Back and new stuff…


You’re probably wondering, where the beejeezus is Judy.  She never writes, calls or sends flowers.  Sorry, I’m here.. been a long stretch, but I have updates.

Anyway, I had two weeks off from work and it was nirvana, I tell you.  But the funny thing was, I thought I was going to be up in the studio most of the time, but it never really worked out that way.  Three of us got the flu and that set me back a week, daughter home from college, cooking, gathering.. and on and on.  So, here I am almost 2 months later from starting my canvas….  Nuff of that…  moving on now…

So, last time, I left you with the latest canvas I started.  Click HERE to remember.

I took more still shots  of my work, but not every single step in my progress.  I got so caught up in the fun creative process.  But, I have a surprise for you at the end of this blog.

Here we go…

So, here is the progress about 3/4 the way through.

I made some flower stems from fabric that I loaded up with gel medium and let them dry.  Then ripped a lace-like tablecloth in a strip and diluted it with paint for the “grass” for the flowers.  You’ll see in a minute.


I forgot to mention that I cut a necklace chain for the stem of the bottom flower.  Bracelets for the ground of smaller flowers that were actually bobby pins.

Then I made my polymer clay leaves for the flowers.  I must say, stamping into clay is so fun.  In the center flower at the top of the canvas, I also stamped text into the leaves.  I am loving that look.   I may take a small portion of a larger rubber stamp and if I don’t particularly like the stamp anymore, I’ll cut the section off that I like.   A small detailed scissors is great to cutting around a clay stamped image.

To see my tutorial on how I make my “Buttons ‘n bellishments, GO HERE.  This shows you the button process, but can be used the same for embellishments.

Here are some final pictures, but at the end, I’ll take you through the process with a surprise.

On my wall….

.. and finally, what I have been working on all day… a short video of me going through my canvas.  A few corrections on words I noticed I should have fixed, but I had already done the video once before, so I kept it in. It’s just me talkin it up with you.   I hope you enjoy and would love some comments.

MixedMediaCanvas by Judy Shea 12112 from Judy Shea on Vimeo.

As always, thank you for stopping by and sharing this blog adventure with me.



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  1. Judy,
    This piece is stunning. The detail all over the piece is so varied and beautiful. I really enjoyed the video. I hope you do more in the future.
    I have saved your video on my external hard drive so I can spend more time looking at each part of the canvas. I hope you hung it where everyone can enjoy the beauty.
    Take Care,

  2. Here’s a little love, Jude! Great job! Love the canvas. The flowers are cool. I really enjoyed the video, too. It was nice to have explanations for the parts of the canvas. The yard looks pretty with the snow and the birds. Nice touch!

  3. Judy, Welcome back to blog world. Glad you are back to your healthy self. This canvas is rich and fun. I love the details and layers, it is so pretty. it looks like you had a blast doing it.

  4. Hi Judy,

    I can identify with how you felt with creating on something so large. I too get overwhelmed when working on something large. I feel out of control. I like the way you show products you use. Those pictures of snow and birds are so beautiful. I adore snow, just don’t like the ice stuff. I’m looking forward to seeing your next creative project. Keep those creative ideas going……….Viviane

  5. Judy, this canvas is so cool! Lots of creative work went into it…. and it’s so nice that you explained each component. Great video. Awesome. Love that you pointed out your materials/supplies, too. That is sooooo helpful. Keep on creating. You’re a natural.

  6. Thank you, everyone, for all the great responses. So happy you enjoyed the video too. I have it hanging in my upstairs hallway. You are all the best.

  7. hello judy,
    i love your canvas and really appreciate the video. don’t you just love polymer clay? i do, too. i found your blog while on interweaves site. i love seeing the view outside your studio window, it reminded me of home. i am originally from michigan, but living in arizona now. how did that happen? oh, well. by your lovely accent, i guess you are ‘out east’, as i am used to calling it. i am a life long crafter/artist, but a detour into chronic illness has slowed me down. i’m now 60 yrs old, and i surely don’t know how that happened either !! it was very nice to meet you and i would love to stop in again.
    God bless you, dear, kathy

  8. Judy, I just started working with canvas and mixed media. I love it!! Thanks for the wonderful inspiration, now I know there are no limits to what you can put on a canvass – your’s is so interesting, I’m sure it took many hours of work to create such a wonderful piece.


    Carmen L

  9. Kathy..I’m sure you appreciate AZ when we are dealing with the cold here. So glad you stopped by and do come back. Age seems to creep up on us too quickly.

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