Re-post – Gel Skin Art


Here is a re-post of the “skins”, I made a while back.  Thought you would enjoy a 2nd go round on reading it and for the new subscribers and visitors.

The skin with the beads, is my favorite.  I’ve been tearing that up and using it in my work for about a year now. Here is an example of how I used it recently in my coffee filter art piece; see post here.

First up was Golden’s Self Leveling Clear Gel and the Clear Tar Gel.  I took a palette knife and spread a good amount on some freezer paper.. like frosting a cake.

I sprinkled some finer glitters and shiny things like colored micro beads, sequins or whatever I had.  The self leveling gel and the tar gel had the same results.  I think I will try mixing color into the gel to make it a solid color, then adding the pretty shiny things.  Adding snipped colorful fibers or fabrics would be an interesting effect, don’tchya think?  I’ve done it and it is.

Then I took fluid acrylics and dropped dots all over a sheet until it was crowded and ran a knitting needle around it making swirls and shapes.

I also took blobs of paints at the top of the freezer paper and spread them downward, but they came out too thin.  Not so great.  Using heavy body paints might work better.  But, still interesting and one of a kind.

Once they are dry, you can peel them off of the freezer paper.  Now what do you do with them?  How about adding them to a collage page, journal page or  cut into strips or chopped up to put into some dryer sheet collage art cloth… see my tutorial here on how to make it.

I haven’t been back up in the studio since before vacation.. sad.  I’ll get up there, get my creative juices flowing and be back with some fun stuff.

Thanks for stopping by?



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  1. Judy, you are amazing. Such an amazing technique with Golden Paints. Thanks for sharing. It’s always such a pleasure visiting you. I always learn so much from you. Have a wonderful and creative week…now I must try this with my Golden Paints! LOL

  2. What an amazingly COOL technique, Judy! And may I respectfully add that you could also make some fun jewelry with the “skins”. I love techniques that offer so many creative possibilities that it’s so fun to put your own “stamp” (pun intended, lol) on them. As always, you are so generous with sharing your creativity and inspiration! Luv ya, Karen

  3. YOU ARE COOL, Karen. I have to say that those techniques are on Golden’s YouTube account, but I did changed it up a bit.
    Thanks, as always, for stopping by and giving me some “skin”.

  4. That acrylic one is awesome! The journal idea is fabulous! Also, the letter is perfect for the seaside and I can see why the parents took to it – you should be proud of that one…

    Very creative ~

  5. Hi, Judy,
    What you did with the gels is very interesting. In the first pic with the 2 pieces, I see a beautiful fish with a high head! Did you want it to be a fish or is that just what I see in it?
    I think all the pieces are extremely creatively done.
    As to what you can do with them, just looking at them is a pleasure!


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