Art Page Re-make – little handmade journal/book


Hello there friendly people…. I sure hope that everyone is getting some relief from this heat we’ve been having across the country.  It has just been perfect here in Mass. these last two days….  dry, sunny and breezy.. about mid 70’s..  You can begin to smell the fall coming.  I remember the days when I was a kid in school and you knew school was about to start; it was fall and you could smell it in the air.  Funny how things stay with you like that.

Ok.. moving on to some art sharing.

Remember this page I did with Portfolio Oil Patels?  Click here to jog your memory

Well, it was pretty, but I did nothing for me.  The smooshed beads all over the place?; it just needed something else.  SOOOOOOOOOO….I made it into a journal and embellished the front with my handmade polymer clay  “buttons n ‘bellishments”.  Size 5 1/2 x 7.  CLICK FOR LARGER PICTURES.

This is much better, don’t you think?

Inside covers are glued scrapbook paper.


The inside pages are made from poster board and each page is gessoed and ready to add mixed media love to it.

While I was making this one, I took the left over torn pages and made a small journal (5×3).  Front and back is covered with decorated duct tape (have you seen all the new styles yet?), some black trim across and a beaded thingamajig.  Inside covers is more old scrapbook paper I had. I used two polymer clay beads I made holding the sewn binding in place.  Made a nice big knot so they wouldn’t move.

I’m always happy to see a Friday come along after a long week of work.   Everyone needs a break.. don’t we?

Thanks, all, for stopping by.  I’ll be doing a give-away next week.. stay tuned.



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  1. This journal is beautiful, and I love the black and white one, very classy. I bet you will fill them up with wonderful art.

  2. Beautiful, Judy! I love how you take a little bit of this and a little bit of that and combine the elements into a wonderfully harmonious, colorful piece! Love your ‘bellishments! Fabulous, inspirational work, as always.

  3. Hi Judy, I love the new journal cover. I have to agree with you on the original layout. The polymer embellishments really pulled the piece together and give the cover more depth. I saw some of the patterned duct tape this weekend at the hardware store. Who knew the ol’ grey stuff would be transformed into something so lovely. Great job!
    P.S: Nice new picture of you up in the right corner of you blog. I like it.

  4. Wow Judy! I love how you pushed this piece further to take it to something you love, rather than sitting back and just liking it. It really sings now! Look forward to seeing your creativity first hand in May at Interlacken! As for now, I will be visitng your wonderful blog further!

  5. I love the new look. Especially the little face at the top that seems to be looking up. I know just what you mean about Fridays! Happy Friday – again.

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