Artist Dedication – Wayne Gowell


Today, I am dedicating my post to my cousin and genius artist, Wayne Gowell.

I’ve always admired Wayne’s artistic style.  I spent a day with him, about a year ago, in his basement studio where we created copper dolls (paper doll style).  Just watching him was amazing.. just amazing.  I said to myself, people would pay for a workshop like this, and here I am having the pleasure to just hang out with him and  be part of his artistic genius.

He has so many titles besides artist such as graphic designer, photographer, electronic wizard (although he’s to humble to say it, so I’ll say it for you, Wayne).

I asked Wayne to describe himself and his artistic style and passions.. he says…

“I’m just a nutty guy that likes to draw and create things from nothing.  Imagination is the fuel that drives my boat!  I love using (these days) recycled materials cardboard, water-soluble crayons, ink, spray paint, dirt, cloth, industrial paints,  anything to make marks on two-dimensional surfaces, even three-dimensional. I always thought of myself as an artist, not a realist or abstract expressionist or any particular label…Someone who comments on the times he lives in.  

As far as passions, I have many.  Lately it’s integrating art and technology for social commentary…I always felt an artist should express something about the times they live in, with an emphasis on making things more positive and joyful. Humor is another vehicle I love to insert into art, I don’t take anything too seriously and love to do things I don’t know how to do…It gives me permission to just work things out, take advantage of happy accidents, follow the flow wherever it may lead.  As Rauschenberg said,  “the world is my palette”.   Always loved that line, it’s so true –  there is subject matter everywhere & anywhere, you just have to be open to exploring life and taking chances.” – Wayne Gowell

Self-portrait of Wayne….

I recently visited Wayne and he allowed me to take some pictures of some of his current work.

This is his series of  his cardboard people called “People from All Walks of Life” … enjoy!

Can you guess who that is, below?

Three workers: water soluble crayon & gouache

Below, Wayne saves his cat’s (Floyd) food tins and puts his oil paints in them.  He created this cardboard crate to hold all the tins.  This is his garage.  Look at all the boxes in the back.  Serious business.. I mean, really!

Beatles sketch…watercolor pencil & water soluble crayons

A little bit of clay and electronics.  The body of this person is an old radio transistor board.   He also loves to make his own Automata art.  I know!

This Automata, below, called “Creep in the Window”, will show the face in the center moving up and down.  So cool.

This is how he describes it:  “Automata – made from recycled  cardboard, computer graphic, watercolor, enamel, ink, spray paint, wood and a spring wound motor.  From a series of “People from all walks of Life”.”


AFTER.. Click to watch it in action.

Just one (of many) of his work spaces.

Wayne also is a flea market lover.  He will pick up vintage electronics or toys and fix them and sell them on ebay along with his sketches.  You can check out his ebay store HERE.

Wayne has graciously given me his email address to share with you if you’d like to say hello or ask him any questions.  He is literally one of my favorite people in the world.  Meet him. Tell him Judy sent you.
His email is:

Wow.. well, I don’t know about you, but I”m inspired.  So much so, that I got hold of some cardboard and I’ll be making some art with it… a great palette once it’s got a few coats of gesso on it.  Wayne even makes his own wood frames to hold the cardboard like stretched canvas.  I know.. he’s #1 in my book.  Maybe he’ll let me video tape him in action one day.

I hope you enjoyed this art dedication.

As always, thanks for stopping by.  We love it here.



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  1. Great dedication to your cousin Wayne and his art. I know how much you admire him and his work. Now I see why! Thanks for sharing a little bit of Wayne & his art with us.

  2. hi judy, known wayne around 4 yrs (used to work together) all around caring guy. totally nuts and off the wall (very good thing) which comes off in a complimentary way in his art

  3. sorry, didn’t know you commented. Came across your blog by accident. Great blog.

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