College Art Exhibition


I recently had the privilege to attend my daughter’s first college art (minor) gallery exhibition with 7 other of her art class peers.

She didn’t tell me too much about what she was creating to keep it a surprise, so I was amazed at her work when I got to the gallery.

First, let me say, the talent in the class was so impressive.  I know what kind of hard work goes into these kind of pieces and according to Megan, they all worked for weeks on these to prepare for the show.

Here are some highlighted photos of what I captured.  CLICK ON PHOTOS TO GET A CLOSER LOOK

This is the invitation to the show.  Meg is on the bottom left.

Meg’s work was more mixed media art.. love it!  We’ll start with her pieces.

Her statement and by exhibit



Now, the rest of the students…

Left, below is corrugated cardboard and air brush painting.  Right, below is ballerina painting on fabric.

Below is wrapped canvas around a metal pole then the pole is put into a big rock. I love this.  Look at these faces?


Below, each drawing is done with thousands of tiny dots. Amazing!

Below is driftwood art and animal eyes.  Just beautiful!


Congratulations to all the students on their first art exhibit.  I was just blown away by all of the creativity and energy in the gallery.  I wasn’t able to take photos of all the art, but they were all great.

I’m hoping some of this art will inspire me to get back up in my studio when work calms down a bit… a lovely thought.  If I keep repeating it, it will happen. Right?

I hope you enjoyed this little peek of the art show.  Naturally, I am so proud of Megan.  I can’t wait to display some in my home.. if she’ll let me.

Thanks for dropping by.



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  1. Wow….wee wow wow! Judy, I am so happy to discover your lovely daughter is an art minor. You are obviously super proud. I love her canvas piece. That exhibition looks fantastic with all that brilliant inspired art. Thanks so much for sharing with us. Again….Wow!

  2. A very talented, artistic family. Hard to say which one I like most, since she’s got such a great range of style. Really love the long colorful one, but the crayons really strike me too. And they eyes – just beautiful.

  3. Bravo to Megan and to all the contributors. Beautiful artwork. The colors and creativity amazing. I really loved Megan’s bio too. Very deep and truth.

  4. Hi Judy,

    God has blessed your daughter with a very special gift for art. I loved the embellished head, I’ve done a few myself and it was a wonderful challenge. The bright colors, talent for drawing faces, (I’m jealous), and imagination are are just a few of what I hope to achieve someday in my world of art. She is a beautiful woman just like her mother!………..Viviane

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