In the Studio


Wow.. what a weekend… Hurricane Irene visited us, I’m sure you heard from all the media about it.  We were very lucky here in my part of Mass.  It was more like a big tropical storm.  I know many many others were not so fortunate and lost power, trees down and some fallen on houses.  Let’s hope they will all recover and get back to normal soon.  Now that the storm has passed, we are having the most beautiful weather… just perfect for me… cool, dry, sunny.. nature’s own air conditioning.

To the art table….

While we were socked inside, I was able to get into the studio for some play time.  I’m working on a new mixed media canvas with the idea of adding many of my “button n’bellishments” to the piece.  So, I took several hours on Saturday and on Sunday to create like crazy.

Here what I made:  Click picture for larger details

…and some details below

“Bliss” and “Art” hearts made with cheap dollar store aluminum foil as the filler.

I am always amazed how long it takes me to make these.. it’s definitely a process that is zen-like…. or “back-hurt” like.

If you’d like to see how I make some of my buttons.. CLICK HERE.

I received a few emails from followers that they did not have a blog to link my give a way on.  My apologies to all that could not enter.  Turns out that no one actually entered.  Well, that’s a big lesson for me.  Doy! (smack head here)

Let’s try this again, shall we?  JUST LEAVE A MESSAGE BELOW and you will be entered to win some of my “button n’bellishments”… and some fun ephemera for all your mixed media creations. I’ll pick a winner next Monday, 9/5 (is that September already?)… geesh.

As always, I’m so happy that you stopped by to hang out for a few minutes.

Stay tuned to see what I’m going to do with new fun b n’b’s.



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  1. Wow! Those winged hearts are AWESOME! I’m particularly fond of the one underneath “Bliss”. The leaves are really cool, too. I don’t remember you making those before. I like ’em!
    It’s obvious that you spent quite a bit of time with these. Great job!

  2. Hello Judy, just love your blog and creativity. Your buttons are beautiful and such fun and I would love to enter your giveaway. I’m still new to mixed media and learning is fun.

  3. FUN FUN FUN!!! I am going to have to get my clay out and give these a try, they are just too cute. Glad you are safe from the storm…..

  4. I also love your blog. I have been following some of your tutorials for my own mixed-media creations. (Particularly the acrylic on wax paper.) I’m glad you didn’t get hit too hard with the hurricane. Your buttons are beautiful and I would love the enter your giveaway.

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