Hand Art and more from the studio…


Let me lend you a hand, shall I?  A little LOVE for you.

I had fun painting my hand to contribute to Art is You.

I’ve also been working on a piece using Wood Icing.  I love this product. Not sure how I’ll finish it yet, but here’s how I got there…

I started off with a piece of cardboard from a cereal box (12×6″ish).  Gessoed it, let dry.    Then spread a layer of Wood Icing with a palette knife.  Then I made marks on it for texture, using a butter knife and the little center plastic thingie-majiggie from a roll of transparent tape. After the Wood Icing was dry, the cardboard started to bow a little, so I let it sit under a heavy book overnight.  That did the trick.


I spread brown paint all over the Wood Icing and smooshed it into the textured grooves and patterns.


Then I wiped the surface off with baby wipe or damp paper towel, but leaving the paint in the grooves. Groovy!

I just love this look.  The surface has a bit of a crackle to it.  It really looks like wood.


Once the “stain” was dry, I stared to spread some Cobalt Teal Heavy Body acrylic paint along the edge.  Yes, you know this is my favorite color.  Then I spread some Raw Sienna and Nickel Azo Gold acrylic paint.


I took a tiny bit of black acrylic paint and rubbed it in sections then wiped it off quickly.  Just to give it a worn look.  I’m not done with this, but this is what is looks like now.. I love these colors.    Wood Icing is pretty amazing.


Next up are a few background papers I was playing around with when a friend (hi Raine :^) ), came over and we took over my kitchen table and painted and sprayed and had a blast.

I used deli paper for the surface of these pages.  Lots of spray inks and acrylic paint and stencils….


For this surface, I used a Tyvek envelope.  Tyvek is the same material that Federal Express uses for their envelopes.

Acrylic paint (yes, I know.. teal again). Rubber stamps and stencils.

Where are you going?  I’m’ not done.

One one of my recent posts about my cousin, Wayne.. SEE POST HERE, I decided to take a piece of corrugated cardboard and see what I could do with it.

Here is my mixed media piece.  It’s about 4×6″ish.  Gessoed first, then added my handmade polymer clay Button ‘n bellishments, copper wire, stencil background with small bits of newspaper, image, handmade copper/patina paper that I had hanging around that I made years ago.

Getting up in the studio has been a challenge lately with my corporate job taking up a lot of my time.  I still try to balance my personal and business life.  Do I succeed?  Sometimes, I don’t think so.  All I know is that when I finally get up in the studio, I’m happy and peaceful creating art… for me… and for you.

More art and more recipes to come.  I’m reading a couple of new art books that are really challenging me to try new things.  Stay tuned on that….

… and as always.. thanks for stopping by my blog and your interest.



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  1. So great to get your blog post in my email in-box!
    More amazing and inspiring works, Judy!
    Love that you share your step-by-step processes…
    and you know I love that teal color and the Wood Icing!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. The cereal box looks like wood in the end result. Does the gesso ever crack on you? I generally have problems with gesso, not sure if it’s because it dries too fast or if I am using too much of it.

  3. Hi Michelle… I have not had the gesso crack.. however, this time I’m not sure if it was the gesso or the wood icing that cracked. I also might have been the cardboard not being solid and heavy, like a piece of wood. I do like the look of the cracking, even though it was not planned.

  4. Hi Nancy. Fist, thank you for stopping by my blog. Yes, it is the same piece that started as a piece of cardboard with wood icing. If you click the link on the first time I used the words “wood icing”, it will take to the website of the product. It’s like a paste that hardens that can be sanded, carved,etc. They also use it to restore furniture.

    The last piece with the woman’s face is just a smaller piece on corrugated cardboard.

  5. Fun pieces Judy. Glad you were able to spend some time in your studio playing. I think that is when we create our best pieces; just going with the flow and seeing what happens. No expectations. I wonder if you can use the wood icing with encaustic….

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