In The Studio.. Coffee Filter Collage Art


Ok.. where did we leave off?  Oh yes.. computer drama. Don’t remind me.  Let’s just get to arting around.

I”m getting in the studio as much as I can.. sneaking in here and there.  Today, I want to take you down the road of making used coffee filter collage papers.  You’ve heard me mention them before in this post.

I am a coffee drinker.. every day…so I started to save the filters. Once they had time to absorb the used coffee grinds, they are stained beautifully.  If you aren’t a coffee drinker, go buy yourself a cheap jar of instant coffee grounds and stain paper or even fabric which absorbs is like a sponge.  You can also use tea or even beets (see post I did here).

So, let’s begin, shall we…

(Oh, and a note before I start.. I”m trying to keep my pictures in a smaller format so that it won’t take forever to draw the picture for you.  Click on the picture to get a bit bigger shot.  Thanks.)

It starts with taking the filter with the coffee grinds still in in and laying it out on a plate, paper bag, plastic bag; you get the idea.  Let it dry – then wipe off the filters.  The plate on the right is after I’ve wiped the grinds off the filter.  The paper plate I used gets all coffee stained too and that can be cut up and used in your collages also.

I took the filter and did a wash of teal acrylic paint and water.  Let dry.  I love the contrast of the paint and the natural coffee stains.


I spread gel medium on one side, let dry then the other to make the filter a bit stronger.  Then I used “YES” glue to adhere my pieces. It’s not bad to work with; I wanted to give it a try. A little stiffer to spread.


So, I’m just taking whatever I have in my studio and start gluing to my filter.

This piece below is a coffee filter that I painted and glittered with many layers.. so I”m going to rip that up and use it. I just love my lace paper with the spiral. Yum.

Below, adding lace and tissue papers.  The tissue paper on the bottom was hand stamped with one of my tiny hand carved stamps.. so cute.

Adding fabric and painted doily.

Now, after I added some lace to the edge of the filter, I wanted to stain it.. so I used Distress Ink – Wild Honey.  I took the ink pad and rubbed it on my craft sheet (or you could use palette or freezer paper (shiny side) and spritz some water on it to create an ink liquid.  Then I just brushed it on the lace.  I dabbed a little of teal paint on it too.. cuz you know I’m a “teal” freak.


This fleur de lis was done with tissue casting.  Like paper casting, but I do it with tissues.  I’ve never tried the actual paper casting where they shred papers in a blender with liquids and smoosh those fibers into molds.   Little Miss Patience (me), has no time for that.   I found this site on paper casting with tissue paper and glue  just to give you an idea of what I’m talking about..

In the method I use, it’s layers of tissue (the kind you blow your nose with) and gel medium on a rubber stamp.. then I stained with inks, filled the image with glitter glue and dipped the edges in a little pool of Krylon Gold Leaf.

I tried to do a butterfly image transfer onto the filter, but it did not come out all the way.. so I drew an eye in the section that was empty.  I quite like it.

Here’s the final coffee filter collage:

Well, that was fun.

Wait.. I’m not done…  So, I had this little canvas, 2 1/2 x 3 1/2″, just hanging around.  I decided to paint/collage it and give it away.

Here’s how it came about….


I started by making my own spray paints using acrylic paints and water.. Sprayed the canvas using all the colors in different places and letting some colors drip.  I dipped a cap into red acrylic paint and stamped that on the canvas.  Cut out some old dictionary pages into circles.  Used oil pastels for shading around the circles.  Added my stripe border and stained it.

YOU WANT IT???  Leave a comment and tell a friend.  I’ll draw a winner by next weekend (US only please.. sorry).

Well, as you can see, I couldn’t contain myself  this week; especially since I was gone for two.  Hope you enjoyed the ride.

.. and as always THANK YOU for stopping by and checking things out.


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  1. Glad to have you back! 🙂
    Always inspired by your art and love seeing the step-by-step process you document.
    Would love to win that wonderful little painting!

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