Getting Inspired with friends and Riley’s art


Well, it’s been a bit busy ova here lately.  Funny though I can’t even tell you why.  You know what I’m talkin about, right?   You get busy, the days fly by and you can’t even remember what you did the day before.  Oh wait… or is that just me?  Is that just me and my getting older?  Me being forgetful?  Me approaching menopause?  Me being……….. oh never mind.. I forgot.

Anyhoo… I want to share some lovely photos of a recent gathering I went to.  It was the Rhode Island Polymer Clay Guild’s 12th Anniversary.  I used to be part of the team there, but I stepped away about 4 years ago.  However, I do still keep in touch with the fabulous ladies there and they invited me back for the soiree.  We all brought some food.  The ladies all brought their art and I did not.  I just talked for about 6 hours.  What?

Here are some goodies that everyone one brought:

HULLO?  It was fantastic.  Thanks ladies for being such wonderful hosts… Toine, Bobbie, Sandy, Dora, Pat, Rita and Toni.

Some of the women there do more than just polymer clay.  The creativity and skills are vast, I tell you, in this small group.

I took some pictures that really inspired me.

Toine is a creative soul in that, if she could, would make her own shoes.  She’s told me this a few times.  That just amazes me.  She showed me a travel mini- watercolor paint palette that she made out of an mini eye shadow case.

You basically dig out the old eye shadow powders and fill the empty sections with watercolor tube paint and let dry.  She even uses the eye shadow brush as the paint brush.  You could just buy one of these eye shadow minis at a dollar store too.

Toine shared a site with me on how to make one.. it’s called INSTRUCTABLES.. great site to learn from.  I’m definitely trying this.   I just love this idea!

Toine also made her own mini watercolor pad.  It was about 3×4.  You can see it sitting next to her palette.  Another thing I must try.  Check out this one also at INSTRUCTABLES.

My partner in crime, Bobbie, was working on a new bracelet made out of buttons.  I recently sent Bobbie a bunch of my “buttons n’bellishments”.  She took my homemade polymer buttons and mixed them with regular buttons and hand sewed them to a thick black cloth elastic band.   I had made one in the past out of my polymer buttons, but hers came out much nicer.  I had too much space and you could see all the black band.

The red, turquoise, and bone-like buttons are the ones I made out of polymer clay.

Bobbie.. this came out deliciously gorgeous.  The trick to hers was the overlapping of the buttons so when you put it on your wrist, it didn’t stretch out and show the band.

Bobbie is also taking up water color painting.  Look at these beautiful pages she made that just made me salivate… ew.. not really… I behaved.

My creative juices went nuts when I saw these… oh the things I could do with those.  I can’t wait to see what she does with them.  It’s endless.

In other creativity news, I turn to children.  My great niece, Riley, is a great little artist.  I promised her I would take a picture of her door art at home.  Her creations here range over the past year from home art, pre-school and now kindergarten.  I share this now, with you, my blog friends.

Riley and her mom.

Mom, Christina, is another creative soul.  I guess it runs in the family.  You can see one of Christina’s creations HERE ..when she made me a special fabric card for my 50th birthday.


Isn’t Riley just awesome?  Look at these colors, people.  Don’t you think we should all display our art this way in our homes?   Don’t ever stop creating Riley.  I love you so much…. Love,  Auntie Judy.

I hope you are inspired.  Go make a mini water color palette or a button bracelet.  Be inspired by children’s art.

Thanks for stopping by and leave some comments for Riley.. she will love to read them.



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  1. Riley,
    I love all the work that you have done at school and home! You are amazing! Love you and miss you! xoxo Tara

  2. Judy , Judy, Judy…It was great having you join us on our 12th anniversary. We miss your membership. I hope this last meeting will give you the incentive to come more often to visit.

    I could not have made that button bracelet without the generous gift of your pc buttons. They really are fabulous. I had so much fun making this bracelet. It was like doing a collage combining your handmade buttons and the interesting buttons I have collected in my sewing box. Thank you.

    Riley, you are adorable! I love all the designs and colors on your door. Your Auntie Judy must be a great inspiration for you, I am sure.

  3. Hello Judy, it looks like you had a great time at the soiree. I really liked the idea of putting your buttons together to make a bracelet, an idea I may use with the buttons you sent me. I am thrilled with my collection and keep picking it up and touching the buttons they are so tactile, so clever. Regards Mandy

  4. Judy, it was great seeing and chatting with you at the Guild’s anniversary. Getting together with other artists is so inspiring for all of us. We get ideas and motivation from one another. Hope to see you again soon.

  5. Thank you so much for displaying our artwork, You are always an inspiration to us! Love C and R xoxo

  6. Judy, loved your account of our guild meeting ! You rock, girl ! Great food photos, and a very nice description of Toine’s mini painting kit and Bobbie’s button bracelet. Your great niece Reily, is so adorable and talented. You must have an ‘artist’s gene’ running in your family ! Wish you could join us every month on our guild days, but of course life does take us all in many different direction………….Hope to see you again soon !!

  7. Riley,
    Your artwork is great! I love all the colors you chose. Also, the photo of you and mommy is beautiful.
    Love, Marianne

  8. Riley,
    I love your art work. You are very special and talented in so many ways. You art door is awesome and the picture of you and your mom is just beautiful. My love to you and mommy. Auntie Joannie

  9. Yum, I could almost taste all that food! Sounds like you had a great time. Love Toine’s travel size watercolor palette. Great idea. Not surprised that Riley is brimming with the creative muse. It definitely runs in the family. Wonderful artwork, Riley.

  10. Ri Ri, I always love seeing all the new things you created when we go to your house. You are a great little artist and a terrific little cousin! Love, Maryl, BFF

  11. Judy, thanks for sharing Riley’s art door with us. She’s lucky to have someone like you to encourage her.

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