Give-a-way Winner and some Mixed Media Art


Congratulations, Vivane!!!!  You are the winner of my fabric give-a-way.   WOOT WOOT!!   I’ll be in touch to get your address.

Well, I did get up in the studio this weekend.  I started to play around in one of my small water color notebooks.. about 5″ x 4″.   I smooshed around some paint then added some old dictionary pages to the surface.  I began to draw a face.. nothing fancy, as I am not a good drawer.. just funky fun.. and it grew into this little girl with a dictionary dress and arms.. then I kept going with colors and embellishments.  Look how she turned out..  She a cutie patootie.  I plan on mailing this to a family member of mine… surprise.

This happens to me all the time.  I have a slight plan to start a project then I get up in studio and I do something completely different with no planning whatsoever.   So…. I picked up a large blank pre-made journal (8″ x 11 1/2″).  It was all black and very lonely.  I decided to mix media the heck out of it.

Here’s how it evolved:

Here is the journal.. very basic.. inside is just lined pages.

I began to glue the following:  left over paper towels from clean up, lace papers, fabric pieces, doilies, decorative papers, lace, polymer clay, resin music paper, burlap, coffee filter pieces and tissue paper casting (center piece) that I made.  I added some paint (cobalt teal) in spots that were white or bare..  Then I added a strip of checkerboard duct tape to the binding.

Watch the progress:  and click on picture for close ups and then juicy close up towards the end.

Juicy close up alert on the following pictures.. click and click.

I sprayed PYMII on all my work to seal it.

I hope you enjoyed that progress of my journal cover.  It felt good to get messy again and up in the “Judio”.

Thanks for stopping by.



9 responses »

  1. The little girl is so colorful and I love the boots!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The journal is simply beautiful. I think it gets some big
    Beautiful work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The blue gems are so eye catching. Heck, the entire cover is impressive. I think what makes your work so unique is that many of the things you used on the journal not many people would even consider using. It is not just “thrown together” and everything seems to have a place of its own. I stopped and studied each piece.
    Love the snow. lol

  2. My gosh, Barb.. what a great compliment. I love that you think my work is different.. I sure hope so.
    I love the snow.. WordPress offers us that each winter. Thanks, again.

  3. Judy,

    You have alot of the things I love on the cover of the journal, i.e.; color, heart, face, music, the flower, butterfly and of course, the bead. Love them all because these are the things I either draw, paint, my flower bed and the bead (because I’m a beader). It looks really good, did you make the face? Just curious. I love to learn new things as I go andI do! Thanks for sharing……………….Viviane

  4. Thanks, Vivane… I start off the face with a mold then I change it by stretching it, adding features, cutting it.. make it my own. It’s polymer clay.

  5. Miss Judy,

    I got home tonight and found a wonderful, exciting, fun padded envelope just full of joy and bliss. Not only was the envelope carefully decorated, but the contents are fabulous! I will never forget getting such a fun gift. You are such a warm, loving lady who shares her passion with others. That’s what life is all about the love and joy we share with others. Take care and God Bless you……..Viviane

  6. That is the best note I’ve ever received, Viviane. I am so happy that you enjoyed my package. I can’t wait to hear what you do with all the goodies.

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