In The Garden


Ahh, another Friday and another weekend ahead…love it!

I thought I’d show some shots of our garden. This is one of my favorite spots. Every weekend morning, we sit and have our coffee and watch the birds from the window. The birds are all over the place.

Take a lookie; I captured these this past week…

The roses have taken off like crazy.  Be sure I will be using these flowers in some image transfers soon.

Peonies are popping also.

Yellow Finches..

Now it’s HUMMER-time….

and then.. as I came down to my office to work this morning, I was greeted with this guy outside my window in the bush…. CAN YOU STAND IT???  My god.. I hate snakes. (sorry for all you snakes lovers out there). Just gross.

I actually wasn’t even going to give this Sammy the snake any blog time, but I thought it was fascinating to see who joined him in the bush… In my 20 years living in this house, I have never seen a Chipmunk on a bush.  I think he was thinking he could take the snake…

I waited with my camera in hand to see if any action would happen but it did not.  I thought the snake was going to turn around and get chippy.

Brave chipper for sure..

Hope you enjoyed the show…

.. and thanks for stopping by.


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  1. Beautiful flowers! Looks like you have professional Gardner. That peony is like nothing else I have seen before. Great action shots of the critters, I feel the same about snakes and I am so glad “Chippy” got away. Yay for this fabulous weather.

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