Mixed Media Art Page on Cape Cod


Well, it’s good to be back home… as Dorothy says “there is no place like home” and it’s so true.

We had a great time this week on Cape Cod.  One of our favorite spots to visit.  We’ve been going for years, whether to rent or stay in a condo we once owned.

Between taking long walks, playing some tennis, hitting the beach, riding our bikes (killer 15 miles, I might add.. ouch on the tush), eating great food and a visit to the excitement of Provincetown, I was able to get in a day of art.

I brought with me a small art bag which included Bristol paper, Portfolio Oil Pastels, watercolor paints, fine line black markers in case I did any drawing.. (I didn’t) and a glue stick.

I was inspired by the art in our condo bedroom.  So, I visualized a page with colors and smudging of oil pastels, took some pictures as I created it and this is what I came up with…

I started with a blank page and just made colored squares with my oil pastels and started to rub each section with my finger to smudge them.

After rubbing them, I put a black border around each square.

Then rubbed the borders in for shadows.

I wanted to add something to the page, but I didn’t bring anything else with me.. so I ripped a page out of a magazine and crumpled it up.  Then I scribbled oil pastels in columns and took a damp paper towel to rub it all in..

Then tore long triangles.  The idea was to make paper beads.

I used a pencil and my eyeliner stick to roll the beads on and adhered them with my glue stick.  Then I further painted them with my water color paints and did some drippings on the beads.


Here they are.  Now what?

I decided, just for fun to smash the beads and make them flat and put them around the edges of the borders.  Just having fun with what I had in front of me. Not sure I LOVE this piece, but it was a fun process.  I can imagine an entire page of these smashed beads.  They look/feel so organic and natural.  Something about the torn paper.

I worked on the colors of the squares, rubbing further and taking away the center colors a little.

Here is my end result… FOR NOW.   Back in the studio, I may play a bit more with it.  Maybe some fabric and fibers… maybe a transfer on top.. maybe rip it up for other projects…. endless, I tell you.. endless…..  what do you think?

I have to get back in the groove here at home.  I think I’ll be doing laundry until 2012.  Back to work tomorrow.. ugh.. I can see about 300 emails waiting for me.. damn.. where are those ruby red slippers when I need them.. I’d wish to be back on the Cape.

Thanks for stopping by.



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  1. I like it! Great colors and I LOVE the torn edges on the beads. How did you tear all of those long triangles? I’d have mangled them!!! Also love the colored edges on the strips…it really adds another dimension to the beads. Thanks for the inspiration and…
    WELCOME HOME!!!! 🙂

  2. Thanks, Raine. I folded the sheet in a long triangle one at a time and gently tore them along the crease. I figured even if they weren’t perfect, it would make them look different.

  3. Judy, I totally love the colorized, cut up magazine page made into smashed beads. Very inspired & creative. At least you were on the Cape during the heat wave.

  4. Dang girl, you can pull a wonderful art piece together no matter where you are or what supplies you have! As always, lovely, lovely, lovely, my friend. 🙂 Glad to hear that you had a fabulous time down the Cape. Welcome back!

  5. Love the little squares and their colors.The black lines was a nice touch.I would of never thought about “the ol’ smashed bead look!” teehee
    Nice job,nice colors!!

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