A “Nesting” We Will go…..


I’d like to take you on a journey to a beautiful vintage hideaway in Concord, MA called Nesting on Main.

I had the pleasure of going there recently with a good friend of mine, Amy.  No, I was not paid to talk about Nesting, I just wanted to put the warmth of their store in my blog.  Of course, I asked permission to do so and they were thrilled.

So, without further ado.. enjoy the journey..











Wasn’t that fun???  Now, if you live in Massachusetts, look up Concord, MA and get yourself to Main Street and check out Nesting in person.

Thanks for stopping by.



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  1. Wow… what a place!
    Happy Birthday, my friend! Hope you will you be joining us (RIPCG) at our September meeting.
    Miss you!

  2. Diane… if you want company.. let me know…
    Thanks, Pat.. it is a cool place
    Tricia… thanks for the birthday wishes.. I’m hoping to be there for the partaaaaaeeee.

  3. Thanks, Bobbie.. I bought some small things.. like vintage music composition pad and some bone butterflies to make a necklace out of… I’ll definitely need your skills to help me. I’m coming to meeting.

  4. Judy, Simply Beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing. Concord is one of my favorite Massachusetts towns. I love the bird nests in the frame. Very cool stuffl

  5. Didn’t we have fun that day? We must go back around the holidays. Your pictures look great. Nestings is one of my favorite stores in Concord. Love the bone china doll heads on the lampshade frames. Thanks for sharing the day my friend.

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