Give-a-way Winner & New Mixed Media Woman on Canvas


Congratulations to……………

(my daughter’s hands; she drew the name)

Mandy Currie…. OMG how exciting!   Mandy, send me your home address to my email at and I’ll get your chock full package out to you.   Besides my “buttons n’bellishments”, I’ve put together a bunch of fun materials for you to start playing with your new mixed media creations.


And speaking of creations, this is my new mixed media piece that I just finished.  This is just one thing you can do with  “Button n’bellishments”.  I had a vision about a beautiful woman who had hair made of my handmade b&b’s.  This was just FUN FUN FUN!!!

Click picture for details and a closer look.  Measures 9’x 12′

Now… don’t get all excited and think that I drew this woman’s face.. I did not!! It is a paintover.  I could not, for the life of me, draw a woman’s face that I was happy with… wait, let me rephrase that… I could not draw a woman’s face.. period…… so…..I found an unknown face in a magazine and did a gesso wash over it and drew over the features, enhancing them a bit more with paint, watercolor pencils and glitter.  I exaggerated her eyes and eyebrows completely.. redid her nose and lips.  I tinted the skin with watercolor pencils and made her eyes look like a showgirl in Vegas.  There is some texture left under the face that is showing some lumpiness that I’m not too thrilled with.. but I  certainly learned from that tiny mistake.. love when that happens.

All around her, I used fabric, ribbon, paper, doilies, lace, paint and glitter.  Underneath all of that is a layer of acrylic paint and gesso that I put on thick for texture then painted over that then added glitter.

Now, for the hair, I used my handmade polymer clay “button n’bellishments”.. and in between the clay pieces it filled it in with sead beads.

Yay.. she’s marvelous.. she’s going up on a wall in my house.

Thanks for visiting and for everyone who entered the give-a-way… THANK YOU.   Please stop by again… I’ll be doing more of that.



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  1. Awesome!!! When I saw that pile of “b & b” goodies in your last post, I never would have dreamed to use them atop a head!!!! Funky hair…funky hat…whatever… Very innovative and certainly shows thinking outside the box.

  2. This is lovely, the brilliant colors, the composition, the rich texture and detail. It is very cool. You have been very busy with your polymer clay. You are so talented. ( I bet you could draw a face).

  3. Thank you, Autumn, Raine and Barb… it’s always so nice to get those kind of responses. Glad you like my woman.. she was a fun project.

  4. Love your new mixed-media woman on canvas!
    So talented! The colors and textures are gorgeous!

    Thank you, too, for joining my art blog hop and posting the button on your site!
    I am your newest blog follower! 🙂

    All the best,

  5. Awesome new artwork, Judy. Love the composition and the use of the b & b’s for her hair. I bet if Medusa had your bellishments for hair (instead of snakes-eek), she would’ve been a happier lady. Can’t wait to see this piece in person.

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