Mixed Media Collages/Used Coffee Filters


I’ve found some time to sneak up in the studio here and there with really no plans to make anything specific.  Maybe that’s the best way to approach art.. no thinking…. all intuitive.

These collage pieces started out as just bristol paper that caught some splatter paint somewhere along the line.  So, I decided to smoosh some paint around them for backgrounds.  Then I kept going.. Let me show you.. relax, sit back and enjoy...Click any picture to get close ups and to see more details.

Here is one large bristol page the I split into two.  As usual, I’m using my teal colors… I used stained music papers, paint, gel skin with glitter and beads (see link below)… rubber stamps, paint, Portfolio Crayons.

Remember this POST, when I made the skins?  I am still using the beaded skin I made.  You’ll see some of it in the collages here.  Rip a piece here and there.. adds so much to your work.

So, I challenged myself to get away from the teal colors and went with this….

Mauve’ish background, lace papers, my handmade polymer clay embellishments, swirl stencil, painted fabric strips, fabric flower in center of doily.

Now on to the used coffee filters.  This is so much fun, you can paint, collage and sew them.

Here’s what I did:

– Take used coffee filter or even take a new one and dip it in instant coffee, dry.
– Rubber stamp a woman’s face and color it as you like.  I used Prismacolor pencils and Portfolio crayons.
– Raw Sienna fluid acrylic background with music paper transfer.
– I ripped the filter to accommodate the stamp, as it wasn’t that big.
– Spray with fixative so colors won’t smudge.
– Glued the filter to a paper doily.
– Painted the edges of filter with crayon and the doily with copper.
– Ripped masking tape into strips and painted them copper and glued in a cruciform shape.
– Used my Citra solv paper for collage
– Added lace to bottom and top of collage.
– Rubber stamps, paint, by handmade polymer clay embellishments.
–  Lastly I added my beaded gel skin and a teenie tiny polymer clay heart in her hair.  I just love that effect.

Here are a couple of other coffee filters that I stamped, painted, collaged and sewed on.   Note:  I but gel medium on the front and back of these to make them stronger before I started to glue and sew on them.

I haven’t decided what I’m going to do with them yet, but you’ll be the first to know.

If you have any questions on this post, please contact me; I’d be happy to answer and help.

As always, my friends, thank you for stopping by.



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  1. Judy: Wow, those are some serious mixed media collages. I love the inspiration to venture into so many mediums, and using recycled items as well as past experiments. The mauve one is so lovely, well, they ALL are. The layers, texture and composition are all so nice and rich. To just go play and be so delightfully surprised is so rewarding. Great pieces.

  2. Thanks so much, Autumn. It’s amazing what can be accomplished when you have some time alone and I know you know what I’m talking about.

  3. Another wonderful tutorial, Judy! I love your new pieces – so colorful and full of texture. I am constantly in awe of your creativity and talent, my friend. Gorgeous!

  4. Judy, these are really cool. Congrats on moving out of your comfort zone & working in new & challenging colors. I’ve got a pack of coffee filters that are just sitting in the cupboard. I may have to put them to creative use.

  5. Hi Judy,
    I just discovered your blog the other day. I spent over an hour looking at everything. I’m very inspired. Thanks for all the detailed info on how you do the things you do!

  6. Judy,
    Everything on your site is amazing. I think I am addicted to all of your work. Everything you do is just so crisp, inventive and beautiful. Have you ever thought about teaching classes of your work on your site?
    I know you have a full time job, but it would be so rewarding for us to be able to watch you doing your process and our learning experience would be so rewarding. I would be more than willing to pay for the experience.

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