted the box black; sort of a shadow box effect.


I started with liquid acrylic paints. Then I added some little scraps of paper (black area). My handmade Dryer Sheet Collage Art Paper and my Gel Skin Art; just tiny pieces.  Of course my handmade “Button n’ bellishments” from polymer clay.  I added some tiny scraps of screening also. I just love the little embellishments and bling…. and the texture, the texture.. oh my favorite.

Working smaller can be a little less overwhelming if you don’t want to go big ………..or medium.

And look… look at what my oldest daughter gave me from her art classes in college.

Paper, palettes, paints, brushes.. All mine.  How can I not get creative with all of this yumminess in my possession?  Thanks, Megan.

Thanks for hanging in there with me.

Judy ♥  (I really wish that WordPress would have some better icons to put in the blogs) sorry.. no whining.


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  1. Those are sweet little collages, Judy. Glad to see you found some “me-time” in your busy schedule. I agree with you that new things can emerge from this fallow period. Let the muse percolate. Jot down your ideas and soon you’ll give birth to amazing new art.

  2. whaaahoooooooooo, Judy. Life can get overwhelming and busy but the creative juices inside wait patiently for us to come back, always. I admire your spunk with your full time job and busy family life…nothing keeps you down girl

  3. Judy, I am glad you cut yourself a break. This is a super busy time of the year with school age kids.
    Sometimes that is all you can do is take care of your family….and that is enough. Great collage trio.

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