In the Spotlight – Creative Catalyst Productions


I am excited to share with you that I was approached by Creative Catalyst Productions (CCP) when I was recently on their site and submitted some photos in my account.  Kelly, who works at CCP, saw my photos and asked me if she could write a post about me, as an artist struggling for work/life balance.  Hmmm…. I thought about it for about a nano second and said YES.


CCP creates DVDs with amazing artists as if you were in the studio with them.  I have several of their DVDs with some of my favorites artists like Anne Bagby, Ann Baldwin and Jacqueline Sullivan.  When I watch them, I am in my happy place for sure.

You must check out the array of DVDs from CCP.   Do it now!

Kelly, if you are reading this.. thank you so much; you did a great job with my story.

I usually am one that doesn’t like the spotlight, but this feels pretty good.

I’ll be in the studio this weekend working on some tutorials to share.

As always, thanks for stopping by and have a safe holiday weekend!  Yay, 3 days off from work.  Playtime!



About Judy Shea

Welcome to my blog. I'm a Mixed Media/Polymer Clay Artist. I do have a full-time job (not as an artist). My art includes, textural collage works on canvas, cardboard, wood or other substrates using paints, molding pastes, inks, fabric, a variety of found objects and handmade polymer clay pieces. Life/Work balance is what I strive for.

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  1. Congrats Judy, You certainly shine in the spotlight those collages are beautiful. Enjoy the weekend creating more magic.

  2. How exciting, Judy!!! A big congratulations on being in the spotlight! What a wonderful post. Hope you had a fun art-filled weekend!

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